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After being told last night they have concerns re my heart which needs sorting before lung transplant this has cheered me up…🤪

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Smart landlord!

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That’s very funny Mr.b. Thinking of you and hope all goes well 🤞🏼🤗💜

Hello Mr. Bo. 👋😊

It is common to have something fixed / done before they list you. Very few people sail on to the list. I had to have a septoplasty and they wouldn't give me general anaesthesia for it either as my lungs were too bad. 😐 So don't lose heart (I don't mean literally). Keep looking ahead and step by step. Love the picture. 😍

Cas xx🙋

Funny picture.I think that they check absolutely everything before you get on to the transplant list

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Only 147 lung transplants carried out in the UK or England( not sure) in 2019 so i expect the selection process is extremely challenging.

It's good really that they mean to get you fighting fit before the big op. although the delay must be frustrating. Love the picture. It made me laugh- and hubby.

There’s a chance i may not get listed yet as FEV and TLCO numbers haven’t dramatically dropped despite CT scan showing progression.If it’s next year that’s fine but being O Negative means they tend to list you earlier.

We will know more Monday after more tests but my view is the Nintedinab probably doing its job and slowing things down.


I hope it all works out for you 🤞. Like the sign 😂Xxx

Hilarious sign 🤣 Thank you 🍻

I hope all goes well getting your heart sorted out 🤞 Wishing you all the best.

A pub landlord with a sense of humour, great! 😂 Hope they sort your heart out for you. Mr B, can’t you get them to pop a new one in whilst they are messing about with your lungs?

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Mrbojangles in reply to Don-1931

They want an extra £40 but Mrs B not that supportive as she has her eye on a new kettle.

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Don-1931 in reply to Mrbojangles

😂😂😂 That's women for heart! 😉



Love it! I would stop for a lemonade there for sure. 🍸

Just good luck Mr B. 🤩

Many people never get offered the chance of a transplant and are left with treatments that only address symptons fully knowing that thier conditions are also equaly terminal so just thank your lucky stars that you are still within their radar and hopefully once your potential heart problems are resolved you may soon once again join that exclusive club and reap the benefits of a potentially longer wishes for the future.

Ski's and Scruff's


Made me laugh😂 ! Glad you are getting sorted, it’s like a full MOT . Looks like you got the delux package at hotel Brompton, the food looked great. 😂 Good luck 👍

It’s great to see your sense of humour distracting from the present situations you are facing. My best wishes for the best possible outcome from all these investigations .Grace