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Back in the Land of the Living - I think!

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Just come out of hospital after collapsing in my GP Surgery last week. Oxy was 72. Been on antibiotics, oxygen, water tablets plus my usual steroids etc. Been asking for Oxy for over a year to help if I try to go out and finally got it all installed yesterday. It's wonderful.

Hope all you lovelies are keeping safe, any advise would be welcome.

Love and Hugs

Penny xxxxx

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That sounds a bit like a week from hell Kimlu. I can't help but think how it was fortunate that you were at your doctor's when you collapsed.I'm glad that it has lead to a good outcome with regard to getting oxygen now you are back home. Best wishes.

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Kimlu in reply to CDPO16

Thankyou, I have nothing but praise for everyone at the NHS from my own GP Surgery, Ambulance, lovely nurses, doctors et al. I could not do their job. xx

Crikey… . That’s a dramatic way to get listened to at last. I do hope things improve for you. Take it gently, get all the help you can. All the best

Kate xx

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Kimlu in reply to Katinka46

Thankyou Kate, very strange feeling at the moment but realised how poorly I felt before. chest infection main problem but they seem to have cleared that for now xx

So pleased you’re on the road to recovery Penny and great the oxygen is working well for you. Sending love and good wishes to you. Carole xxxx

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Kimlu in reply to sassy59

Thank you so much Carole xxxx

Glad you are recovering after that awful experience and that you've got your oxygen at last. A pity you had to go through all that. Hope you can pamper yourself or get someone else to do it as you recover. Best wishes. xxxx

Congratulations on finally getting your oxygen and best wishes for a brighter future. 😀xx

Welcome to Oxygen world Penny,it's great stuff and it does exactly what it says on the bottle,unlike some wines and beers i drink.😊😻👍 x

That was a horrid experience For you Kimlu. So happy you now have your 02 and are seeing an improvement. Lots of r and r

Love and gentle hugs cx

What an ordeal. I’m glad you’re home now and hopefully you’ll get on much better now that you have oxygen 🤗 🐑

Onwards and upwards from now on I hope for you!

Oh Penny, ☹️

Very sorry to hear you had a pnuemothorax. Awful experience. But pleased you are now home and feeling better. Also very pleased you have your oxygen installed now. Do watch the tubes, I spent the first week tripping over and almost ripping my nose to shreds because I kept forgetting I had a cannula on. Have relaxing recuperation.

Cas xx 🌿

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Kimlu in reply to Caspiana

Same here lol I'm tottering about on the lookout for anything that will trip me up. xxx

Welcome back !!! Sorry you had to go through so much to get what you needed

Do hope that you are feeling better.Thank goodness you were able to access medical help immediately.Thinking of you .

Well, that was all a bit dramatic, but you seem to have a good outcome which is the most important thing! I hope things continue to get better for you now and the oxygen you have at last improves your quality of life. xx Moy

Glad you're back home with things sorted, but what an awful way to have to get that!

Glad you have got things sorted now , hope you continue to improve . Best wishes x🌷

Glad you're OK after your scary episode at the GP (lucky it happened at the GP). Glad you finally got the oxygen you need 🤗

Hi Kimlu. So pleased that you are starting to feel better and getting benefit from the oxygen. John

Glad to hear that you are finally sorted and hope that things improve for you daily x

Oh gosh! I am glad you are at home now and that you have oxygen, hope you continue to improve. Take it easy, Penny, all the best xx

Sorry you had to get so low before you we're listened to, but pleased you are now on the oxygen and are feeling better. Xxx

Hi Penny. So pleased to hear that it all turned okay for you after such a nasty experience in the surgery. The oxygen will enable you to have a much better quality of life. Wishing you all the best with love and hugs 🤗❤️xxx

Hope all goes well with the oxygen😘

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