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In trouble again…😡

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Currently in the Brompton having a full work up re transplant consideration.

Absolutely brilliant team here and feeling thoroughly spoilt.

Now for the trouble bit…

Sent Mrs B a pic of lunch today ( roasted vegetables and pasta) and what i meant to say was “obviously not as good as yours darling”.

Bloody spell check turned it to “ you must up your game as the food here is sumptuous”.

Haven’t heard from her since 1.30!

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Oh dear MrB this is not a good way to go about getting sympathy from MrsB. Darn that spell check 🤨

Oh dear Mr.b you really mustn’t upset your good lady. Hope everything goes well for you. Sounds like you’re eating well.

Take care xxxx

I can recommend Wiltshire Farm Foods for when you get out. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Aingeful in reply to Don-1931

I did a bit of work as a mystery shopper a couple of years ago and one of my jobs was Wiltshire Farm foods. I was sent a weeks supply to try. I really liked them and they received a very good report from me!

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Annie31 in reply to Don-1931

Well I never! Just mentioned this to my husband and wondered where Wiltshire Farm Foods was - his reply - opposite the cemetery!😯😂 what cemetery I says - bottom of Canal Road! This is on our doorstep so to speak! We live in Hilperton village which is next to that end of Trowbridge and I didn't have a clue!🙄 I knew we had Appetito on Canal Road next door apparently is a subsidiary - next door to Lidls - all I can say is there are some lovely smells coming from there and no wonder we have an influx of seagulls in the area, with two food factories!😂. Husband is going to get a brochure tomorrow, maybe save him two or three days cooking a week!

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Don-1931 in reply to Annie31

I don’t think anyone believed the meals came from a farm in Wiltshire. Appetito must be a large concern the range of dishes is astonishing. You must give us a warning if those smells ever become disagreeable. 😂

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Annie31 in reply to Don-1931

Well I'm amazed! Appetito certainly isn't a huge factory by any stretch and apparently Wiltshire Farms is behind it and Lidls is next to it. Lidls is much bigger! Anyway I only ever smelled the smells when shopping at Lidls and as I haven't been near the place since before Xmas, I shall not be able to be your official food smeller!😥

My question was valid though! If it was started in Scotland, I wonder how they came upon the name Wiltshire Farm Foods!

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Don-1931 in reply to Annie31

A bit more info

It’s a great hospital, and the only one I’ve ever been in that serves hot, tasty food x

What are you like?!😯 spellchecker indeed!🙄

😂🤣😭 Do you own a tent ⛺?

Big mistake!!😁

We’re also in the building currently, up on level 4. I have to say, though, they’ve slowly altered the menu and suppliers since the merger with Guys in March, and Bod and I are both not very impressed with the changes over all. Only exception being the new choc sponge which is smothered in ganache - if you happen to have a sweet tooth, that is absolutely spectacular.

I’m below you…tap the radiators..🤪🤪🤪🤪

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Hanne62 in reply to Charlie_G

Oh no, I haven’t been in for two years but their food’s always been so good, sourced locally etc. What a shame

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Charlie_G in reply to Hanne62

It’s not unrecognisable or anything, but there is definitely less variation in the menu even compared to June. Every evening meal now always has jacket potato as the third option. They appear to have done away with a lot of the home cooked puds and replaced them with tinned fruit or yogurts. The juice boxes have been replaced with significantly smaller pots of apple or orange from concentrate, and many things are being pre-portioned (not sure if still prepared on site or not) so are a lot smaller than they were. It doesn’t effect us, but there’s also only ever one halal option on the menu now. It’s ultimately all about cost, and I get that, but alongside the clinical expertise, one of the things that really stood out here was the food. Which is just as well when you consider some of the facilities would benefit from a wrecking ball being taken to them 👀😬

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Hanne62 in reply to Charlie_G

What, no lemon sponge? That was yummy. Such a pity. CF-ers in particular need feeding up

🤣 good luck with Everything!

Good luck on all fronts 🤞🤞🤞🌻

Oops! Bread and water for you when you get home! 🤣🤣🤣Xx Moy

I spent three weeks in the Brompton last month and (apart from the roast turkey lunch), every meal was excellent. My family used to look forward to seeing my photos! I got quite a few new ideas too, which Mr M is now trying. Oh, and the medical teams are also excellent!

I 'd just be thankful to have someone else feeding the brute. Obviously we're all different.

That is so funny !!! Yes have to agree the Brompton are a brilliant team , wishing you all the best with the assessment. 👍

Ha ha! Excuse me laughing but you’ve now got a lot of apologising to do. I’m always having to correct things or explain myself because the auto correct puts something entirely different. She will smile as I did once she knows the truth.

Haha, I cant blame her for the silent treatment MrB but good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour 😄 😉. Good luck with it all. P ××

I agree, the food at the Brompton is really good. Unfortunately when I was there I had very bad nausea, due to morphine, so I couldn’t fancy any of it. Good luck Mr B!

You've got some serious sucking up to do ! Good luck with your treatment, I'm sure your lovely wife will forgive you x

Oh! Mr B looks like you are in for a few days of apologising but am sure she will come round x


Guess you will need to up YOUR game when you get home you may be the new cook?😭

Oh my. Can’t help but laugh though x🤣

Good to know that you are being well fed and cared for at the Royal Brompton, but you sure like pushing your luck with Mrs B. Beware her indoors when you go home 😉

Sound like half the bloody lung club are lanquishing at the Royal Brompton this week,can't help feeling a pang of envy at the treatment you all receive there in comparison with our centres of not so excellence oop north where lunch and dinner look much the same and are equally indigestible.our roasted vegetables would probably be cold mushy peas,much like your dinner awaiting you when you get home as Mrs B enacts her revenge.😂


Shepherds pie AND sauted potatoes..

We wouldn't know what a sauted potato was yet alone how to spell it,if it's not chipped or mashed it's beyond our comprehension.😂

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teenieleek in reply to skischool

Called sotty totty in our house!

Not wishing to rub salt in…This evenings supper of grilled Hake and lemon…🤪🤪🤪

Brompton Hotel…

Spare a thought for our dear friend Comino2 probably still in the HDU of your hotel having a somewhat tougher stay i imagine and not quite ready for the fine dining experience?

Bless her…😢😢😢

Not wanting to hijack MrB’s menu du jour, I was wondering if you’ve heard from Comino2

I don't think i will HH as she indicated that she was having problems with her antiquated not so smart phone.perhaps if she gains access to a laptop within the hospital she may be able to send us all an update when she is able to do so.?


Oh dear dry bread and water for you when you get home. Wishing you well

You really believe in living dangerously!

Keeps my adrenaline up…🤪🤪

Many years ago they used to do a full cooked breakfast. Not my bang, but I liked the fresh croissants. The porridge was always excellent too.

But last time I was in (2yrs ago) there was no bacon & egg and the croissants were pre-packaged! Their coffee is execrable so I take coffee bags

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skischool in reply to Hanne62

Is execrable somewhere between Columbia and Costa Rica?😂

Surprisingly for a Hospital the coffee here is quite good…

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