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Just when you thought it could not get any worse

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I post just over a week ago about the bereavements in our family and my son having a aorta dissection. Well I have a bit of a warning for you . My husband coughing had been getting worse over a month or so . He put in two sputum samples. Was told by respiratory team no infection. Could be his new normal now. Well the early hours of Thursday morning he was in such a lot of pain I phoned 999 . To cut a long story short they found he had a dissection aorta from coughing so much . Also he has a bad chest infection. They were thinking he would go to st Thomas’s for a operation but at the moment it would be to risky. It has effected one kidney. We do not know the outcome at the moment. But if anyone does not feel well and being told your ok , please please please seek further advice . This was the first time my husband had been in an ambulance at the age of 74. I nearly did not ring for one as we were told it could be new normal.

Do not want anyone to have to go through this when early medication could have helped

What the chances of our son in April getting aorta dissection type a and b. And my husband in September getting a type b aorta dissection in September. And doctors thinking there unrelated.

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What a shock alyvonne and how scary. I’m so pleased you did dial 999 and hope your husband is being well cared for. Good luck to him. Also your son. Strange how they both have similar problems. There could be a connection. Thinking of you all. Xxx

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alyvonne in reply to sassy59

Thank you . I think your son has the same job as mine after messaging you before and his employee have been excellent . My husband has pneumonia now so just so worried at the moment. Hope you and Pete are ok . Xxx

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sassy59 in reply to alyvonne

I believe so yes, glad his work is understanding. It’s all a worry for you and I hope your husband makes a good recovery. We’re ok thank you.

Love, Carole xxx

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alyvonne in reply to sassy59

Just heard it pneumonia. Only me can go in as want to keep germs away from him. Thank you Carole for your reply’s. I always look for your wisdom on here xxx

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sassy59 in reply to alyvonne

Bless you, thinking of you. Xxx💜💜

This is so awful, for you all. Thankfully you phoned for an ambulance. I hope your husband is getting the proper care now. Thinking of you all 🕊

Thank you so much xx

That's awful. Too many of these GPs treat people like idiots when their professionalism is questioned. I've been on the end of that one! I felt really intimidated and silly, when afterwards I couldn't see anything silly in my question at all!

Thank you . I think now more than ever we got to be proactive and try and get people to listen x

I am so sorry for your Son and now your husbands scare.I am afraid to go to A&E especially in the evening, It appears a lot of Junior doctors are left to deal with patients.

I myself was left on a trolley for hours, eventually a doctor seen me and said I was fine, I of course said no I'm not the sample I brought with me was a large sample pot and was full of black sputum.

After half an hour a senior A&E doctor came to me and almost immediately shouted to a junior "this is a Pulmonary patient, get a Pulmonary doctor here NOW " I had a severe lung infection with a very low count.

I was admitted and spent 7 days fuming in hospital.

Now I don`t trust junior A&E doctors.

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alyvonne in reply to tomc

I understand how you feel. The paramedics that came to my husband were amazing. I know that we can only call an ambulance in an emergency and I think a lot of people do not call when the should but the level of experience and expertise is so reassuring. Wish we could have more people in the community like them

Earlier this year my brother had severe pains in his chest he called ambulance they reassured him that his heart was fine. That afternoon called for a ambulance again things were worse , they took him in the Drs checked him over said just chest infection. My brother felt foolish for wasting their precious time it was the height of Covid........My brother died the next day the death certificate said mild heart attack and pneumonia 😔😭

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sassy59 in reply to pegbl

How awful peg, so very sad xx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to pegbl

I'm sorry to hear that.

The paramedics would rather be called to a false alarm than be too late and they only get cross if you have called them out maliciously.

It's the intent behind actions that make them malicious!

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Alberta56 in reply to pegbl

OMG. That sounds like a dereliction of duty. I thought severe chest pains should always be checked over very thoroughly.

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pegbl in reply to Alberta56

It was and later that day he was taken in only to be sent home with a chest infection . The only comfort was that he passed in his sleep he didn't unfertilised in anyway. 😔

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pegbl in reply to pegbl


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Gladwyn in reply to pegbl

Omg…. Terrible! I’m so very sorry for you and family. Just shocking!!

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Sing-Song in reply to pegbl

That’s tragic. So sorry 😞

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Izb1 in reply to pegbl

Oh Pegbl that is terrible, I am so sorry for your loss x

I am so sorry for your loss. The problem is we all feel we are wasting there time when it is really a serious situation. Look after yourself and stay safe .

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This must have been an awful shock for you all, but thank goodness it was detected in the. Hope both your husband and son get this sorted please let us know how they are. Hope you all have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Thank you Bernadette for your reply. Hope you and Jack are ok xxx

Such a traumatic time for you and your husband. I wish you both well xx

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alyvonne in reply to CDPO16

Thank yoi

What an awful experience and I am so glad everything worked out ok in the end.

I agree the paramedics are brilliant. I had to call an ambulance twice for my sister once in 2020 as she had collapsed. Unfortunately because they were so busy it took 45 minutes for the first one to arrive. Then because she had collapsed they had to call another one 20 miles away with an air bag they could inflate under her, and this took an hour.

It turned out she had diabetes which was undiagnosed, her potassium levels were off the scale, her kidneys were failing and we were told another couple of hours and she wouldn't have made it.

The 2nd time she had sepsis but I called 111 first and an ambulance was despatched as an emergency and got there within 15 minutes. Mind you this was mid 2021 so that could be why.

It's a miracle how the paramedics are always so kind and caring in spite of all the pressure that they are under!

Yes they are. The ones this year said there are nowhere near enough ambulances or crews available.

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alyvonne in reply to Catgirl1976

Thank you

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alyvonne in reply to hypercat54

Thank you for your reply

I’m not a Dr,but I thought that aortic issues can be genetic.My neighbours son has a growing aneurysm,which is monitored.

His my mum 81 had a burst aorta 4 years ago.

She survived thanks to Wythenshawe hospital . Take care of yourwelves

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alyvonne in reply to Oshgosh

Thank you x

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Oshgosh in reply to alyvonne

I never say it can’t get any worse.I know it can.I have multiple health conditions,the list keeps getting longer. Take care .

Aorta problems do seem to run in my husband's family. His father's aorta was caught just before it ruptured, a cousin died. His brother has a swollen artery in his knee. Husband got tested a couple of years ago and luckily he is fine. I hope your menfolk are being well looked after and will come through this horrible ordeal. What a dreadful experience for you. Look after yourself. xxx

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alyvonne in reply to Alberta56

Thank you

That’s strange and scary. Thanks for sharing. Hoping they are both doing ok x

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alyvonne in reply to watergazer

Thank you

My best wishes for both your husband and son. With such demands on you emotionally and physically i hope you have a close family member or good friend who can take some of the strain - even an evening meal or a sit and cup of tea? You are showing just how strong a lady you are. Most folk with all similar worries would be in a real tiz waz! Be thinking of you all. 🐿🥜x

Thank you x

Thank you

What a shock for u.hope hes soon feeling better.i don't agree with ths 2day test for infection in sputum - most of us get too many negative results when we so obviously have infections.gd job u rang 4 ambulance xx

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alyvonne in reply to Patk1

Thank you

Thank you

I'm so sorry to read this it's just awful alyvonne. I do so hope he recovers well. Hugs, Peege

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alyvonne in reply to peege

Thank you

Oh, Alyvonne, what a lot of sadness and worry in the family just now... You are being strong to cope with it. I hope and pray that things come out all right. Best wishes, lovie.

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alyvonne in reply to Hobbledehoy

Thank you for your kind words xx

Best wishes to both your son and husband and hope they both get better soon x


So sorry to hear about your experiences, and sorry for the delay in replying, I visit here less than I used to.

As one or two have said, aortic disease can indeed run in families. With two such events, it is imperative that all members of your family are genetically tested. From what you say, there could well be a connective tissue disorder in the family, though some aortic disease is familial, without there being a CTD.

Make sure you get referred to and talk to aortic specialists.

Thank you for your reply.

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