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NAC 1200mg, place to buy?

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Reading a lot about the benefits of NAC 1200mg per day. Asked the wife to pick up some in Holland & Barrett, they were on special @ €7.99 for 30 @ only 600mg, they’re normally €14. This will be a pricey excercise.

I did find these, they look like an option but only 850mg.

Nutrics® NAC N Acetyl Cysteine 850mg 360 Capsules(4 Month Supply) |Made in The UK by Nutrics Laboratories |Suitable for Vegan Vegetarian Halal Kosher

Anyone any recommendations for a cheaper brand that works well?

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When prescribed in respiratory conditions, my understanding is that effervescent NAC at a dose of 600mg a day is used. That’s also the dose and type indicated for adults when I’ve checked just now in the BNF. Have you spoken to a medical professional about using NAC and whether it’s appropriate? Even things classed as supplements should really be discussed with someone qualified.

I have never been able to find the effervescent version in UK

I could be wrong, but I think the effervescent is only available as a prescribed drug, but what should be used if for respiratory purposes.

That will be why I can't get it over the counter. I usually stock up when I go to Italy, but the chances of me ever flying again are pretty remote so I get the capsules from Amazon, they are just as good. I use saline in the nebuliser, I never got on with liquid NAC in the nebuliser, Smells awful!

Nebbed NAC is unlicensed and generally only used in extremely specific circumstances in intensive care in the UK. Very occasionally you might find a respiratory specialist using it with someone if all else has failed and the patient is quite unwell, but it’s considered a consultant only decision. The use of mucolytics in COPD is advised where it would be beneficial according to NICE guidance, using either effervescent NAC, or carboceistine. Having dug around a bit, it turns out the effervescent version is the only one licensed for use in the UK. Capsules are not licensed, which is why they’re not used or recommended by the NHS. If your GP is the one refusing the NAC, request a referral to a specialist. Or print out the NICE guidance and give it to them.

I buy the nebbed ones in Italy. I think they are very low dose. They are certainly prescribed to children and are fairly easily available over the counter. In fact the effervescent NAC is only 300 mg. I wasn't refused NAC here per se, just "we don't prescribe mucolytics". I didn't argue because I want to keep on the right side of her! She never argues with me when I need my emergency meds topped up. I suppose we can't have it all! I don't have a lot of mucous, just when an exacerbation is looming so to be honest it's not worth confronting her about it. Some others may have the patience and greater need.

I am prescribed nacsys 600mg on nhs

I was advised by Pharmacist to not take more than 600mg a day.

Standard dose is 600

Yes, that's what health professional told me. Was quite firm about it.

My Dr gives me a prescription for these & they are called Carbocistine, I think they are the same as NAC.

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stamford1234 in reply to Jansy16

I don't think Carbocysteine is the same as NAC

Both mucolytes but react differently, I have been on both and prefer nacsys as carbocysteine is 3 times a day and I felt lethargic in between doses

Do you have asthma?

Asthma and copd, bronchiectasis

From what I have gleaned Asthma patients are sometimes prescribed with Carbocysteine. I have COPD, no asthma or other lung problems so they won't prescribe mucolytics for me. Well that's my understanding. Thing is my feelings about COPD patients is that we are often short changed in the field of research and development stakes and I sometimes wonder just how much GP's actually know or dare I say care. That's my experience others may have fab Drs.

I think it was prescribed for me due to the bronchiectasis and having a build up to be cleared daily

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soulsaver in reply to B0xermad

You don't have to take Carbocystein 3 times a day, just 2 in the morning works well for me. If my dr was reluctant, I'd say the Health Unlocked/BLF COPD website is full of people who say it really helps, and their Drs do prescribe it for COPD where mucus is a problem.

It definitely works for me, makes it thin and bubbly.

Lovely bubbly !😂

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soulsaver in reply to soulsaver

PS And its free to most of us over 60s.... Did that get changed?

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B0xermad in reply to soulsaver

I was on 2 tablet's 3 x daily but I reduced it to 1 x 3 daily as was too much constant clearance. I am over 60 so prior to that I had a prepayment prescription yearly

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soulsaver in reply to B0xermad

Y - it was the same for me, 3 times a day I was coughing up all the time - I just took 2 in the morning, worked fine.

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soulsaver in reply to soulsaver

PS I meant did the government change it.

There was a rumour that were going to say prescriptions only free at state pension age, other than previous exemptions, pregnant women etc.

No - I was given this and it made me quite ill

Sorry to hear that. I hope you have found an alternative

I changed from Nutrics to Prowise, both from Amazon. Prowise are a bit cheaper and the same as far as I can tell.

I get mine from Amazon , Hellenia £10.47 for 120 it is the 600mg as I didnt want a higher dosage. Hope you find what you are looking for x

I’ve been using MAC for a number of years. Works very well for me and is tried and tested. Most Doctors know diddly squit about some really good treatments that work. It’s a well known mucus breaker up but because it’s not sold by Big Pharma it gets ignored. Is informative . I buy on Amazon in boxes that are letterbox friendly! Also good old salt is risk free compared with some pharmaceutical drugs - in a nebuliser it works well to keep the lungs moist - should be available on prescription for COPD but I had to argue to get mine. Got there in the end! Good luck with NAC and hope it works as well for you 👍😁

I get mine from Amazon. Dr. refused to prescribe a mucolitic, said we don't prescribe those. Well too late I was prescribed it in Italy years ago so I get it from Amazon. I don't take it every day, just when I am congested and it works for me within hours, clears my sinuses too. . IMPORTANT - I am not advocating going against your Dr and do check with them before you take supplements.

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