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If your Phone line fails - you could die ! ...

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....so what am I talking about folks ? ....I amongst thousands , have a Red Emergency Button around my neck when indoors should I need an Ambulance because of AGRESSIVE COPD ETC, which , when pressed , automatically tells the Ambulance Service of my " Condition" and which has occasioned me , to be admitted 41 times to Hospital . in the past eleven years. When the line has failed , which it has a number of times , - an " Announcement " is made, from the Base Unit , that " The PHONE line has failed " ,connected to my emergency Red button , MAKING IT , AS USELESS AS A CHOCOLATE TEA POT !! Now, as I I live alone, and as you know , if you have a COPD, when an Exacerbation occurs , you are virtually BREATHLESS, and unable to go into GREAT lengthy explanations of your current condition to the Ambulance Service as is the usual case either by you or someone else in the house , when questioned by the Staff, and as I'me gasping away , - my mobile phone isnt much use either in this instance . My Telephone line is " run " by "VIRGIN Broadband " who I rung recently , about this REPEATED situation , and who were completely unable to make me and others like me, a " Priority Customer" = to restore the line very fast . The Company who runs the EMERGENCY " Red Button " Service , who I have to pay a yearly Fee to , recently told me = " They too , were at the " MERCY " of these Companies like " Virgin , " BT" etc, ." - any ideas folks .? ..please ? .......ITS A BIT LIKE A CHAIN ........=.......ONLY AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST LINK , and on this occasion .... the bloody phone line !.. - .OH MOTHER DEAR , - WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU !!........

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It makes me so mad that companies ignore the most vunerable these are our lifelines. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could get something like this on the NHS, we can only hope. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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vittorio in reply to Damon1864

Thanks muchly Damon1864 ! .( Bernadette and Jack )..!!. - won't hold me breath on this one !!!😀

All phone companies should make vulnerable people a priority and it’s a disgrace that they don’t especially if you live alone. It’s your lifeline yet do they care……no!I hope there is a solution vittorio. Take care xxx💕

I have no suggestions I'm afraid vittorio but I hope that the failure of your phone line will be a very rare event when it is such a lifeline for you and that priority will be given to vulnerable people. Becoming seriously unwell when living alone is hard enough without this added stress.

Could your MP carry any weight on this?

That is a terrible situation. In the meantime did you know that you can set your mobile phone to send an emergency message to 2 chosen numbers?

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CDPO16 in reply to Littlepom

I didn't know that Littlepom. It sounds like very useful feature, thank you for that information.

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Ern007 in reply to CDPO16

This is what I have,,,,amazon.co.uk/Artfone-Elderl...

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katieoxo60 in reply to Littlepom

was aware of this one Littlepom, thank you for highlighting it again.

If you google “text message to 999” you will be provided with links explaining how to register your mobile phone for this service. You do need to register first but after that it means that in an emergency where you need help eg ambulance or police you just send a text. Very useful for a variety of situations but especially if unwell and unable to talk.

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peege in reply to Bevvy

Crumbs I think I registered for this having only my mobile as a form of communication but I cant for the life of me remember how it works!

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Bevvy in reply to peege

I think once registered you can just send a text to 999 asking for assistance.

Hi I bought a mobile phone Amazon called "artfone" with a BIG SOS button on the back. Decent sized phone and keys you can see - Even a push button torch.

You can key in family or fiends numbers to receive emergence calls and texts,

You can give reason for needing help, can't breath ect or a message "I NEED HELP NOW"

So all you do is press the SOS button and your nominated numbers are alerted with text and calls.

You can pre arrange what action you want if they receive SOS texts or you can tell them when you answer the phone if you can.

It's a good back up and could get you help at once .......

LOOK....Hope this helps....amazon.co.uk/Artfone-Elderl...

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CDPO16 in reply to Ern007

That sounds very useful Ern. Thank you for sharing

I live in a black spot for signals for mobiles dab radio. I have three mobiles on different service providers which work intermittently on a good day. O have a BT land line. This is the problem with the village and the service providers are not interested since it’s not a city or town. But we still have to pay for full service. MPs not interested since they live in a town eight miles away and have 4G all the time. It’s a case of not enough people to complain and the companies are only interested in the majority. So I have land line into the house with phones in each room. Can’t move the Cumbrian mountains so this is the best solution

I'm with virgin and we have a extra box connected so if the telephone goes off we are still connected have you asked about that or did you not know or were not told.

I worked for a firm called Vitaline. The same sort of set up with a push button alert you could wear. This system was self regulating and checked itself four times a day. Any fault would be instantly reported and it also had a battery back up. I don't remember any problems with it.

Hello Vittorio, glad I am not the only one who feels that way . I was told you can use the wifi for the emergency calls to go through, but also if you have an old telephone that will work if you plug it in I beleive. However that is not much use if you are gasping for breath and are alone. My company who supply my emergency button assured me that in a power cut it still works on the back up battery. (doubtful as recent problem proved) I was also informed even though I have out of hours cover which I pay for I still have to ring the office that is only open normal office hours. We are been fobbed off with any excuses and paying highly for it , and its those alone that usually get conned. To get a council button free you have to have a fall history and still need to pay a fee for the service to go with it. I sometimes wonder if they understand the meaning of vulnerable, or is it merely that there are too many of us and too few staff to cope. Recently the battery in my smoke alarm went however ,although I pay and have to contact my alarm company to change the battery they were unavailable till after office hours on Monday. What are we paying forI ask !!!!!!! like you.

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