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Re my Request for advice on whether to start antibiotics

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Hi , just to say thank you for all your welcome replies. Unfortunately I have tested positive for covid but have to say that at the moment I am not feeling as bad as I have when having a exacerbation of my Bronchiestasis, just hoping it remains that way.

Keep safe everyone. Samye

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Sorry to hear this Samye. Hope that you don't feel worse than you do at the moment and that you make a full recovery soon.

Wishing you both mild symptoms and of course a complete recovery,do please of course flag up any serious decline without delay so that you may receive swift treatments to aid you in your recovery.Best wishes Ski's and Scruff's.


Wishing you a full recovery Samye. Thinking of you. Xxx😘

I’m sorry to hear that.

Oh dear, thinking of you and hoping you'll sail through it. Peege

Wishing you a full recovery Samye, and very soon. Jax🐶

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. xx Moy

Hope it doesn't get any worse and you'll soon be back to your usual healthy norm.

Sorry to hear your news on covid diagnosis ,take care hope you feel better soon

Hi Samye. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I assume that you have had both vaccinations and that they will protect you to some degree. Thinking of you. John

Wishing you a speedy recovery. 🤗

How are you today? P

Best wishes for a swift recovery and hope that your symptoms stay mild x

I didn’t know I had covid at the time so I thought I’d fight this damn thing but 3 weeks later really ill so I read up on it here and found the best advice too late . Take antibiotics as soon as you can 👍🏻 But check with a call to your doc , no actually my doc was hopeless so aske everyone here as I ended up suffering with long covid 🙁

Hope your Covid is mild and problem free. Take care. X


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