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Hi just want to know do a lot of you who got bronchiectasis get a lot of chest infections and my chest is always hurting and get out of easily and I only found out last August I had bronchiectasis and since than I had over 10 chest infections and I one day the antibiotics will stop working

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Hi, I am no expert but my Mum was diagnosed 18 months ago having had a cough for years and a crackle in her left lung. Eventually a scan resulted in her diagnosis.

She too had more chest infections and antibiotics and breathlessness. Are you on any medication. Our GP issued carbosteine to break up the mucus and an antibiotic Mon, Wed and Fri to try to reduce risk of infections. She was also given an inhaler which has recently been changed to one with a low dose steroid and this seems to have helped her but as with everything has some negatives too.

I have had loads of advice on here as Mum was given a diagnosis and left to it with no help at all for the first 9 months. Only from me reading info on this site it was clear she should be having some regular meds to help clear mucus. only.noq being referred to a Bronchiectasis consultant after the lovely.people here said GPS are rarely au fait with all the ins and outs of Bronchiectasis.

I found a private respiratory physio to show her how to do the huff and breathing cycles. Everyone says how vital it is to clear your lungs to keep breathing as easy as possible and to reduce chances of infections by clearing the mucus which is a great breeding ground for bacteria.

Mum had a really awful spell which we were not sure she would recover from having also had Covid and eventually a younger GP suggested a sputum sample. This showed exactly what was lurking and was treated with a targeted antibiotic..the previous 3 courses would have done nothing to fight the bacteria she had. Hope that helps but think you need to push for further help!

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B0xermad in reply to JetJet

Great response 👍

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Babyboy12 in reply to JetJet

Good morning jet jet I am glad you getting every done for your mom I hope she feels a lot bvid etter now. You are a good daughter. I am on carbocisteine and 3 inhalers the ones I am taken are fostair and ventolin and tiotropium I am like you I knew more about bronchiectasis on site. I am sure our doctors are doing there best as bronchiectasis not everyone knows more about this illness. I saw my doctor last week and he was helpful sending me back to hospital and I had to have blood test to see if I have got infection. It is worrying when you car't breath but I am sure I will get to the bottom of this and with the weather changing we will get infection. I am waiting to see the respiratory hopefully will not be to long. I had covid after my 1st injection and I thing having that made my lungs worse. I am going to take sputum sample this week. Yes your message was so helpful thank you. I will let you know as soon as my tests comes back.

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JetJet in reply to Babyboy12

You sound very similar to my Mum but I can honestly say she is doing really well now after having her infection sorted out and Fostair seems to have really helped her. I hope your sample gives you some answers and it can be treated appropriately and responds quickly. It is horrible to watch the breathlessness so I cannot imagine how draining it must be. Are you able to do all the clearing techniques? Good luck and keep us posted. X

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Babyboy12 in reply to JetJet

Hi jet jet I am waiting to go and see someone about my breathing and see how it goes but long wait. I am always tried like I never have any sleep. I am so happy your mom is getting better bless her I do know how every one is with haveing bronchiectasis.. thank you and I will let you know x

Hi. I don't have your condition, but after reading other people's posts who do have it, I understand repeated infections are a sign of poor care. You should ask to be seen by a bronchiectasis specialist consultant to be given the right treatment, and a physio to learn techniques for clearing your lungs of mucus every day.

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Babyboy12 in reply to Ergendl

Good morning Ergedi thank you for your message. I am waiting to go and see bronchiectasis specialist and waiting for some space for the physio. Thanks

Hello yes i would constantly have chest infections ,most aren't too severe , like now i've coughing up small amounts of green flem for about 3 weeks & breathing is a lot hardfer than normal but i normally try to do without antibiotics for these mild infections saving them for down the line when i get a more severe infection . I don't get as many infections since quitting cigarettes , just a lot of mild ones & they do hurt the chest particularly if coughing a lot . hope your better soon .😃👌😁

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Babyboy12 in reply to Runner4848

Thank you for your message. Yes having pains in our chest is a worry even when you are breathing it hurts. I know what you saying about not having antibiotics for mild infections but when I do that it seems to get worse after a week than I have to have two weeks of antibiotics. I am glad you quit your cigarettes as they make your breathing harder. Do your chest hurt when you in bed as mine does and have to have two pillows and going up and down the stairs i get our of breath. Hope you feel better soon also runner4848 all the best and let me know how you doing thanks take care

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Runner4848 in reply to Babyboy12

Hello yes that's the risk not treating a mild infection in time & ending up with a really severe one , i never really considered that before yeh ! food for thought & thx for asking about my infection btw it's just uncomfortable but theres always people way worse off , i just get up to the allotment & suck in the fresh air laugh at the chickens does me the world of good . take care !!

Hi.. I got diagnosed aged 55 with Bronchiectasis & then suffered a multitude of infections in the following 8 months. As a result the consultant put me on azithromycin, 1 tablet daily for over 2weeks & then due to stomach problems, 1 tablet 3x weekly. That was 11 yrs ago & I'm still on them.. In addition to 4 carbocisteine (2x2 daily), 2 inhalers, nebbing saline 2x daily. A lot of hassle but much better than I was I initially. Hope you have a good respiratory consultant. Good luck!

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Babyboy12 in reply to Lfcpremier

Good morning Lfcpremier I went to see my doctor last week and had a blood test to see if I got infection. I am on carbocisteine and 3 lots of inhalers fostair and ventolin and tiotropium. I am waiting to see the respiratory consultant. I was only diagnosed last year so I got a lot of to learn about bronchiectasis. I read a lot about on the sites and it as help me a lot. Thank you for your message

Hi Babyboy12 definitely how I used to be at the beginning of my bronchiectasis always fighting infection, but 7yrs on I'm on antibiotics 3 time's a week and mucus reducing medication nacsys 600mg and carbocysteine before that and only have 1 chest infection a year now.please speak to your respiratory nurse or doctor to get some advice

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Babyboy12 in reply to B0xermad

Good morning Boxermad thank you for your message. I am waiting to see the respiratory nurse. Been to see my doctor last week he whated me to have blood tests and he is sending me back to hospital. I am on carbocisteine and 3 lots of inhalers. I will speak to our doctor again about putting me on antibiotics for weekly as someone said that might help me better with my chest infections. Thank you for your message it's helped me a lot. Right now my chest does hurt and was breathless for few days now. I am on antibiotics its been 4 weeks now. X

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B0xermad in reply to Babyboy12

That's a good job you are seeing the doctors,Azithromycin 3 times a week has been a revelation for me

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Babyboy12 in reply to B0xermad

Thank you Boxermad I am waiting to see if they will put me on antibiotics for weekly. See how it goes when I get to see the doctor again.

Yes I had constant infections and as I’m immune compromised I ended up in hospital for a lot of them. It could be you are not getting rid of the infections completely so as soon as you stop the antibiotics it comes back. Are you having sputum tests to ensure you are on the right antibiotics and do you have a course of 14 days. GPs tend to not know much about Bronchiectasis and need guidance from a Bronchiectasis specialist to help you. There are plenty of different types of antibiotics so you have a way to go before you work through them all. Good luck I hope you shake this off soon.

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Babyboy12 in reply to Mooka

Good morning mooka thank you for your message. My immune system is low also so it's easy to get infections. That's want I worry about if I get to ill will end up at hospital. Yes same here after I get rid of one infection I get another one few weeks after. I allways have 14 days of antibiotics and will do a sputum sample in the week. Thank you I hope so will get easier for us all. I know they're are no cure for bronchiectasis just have to live with it and take each day as it comes. X

I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis 17 years ago and after many tests i had the lower lobe of my left lung removed......It has left me with emphysema and with the lockdowns (especially the first one) i get breathless walking around my flat and constantly have to sit down and catch my breath......It's horrible but if you get out and get lots of fresh air and exercise it will make you feel better.

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Babyboy12 in reply to majjic

Good morning majjic thank you for your message. I only found out last year that I have bronchiectasis since finding out I had nothing but chest infections and I get out of breath even walking up and down the stairs. I do go out as much as I can as staying in not good we do need fresh air to clear our lungs. Hope you feel better soon. X

Good morning Babyboy12......If you can walk up and down stairs you're lucky lol....I can't.....I don't have Bronchiectasis now because it was removed but i do have emphysema and the lockdown has really made my condition worse....However onward and upward....We don't get anywhere getting into the mindset of poor me, poor me......Good luck to you x

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Babyboy12 in reply to majjic

Hi I can walk upstairs but I have to stop because I get out of breath easily and even walking these days I have to stop to take my inhalers. Thank you for your message yes your right why worry to much about it. I am taken each day as it comes

Hi I used to get lots of infections after my diagnosis but then my inhaler was changed to one with smaller particles that get deeper into the lung. I’m on Fostairnexthaler 100/6. As others have said get your sputum sample to the doctors to be analysed for bugs and the correct anti biotics then prescribed. Take care x

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Babyboy12 in reply to watergazer

Hello watergazer yes I am taken my sputum in tomorrow to my doctors I am on 3 of of inhalers I have tiotropium and blue inhalers ventolin and fostair 100/6 thank you for your message you take care x

I got lots of infections before diagnosis. After diagnosis and learning breathing techniques I thought I was fine until -oops- a very bad and persistent infection last year. I was prescribed an AeroBika to help with lung clearance and put on 3 azithromycin a week. I've been infection free for a year, touch wood. I hope you get some satisfaction soon.

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Babyboy12 in reply to Alberta56

Hi Alberta that so good to hear so happy for you. I had a blood test last week to see if I have got a infection somewhere in my body. Yes since finding out last year in August I had over 10 chest infections and getting me down. Are you always tried as I am and when I am in bed my chest hurts more so have to sleep with two pillows. I get our of breath when going up and down the stairs and even when I am out walking I have to stop so many times and take my inhalers. I never heard of bronchiectasis until I saw a doctor in hospital and she said I think you have bronchiectasis. I had asthma for over 20 years until I started coughing and get chest infections my own Dr throught I got copd but I never smoked in my life. But as soon as I saw the doctor at hospital she said I have bronchiectasis and had to ct scans and showed up that it's mild bronchiectasis but I am always tried and I got covid in January after haveing my1st jab and I know that played a big part with my lungs. Thank you for your message I am waiting to see if my doctor sent me back to hospital as since last year I only saw them once I know with haveing the lockdown did not help. I will speak to my doctor to see if they can put me on antibiotics for weekly as getting infection every 4 to 5 weeks is getting me down. Thanks for your message x

I began to feel as if I would never feel well again, but thank goodness I feel reasonably well a lot of the time, though I do get tired easily and fall asleep in the daytime. Still it's a great improvement on how I was and I hope you will find the same.

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