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‘Morning campers…heading off to the Brompton for a series of scans for transplant assessments.

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Going to leave a couple of hours early to grab a coffee in Hyde Park and a stroll into Sloane Square hoping to pick up a bargain in Peter Jones if they have a sale on.

Mrs B tells me some of my boxer shorts are older than her!

Hoping you are all keeping as well as can be expected…


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Good luck Mr.b, hope all goes well for you at the Brompton. Look for boxer shorts in the sale if you can😀 Take care xxx💕

Good luck at the RB and please give my love to Sloane Square & King's Road when you get your new boxers!

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Good luck hope everything goes well and you are accepted for a transplant. Please keep us updated please. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Good luck Mr B, show them that you are a fine fellow well worth of a couple of their very best lungs. 💪👍😃

Good luck! I like your thinking - shopping to take your mind off 'stuff'. 🙂

Best of luck - hope it's good news

Good luck. Let us know how you get on at the RB and the sale x

Gosh it's all happening . Good luck w ith the preliminaries. Very promisingMe --- second opinion requested and eventually got phone call and told what tests were planned , first consultant didn't like me asking for second opinion and wrote me off his list. Haven't heard any more. So nice to hear someone getting some action.

I love Sloane Square and actually worked in The Kings Road for a year or so. Great area of London.

I hope everything goes well with you today.

Don’t have an accident until you get your new underwear! When I broke my shoulder I felt compelled to mention that I had nice underwear at home in the drawer. “That’ll teach you” was the nurse’s response.

Good luck with your assessments and new undies🤞

I hope it went well Mr B 🤞

Made it home safely despite the temptations but alas the boxer shorts mission was a total failure as Peter Jones was attempting to extract from my beleaguered wallet £24.95 for 2 pairs.Back to M and S Saturday which i’m confident 3 pairs can be purchased for same price.

Scans went well and we had a beautiful stroll down the Kings Road window shopping and dreaming.

Stay safe xxx

Any man who is prepared to depart with £25 for even 3prs of skiddies wants his head examined and not his lungs.😂

When you consider my last lot gave me 25 years of stellar service then i consider it value for money. 🤪🤪

Sounds good, have not been near a store for 2 years now, and love Peter Jones and compatriots, hope you find a bargain, and are successful at the Brompton.

When I was a kid, we always travelled by steam train I to Victoria, and would take an 11 bus through Sloane Square on route to our dentists off the King's Road. Always loved Sloane Square and the plane trees and shop windows. That was a "posh" trip for us. Very best wishes on your excursion and I hope the boxer shorts complements positive news from the hospital.

Hope all goes well at the hospital. Enjoy Hyde Park - used to drive through daily on my way to work. London Parks are fantastic- I loved the new iron gates ( well new about 25?years ago)


Just seen your reply to HH re Peter Jones! No worries. I like your attitude!

Glad it’s all done Mr B, first box ticked 😁. Jax🐶x

But, alas not the boxer shorts! X

Hope you had a good day and the assessment scans went well.

Best of luck on your transplant journey.

Good luck today Mr. B hope all goes well ! I used to make a day of it as well with a little mooch around Selfridges. Sadly those days have gone now . 👍

Enjoy your trip Mr B. John😀👍

Let’s hope you pass the criteria. I agree with your Wife. Get some new boxer shorts. You men are terrible for buying new clothes. 😁😆🤣

Hope things went well for you at the hospital Mr B and M & S have good undies x

Good luck with the transplant. 🤞🤞👍👍👍 i have to buy my husband's undies🙁🙁🙁

If i let Mrs B purchase mine she would have me in budgie smugglers like we all had in the 70’s.I prefer baggy boxer shorts😜😜

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