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Today as been both enlightening eventful and probably the happiest day I've had in five years , regardless to the pain I have each day and a heavy work load which usually feels overwhelming today was different . Sometimes when we least expect it something will happen totally out of the blue and turn everything around . Today was one of those days .

My grandmother said to me not long before she passed away that we all travel down a path sometimes it leads to darkness but sometimes it takes you to the most important and beautiful place and just when everything is at its worse something will happen and turn everything that is negative and harmful into the most positive place with all you have only dreamed of . well I've been in a dark place for over five years and now I'm in the light seeing that good things can come from bad .

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That’s good to hear Davey. The clouds have lifted so let’s hope things carry on in that vein. It’s good to be happy. Xx👍💜

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I've been dragged down by my health and by circumstance I know my health is still in a bad place but I feel I now have the strength and purpose to fight , I was going the wrong direction . But when an unexpected event occurs and turns it all around it makes you focus .

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Indeed it does. I’m pleased the unexpected event has turned things around for you. X

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So am I someone is watching over me that's for sure

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That's great news well done. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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Will do and thank you

I’m so glad that you’ve had a good day, and are beginning to come out of that dark place. Stick with it.

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Onwards and upwards 😊👍

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That statement made me think of our Hacienda. She was an inspiration to me!

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Funny how little saying can be so true

That’s good news. I do hope that this unexpected event marks a change for the good in your circumstances. xx

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So do I I need positivity ☺️

Glad that things are improving.

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Thanks I'll pray it keeps going the right direction

Bless you Dave, so glad you have moved into a place of enjoyment despite everything, well done. 💖

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And I'm digging in my heels to stay this way

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Good :)

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Thank you Davey for sharing your feelings with us. You are having a difficult time with everything not forgetting your poor health, family commitments and that heat!I think you are dealing with things so well. I loved the words of your wise old grandma which have turned out to be true. I wish you well and glad you are finding good things can come from bad.



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It's funny how all the things my grandparents told me when I was so young seem to have been emplanted in my head and never forgotten but I guess with important things they stick like glue 🤣🤣🤣

Great, so glad to hear. Take care

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It as taken five hard years alot of pain and stress and most of my energy I was barely enough mental strength

This is good to hear xx

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It's good to feel after so long to 👍

Your grandmother was a wise woman.

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It's strange how my generations grandparents were so wise

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I knew my great grandparents too. They were very wise people too. Lived thru a lot.

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It's great having memories of them I only met my great gran once in a hospice all I can remember was seeing this little lady about four foot in length giving me sloppy kisses with her bristles chin 😹😹 but yet again an Irish woman who saw a lot of things

Thank you for sharing your happiness and the beautiful saying of your grandmother. What a treasure she must have been. It is a reminder of the power of our words. And how careful we should be to use them for good. God bless, care and keep you Davey1963

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Thank you 😊

What a beautiful way of seeing things! Sounds like your Grandmother was a very wise woman. Enjoy the positives. xx Moy

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My grandmother was a woman and a half she always saw good in people but knew when they weren't she kinda brought me up to have an older out look on things she installed proper values in me which I have stood by all my life regardless of the situation

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She sounds like a great woman to have as a Grandmother.

I learned a lot from mine too, and hope that my grandchildren will look back in years to come and remember some words of wisdom that I may have imparted.

It's so good to hear you sounding so positive today. xx Moy

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I'm moving through my problems with a different outlook a more positive one something personal happened that turned me around and as given me such a positive boost and that as made all the difference . And I'm sure your grandchildren will always remember the words you share with them I remember all my gran taught me and live by it

Your positivity is inspiring!

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Thank you but I've said it before I speak from my heart ❤️

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I’m having a few bad days so reading your words from your Gran brought tears to my eyes (in a lovely way!) Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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I hope it does , each day brings challenges but look on them as starting points and hit them head on that's how I deal with things , my grandmother always taught me never see a problem look on it as starting block for something better .

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So true but so hard! Can you bottle it and send it to me please!!!

What wise advice from your grandmother. Wishing you all the best as you've turned this corner.

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I have many more corners to go but I've made a start so only moving forward. The Romans had the right idea straight roads no corners how life should be 😂 ok with the odd curve is ok 👍👍

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Funny how that reminds me of this week's Sunday Poem post.

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The first step in a journey of a thousand miles is the hardest ( don’t know who said that😂) but you’re on the road now 😃 interesting that you say you’ve had a shift in you’re outlook, most times that’s all it takes . My old boss used to say there’s no such thing as a problem only obstacles to be overcome so you stay on that straight road , be prepared for the obstacles and know that you will get past them 💪💪😃 I’m so pleased for you 😊

Reminds me of loaziA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step....

Stay safe and well both of you

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Well in honesty I wish my dad would act like Lazarus and get up and walk truthful I feel he's given up he's tired of life he's 81 lost is independence got his stepson changing his diapers and half the time can't remember who he is anymore . I'm sitting on a powder keg but I keep going and try to keep him going but it just isn't enough .

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Bless you.Am keeping you in my thoughts and sending loadsa positive vibes.

Do hope that your stepdad gets a suitable care home placement asap.

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I'm hoping that to , one person can only do so much

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Sometimes we need guidance and some times the right person to give you a purpose and reason to fight and push back to regain control of what is your own . In all honesty I had given up I didn't want to fight anymore I had no purpose or reason , but years of just existing in life can do that to a person especially when that person is at a point where if everything ended he would finally find peace . I was at that point for five years in the darkest recesses of my soul and couldn't see any light but one person changed all of that and I owe the biggest debt of gratitude to that person and it will be paid in full .I hope this can explain as I'm not too good with words I always speak from my heart

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I understand totally Davey1963 and I’m so so happy for you 🤗 I know you still have your stepdad to care for but with your newfound mindset even that will seem easier . Someone or something always comes along at the right time and it seems now is your time - enjoy !! 😃

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I am doing but baby steps I'm not a sprinter.😂😂

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Quite right ! “ Sure and steady wins the prize” that’s what your gran would say 😂

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Grand are never wrong never argue with a gran 😜😜

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Correct ! and I hope when my grandchildren get to your age they remember all the stuff I tell them now that they totally ignore 🥴😂😂🤣

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Well if they have sense they will absorb everything and at some stage in life they will recall those useful words you told them . But you may think their ignoring you now and I'm sure my gran thought I was but I was storing it away 😂😂😂😂😂

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One of her favourite ones was god helps those who helps themselves , at the time I may have thought yea but she was right yet again because sometimes you have to help yourself

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I’m sure they’ll be storing something probably all the memories of them laughing at me 😂🤣 Last week the eldest increased speed whilst giving me a lift and secretly videod me shouting at him and slapping his arm .I was shouting “Stoppit Tyler “and when he posted it on FB later all his mates thought it was hilarious ( I think they’re used to stronger language and “stoppit Tyler “ is now a thing 😂) It was viewed so many times 🤦🏻‍♀️ I could have killed him but I have to say I’ve never had as many likes 😂😂🤣. Seriously your gran was right , I believe a higher power gives us everything we need to have a good life and always enough strength to get through the darkest times ,the rest is up to us , we make the decisions that shape our lives If we’re kind often we put other people first but sometimes the right decision is to put ourselves first 😊

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Yes but sometimes you need a little carrot dangling in front of you to give you a reason too 😂😂😂 in my case a donkey 😂😂😂

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Well that’s intriguing 🤨😂 No matter - you were given what you needed albeit a donkey 🥴😂🤣😂🤣

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My donkey friend who used to drive me crazy every night as returned to lindos unfortunately he will never become my donkey jacket but it doesn't stop me making an ass of myself 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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I was just saying that earlier tonight I had a UK funeral planning company call me a young lad with the usual patter I said wait a moment can you call me back later like when I'm dead because I'm busy skydiving right now weeeee then shouted ok who gave me the rucksack and hung up on him he asnt called me back 😂😂😂

Hehe that’s a brilliant story!! You both just made a fantastic memory

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Well I bet the funeral guys never received an answer like that before ,😂😂😂😂😂

My grandson was the class clown and now at 24 still is , so lots of memories 🤦🏻‍♀️😂. xx

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I was actually the same always up for a laugh but we change eventually 🤣🤣

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You also have to remember men never really grow up 😉🤣🤣🤣

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True 🙄 Class clowns are the best people tho , everyone adores my grandson , he loves people and will chat to anyone, any age , any nationality he’s always been the same. They also make great dads , his 3 year old son has his own motorbike and they are always out together on a track somewhere 🏍🏍🙈

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Sounds like a Man after my own heart 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Definitely ! your conversation with the funeral company is something he’d do, he’s always calling me , putting on phoney accents and asking daft questions 🙄 I don’t usually fall for it now but in the past I’ve chatted for ages not knowing it was him 🤪😂

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Must admit it gave me an all over Glow to do it to a cold caller with no morals for common decency 🤗🤗😅😅😅😅

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Yes I got one of those calls , I was so shocked and fuming 😡 I just said “ you people are sick ! How do you sleep !” and slammed the phone down Whatever made those companies think cold calling on such a sensitive subject was a good idea ???! Just beggars belief .

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Easy answer vultures now prefer money .

I’m glad you are feeling better. All the best xx

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Thank you

great to here Davey

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Thank you

Good morning Davey1963. Great to read pal. Hope you carry on feeling good

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I intend to all moving positively forward

That’s good news Davey. 👍

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How fantastic Davey1963,positive thoughts is the way to go 🙂

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Most definitely a first for me for sometime I've been stressed out about my health and my dad 😃

Im so glad for you... 🙏 I think we're all waiting on that little bit of sunlight and hope... That we can share with us....Even having a good day is a bonus.. Lifts our spirits.. Lov margarita and the woofs 🐩🐩🐩

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If we're totally honest the whole world is living under a giant rain cloud and the rat race existence so many live in is too much . So I pray that everyone gets their own rays of sunshine all over the world and have a better life .

Thanks for sharing your sunshine, Davey! To hell with the clouds!

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Your welcome the way I look at it if I can make one person happy even for a day it's an achievement ☺️

I know I’m last one to catch the bus ( on this thread)... good on you Davey , sounds as if something has stirred and raised! your spirit . It’s a lovely, inspiring thread reading through everyone’s comments , made me think on a few life things too ..Power of words

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Well they always say a word can move mountains 😜

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And have an effect on the valley below

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Well obviously they usually flood

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