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Strange night

Last night I was having strange spasms in my chest for a few hours but ignored it as it wasn't causing pain . Went bed but when I woke up this morning it was like a crime scene , blood on my pillows and sheets on my chest and when I went to get cleaned up I found blood down the sides of my nose and ears from my nose and in my beard and moustache , got everything put in soak and had my Meds , went into my dad and his first words were are you alright I said yes why he said because around three o'clock this morning all he heard was me coughing really hard for nearly thirty minutes he apparently shouted me to have a drink of water but I didn't hear him . So I now realize that that is where the blood was from It was from coughing . It's kinda put the wind up me a little because normally when coughing it wakes me up especially if I was coughing for that long . And for it to wake up my dad who's a heavy sleeper it must have been noisy but

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O my , what a situation.

Has your cough eased , any more blood ?

I guess you will contact a health professional soon to get checked over.

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I'm fine this morning and if it wasn't for all the blood and my dad commenting I wouldn't have known about it . Seeing all the blood kinda put the wind up me a little , but I guess it's part and parcel of what is going on with my health and all the smoke and ash for three days wouldn't have helped . If it happens again I'll seek medical advice but at the moment I'm going to wait it could have been a one off . I have been coughing up some gunk since the fires as expected because the ash got everywhere and you couldn't escape it .

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You should still get it checked out, I have coughed up blood and it was totally painless, without any sensation at all. Even though I already had a diagnosis that pre-disposed the likelihood of it happening, I still reported it. It can be a serious event.

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Ok I'll see if the doctor is in surgery today , it's awkward here he's not a full time doctor here in the village and only here probably once a week or fortnight

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Sorry to read this, I think you need to report now as a matter of urgency, if only to be on record. Sops

Quite a fright for you. Its probably good you didnt wake up that would have scared you more I think. Yes probably all the smoke you've been subjected too, but have it checked if it continues. Take care

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Will do 👍👍😃

That sounds pretty frightening Davey and as others have said, you need to get it checked out as soon as possible. Take care xxx😘

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I've asked my friend to find out if the doctor is in today if not when he's in and go get it checked out 👍👍👍

Hello Davey, I see from your profile that you regularly cough up blood. If you were in the UK your consultant should be investigating whether this is coming from the damaged part of your lungs when irritated by infection or some outside factor (smoke in this case?) or from blood vessels in your chest which are compromised due to the condition of your lungs, are dilated and occasionally just lead to a bleed. I had this in November when a heart drug I was taking relaxed my already weak blood vessels and I had a massive bleed.It really does need investigating and I appreciate that living where you do this is difficult. Unfortunately, general doctors in whatever country are out of their depth with this. You know the health system there and I think that it would be a good idea for you to work on getting a professional opinion.

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The specialist here said that because both left and right lower lobes have collapsed and I cough a fair bit I'm pulling my lungs so I can expect speckles of blood every now and then .

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I can understand that but as this was different I do think that you would be wise to tell your specialist about it.

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I'll be seeing her on Monday morning so will fill her in then

Oh wow you must have got a big fright this morning, bet it shook you up a bit..Fingers crossed it maybe result from smoke & ash last few weeks. I read above regards doctors , is there a Community nurse that attends around villages?

Hope you feel better soon, keep a note of any other changes that when you do see a doctor you can report

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Unfortunately no nurse or doctor in village we share one with four other villages and the hospital 🤣 if it plays up I'll go hospital but at least I know what the funny feeling I had last night was 🤣🤣🤣 I is ready for the glue factory 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Your Neurology appointment arranged when your Neurologist called you booked for a head scan, how did that go? coincides with you being prescribed antibiotics/steroids, your oxygen dependent as per your previous post, have you had a review, how many litres overnight compared to your ambulatory oxygen?

Urge you to see the Dr you saw on Monday. However offering you a cigarette aware your on oxygen, doesn’t sound like Euromedica’s private treatment whatsoever, your paying per treatment so get checked over ASAP.

Kind regards from Scotland, stay safe, perhaps no climbing stairs tonight, I see you have been quite active since starting steroids, would not want you to have overdone it, the effects once the steroids stop can be awful.

Take care!

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I'm off to the clinic tomorrow so I'll get things sorted but I am putting it down to all the smoke, we've had a fire here fires across in Turkey 18miles away and fires from mainland lots of ash air quality was really poor for three full days but improving now but can still smell the smoke . And yes the stairs a lot of exercise that I don't normally do so could be a mix of all elements . But feel as normal as normal is for me 🤣

Ready for glue factory, away with ya , your just pining for the donkey😁 ( hope donkey not off to glue factory)

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No back to lindos

Best to get it checked Dave as others have said. Are you getting the weekly checks at the clinic in your village you mentioned recently?

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Going clinic tomorrow so I'll mention it when I get there , yes it was a shock but I feel normal like nothing happened just kinda not nice seeing all the blood

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Be sure to tell them just how much blood there actually was or they could wrongly assume it was v little.Btw - salt is great for getting blood out

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I will do and yes that's the first thing I did put everything in soak with salt my gran taught her padiwan well she was like a little Yoda of information 😂😂🤞

is there not a number you can call?

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Are you alright now, please call your GP it will put your mind at rest. Please go careful and let us know how you are. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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Feel fine no problems at all if it was still causing a problem I would definitely go directly to hospital

if you cannot see someone then phone , do you have dept ext number? If not askto be directed through to the dept or secretary . incidentally have found out that your health service ther is rated higher UK or Germany by world health dont know when that was though

good luck

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Neither do I 😹😹 yea brilliant doctors and surgeons but not a fantastic service compared to NHS it's like a serious budget NHS here

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how long since you went to our nhs? I cant tallk to doctor now unless receptionist is feeling generous and will put me on list for phoning, and they dont do anything connected with you r mouth i have been told. Told against the law. Dentist knows less about antibiotics than I do. Seriously .

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Well it as been five years 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

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Well it as been five years 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

So pleased you are going to the clinic tomorrow Dave, its the sort of thing that is a cause for concern, doctors in UK would certainly want to check you out.

Take good care.

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I will do , I'm not letting it worry me just causes more problems 👍👍😹

Hope you get a thorough going over by the consultant to find out what is going on, as all the knowledgeable people here think you need. Best wishes. I hope it was the smoke that did it and that there will be no more fires. xxx

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Still fires raging in certain areas and I can still get the smell of smoke but not as bad as it was , I'm hoping tomorrow to get some answers but I think maybe I have been over doing things aswell , I look after my stepfather which is hard work and getting harder , going up four flight of stairs when I know I struggle with the fourteen stairs we have to our home so maybe too much too soon I'll find out tomorrow hopefully 👍

Take care and as others have said - it needs checking x

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Good luck davey1963 getting checked over soon

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Sorted and posted the results of today for all to see totally exhausted 👍👍🦛

Same happened to me 3years ago 3 nights in a row phoned doctor got a prescription for steroids and antibiotics over the phone it has never happened again

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I knew I was allergic to something but when I saw on my medical records what I realized myself the possible cause

Gosh Davey,how worrying for you! I would have panicked! Hope you have a better doctor than the one my daughter had on Kos! She saw him when she was pregnant and said that he was smoking when he examined her. He actually dropped ash on her stomach! He also said the baby was dead ( he was very much alive and has just turned 16!) Hope you are OK,good luck.

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Doctors have changed a hell of a lot in Greece but this smoking rule is a damn joke .

Hope your ok, please get yourself checked like everyone has suggested. Take it easy and take care. Let us know all is ok 💕

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All done and dusted left feeling exhausted and like a hamster in a ball

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I can imagine. Hopefully the Dr your seeing can give you advice and info why this has happened to you and how to prevent or at least be able to help you so this doesn't happen again. Not a pretty sight to wake up to right. Blood never is 😟😔Take care

Hopefully you can get It resolved. Kind of scary.🙏

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Yep big time

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Keep us posted on your health and what's going on or at least message me if you don't want it out there.

I’m Pleased U Are Going To Clinic . Because You Need To Let Them Know In The Mean Time Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

Hope you are feeling better now Davey. Take care

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Can't say better but mentally knowing that things are moving in the right direction yes lots better 😊😊

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Just been reading the rest of the replies. Please Davey try and see your consultant very soon. Thinking about you and hopefully you will be ok.

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I keep on ticking like a cheap Japanese watch 🤣🤣🤣

Aren't we all 🤞🤞

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My attitude is a giggle a day keeps us problems away

I hope you saw someone as it doesn’t sound good.

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What ticking like a Japanese watch 🤣

I’m sure not but you should be careful.

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I do . Today was a long day . Still a long way to go.

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I’m glad the fires have died down a bit. Good luck with your new antibiotics.

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I'm almost certain I'm not allergic to these

Dearest Davey so glad to see so many people on Health Unlocked care about you , please stay with them and ask as many questions as you can to help you help yourself xx 👍🏻👍🏻 And I can’t tell you how disgusting it is that rich countries are still polluting the planet so terribly that it’s ruined your beautiful island so let’s hope this is a big wake up call 🌍

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We can but live in hope but not expecting miracles

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I have had similar with a nose bleed in my sleep. The blood gets swallowed and then brought up.

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This blood came from my eyes ears nose and mouth and the amount was enough to not just soak two pillows and sheets but to cover me aswell

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