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Hi my name is Shaun, I've had really bad asthma all my life, then 3 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. Since the covid started nearly 2years now, I haven't been able to get any help what so ever from my doctor's, they are now sending out letters to do phone interviews, so I've had mine and what a load of crap, how the hell am I supposed to put it over the phone how my health has degraded so much and my mental health too, as I've been frightened to go out, and now the new strain is even worse and these kids have no respect for older and vulnerable people as they don't wear masks (I know you don't have to now, but if you look how many people are still wearing them) and it's these selfish people who don't wear masks they pass it on, I've had both injections, but I bet it would still wipe me off my feet if I caught it.

Anyway less boom and gloom, I'm married to Lisa, and you know what keeps me going is seeing my 4 year old granddaughter Penny, she is so funny, but she is very caring and ask me all the time are you ok granddad, it melts my heart, Penny and my wife are the only thing that is keeping me going at the moment. Thanks for listening to a to 57 year old who has had a good old rant.

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Welcome Shaun,

I have to agree that there’s not a whole lot of respect for others out there. I’m hiding out too and I’ve had both jabs. I had to forbid a couple of my kids visiting as they were anti vaccine. But was happy to be told yesterday that I was worth them getting jabbed. So all eight are vaccinated. This virus is not over!!! Stay cautious.

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CDPO16 in reply to Maricopa

Pleased that your children have been jabbed Maricopa. It must be a relief to you although even jabbed we all need to take care.

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Shaun64 in reply to Maricopa

I'm so happy for you and of course your worth it , at least you all can soon meet up stay happy and safe

Hello Shaun and welcome to the forum. What a lovely photo to accompany your first heartfelt post. Nobody on here will judge you, trust me and I can understand how very difficult addiction can be. My son is addicted to alcohol and cocaine and he lives with my husband Pete and I. I’m carer for Pete who has COPD plus other health issues .

I hope you can get all the help you need with the COPD and also with your heroin addiction. It would be good to be free of drugs but it’s not an easy ride.

Take care xxx

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Shaun64 in reply to sassy59

Thanks for understanding all what I going through, I'm going to ask the help line for some advice, drugs free would be great, that's the aim, and I do have loads of family support which I'm so grateful for, they should all be given a 🏅, but they're family and they ask for nothing back, love them all to bits ♥️

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sassy59 in reply to Shaun64

Good luck to you Shaun. 💜

Hi and welcome Shaun. You have voiced what many of us have been chunnering about recently or for some time. Lots of support and understanding on our friendly forum and the BLF is a great source of information and support too.

Your granddaughter looks to be a real gem.

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Shaun64 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you so much and she's a 💎👍

Hello and welcome. It's good to have an off load and vent concerns. This pandemic has caused many of us to stay home for so long. It's only natural to have concerns. Take care and keep safe. Lovely, happy picture. Best wishes to you.

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Shaun64 in reply to Lemon7

Thank you so much for replying and stay happy and safe

Hello Shaun . Sorry your having a rough time . Hope you get some help soon ,but we are all finding it hard at the moment . Take care and keep smiling, a positive attitude is always helpful . 🤗

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Shaun64 in reply to Bluenotes

Thanks for the reply, I'm alway trying to keep my pecker up, hope you are too

Thank you much for your kind words, and yes she's a little 💎

Hi Shaun and welcome! It would seem there's too many of us on this forum who are not getting the help and treatment needed and it isn't just because of the pandemic sadly! That's why this site is a good place to come for rest and relaxation as well as a good rant! No one minds! Have a good read of the posts on here and you will see what a good mixture there is - always something to suit someone!

All the best!

By the way Penny looks a little pickle! Cutie!

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Shaun64 in reply to Annie31

Thank you so much for being so kind and that little girl is my life and she's is a cutie, your very kind for saying so

Hello and welcome 😊 Your granddaughter sounds like a real star. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some of the support and advice you need here. Sending you lots of good wishes. ✨

I'm going to try the help line and thanks for the kind words and support 👍

Hiya ☺️ Shaun, welcome to the forum. And I agree no one will judge you how you lived your past. I believe that everyone has their own demons through life to share. So, you have my respect to speak so openly about your past.

And we all juggling around regarding to get the right treatment during this time, but hopefully you will get the help you need and getting it under control that you get support. You might try to contact the helpline here in Blf.

Someone here is always responding, to give a bit advice.

Here you can relax a bit or have a laugh just to stay connected in some ways, it can help. Lot's of great members here to chat.

Lovely picture by the way 😃😁👍

So best wishes and stay safe 🍀🍀🍀

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Shaun64 in reply to MELNEL

Thanks for the message and I'll will give the help line ago, thanks so for the advise 😁👍

Hi Shaun I'm Dave also 57 stage four c.o.p.d sufferer . Being on here as helped so much because you can not just get support but also loads of advice and you don't feel alone with your condition . And in my case it's been a godsend I'm originally from the UK but now living in Greece . Have a good day keep safe

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Shaun64 in reply to

Greece, I love to live there, I love Zante, the fresh air and clean living and good food will help you, wish it was me . Stay happy and safe

in reply to Shaun64

The Greek islands are fantastic mainland is pretty much like the rest of Europe and city life 🤣🤣 I'm being bias 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Shaun64 in reply to

Your one lucky guy 😁

in reply to Shaun64

Depends how you look at it . I can't get to go out because of covid cases rising quickly , it's in the high 40s early 50s temperature wise and just spent three hours with three specialists making my head spin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I have to see each specialist in turn once a month after have a fresh MRI each month , apart from that yes I'm a lucky sod 🤣🤣

Hi Shaun It is a bit grim out there at the moment so it looks like we will have to keep away from others still. I had started to venture out after getting the jabs & all our children have been vaccinated but people are getting a bit carefree as time goes by . Thank heavens for Grandchildren they are a joy , take care ..

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Shaun64 in reply to Spoticus

Grandkids are our 2nd chances aren't they, in case you think you made mistake with your kids, but it's the best been a grandparent

Hi ShsunWelcome to health unlocked.

I know how you feel, these youngsters ( not all) have no respect for us vulnerable and are selfish, it's frightening, I can't wear a mask but I do wear a visor, I'm not ready to go without, I wonder have you asked about pulmonary rehab, I can highly recommend it, it would maybe help you to cope with attacks etc. Take care Shaun, your Granddaughter is adorable.

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Shaun64 in reply to Trishe

I will ask about that as I do need help thanks so much

Hi ShaunGood to hear from you and your posting your photo with Penny. You both look so happy Are you the cyclist?

It’s such a difficult time and scary so having a four year old around must be so good. Even so there are those days when it all seems so much. Do contact your practice again for specific help with your mental health issues. It’s a different way that practices are doing things but stress what you need.

Meanwhile ‘ a picture speaks a thousand words’ so keep that one with Penny somewhere that you can smile to her when she is not around.

Take care


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Shaun64 in reply to Walkwalkwalk

No I'm not a cyclist, it takes me all the time to walk, but I do try and walk every day as I know my lungs need exercise, so even a little walk to the park with our Pen get me some exercise. Take care

Welcome Shaun. I am exempt from wearing a mask, but after a year Isolating I go out every day. I keep to the 2 metre rule but need to have a life now. It's hard when you have been first diagnosed with COPD, I was diagnosed 11yrs ago with severe COPD. It's scary but I soon came to realise there are a lot worse off than myself. COPD is not Terminal but is Progressive so you need to excercise and if you smoke quit immediately. You can control the progression and slow it down. Here in Wales the covid cases are much lower than England but we still have to be wary. Goodluck and your Granddaughter is beautiful, enjoy her. Keep Positive. xxSheila 💕

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Shaun64 in reply to garshe

I've never stopped wearing a mask it's been really hard to breath with it on but my pharmasist told me to wear one as it will help keep me safe, she said it will be harder to breath but think if you didn't wear your mask and you caught covid would you survive it, and she made a lot of sense, and it is harder to breath but I take a lot more sitting breaks whilst walking and always have a drink with me, and I think I'm going to keep on wearing it, if it helps save my life then it's the sensible thing to do. I'd like to say thank you Emma for great advice and looking out for me, she's one of the best pharmasist there is♥️

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garshe in reply to Shaun64

I did not go out for almost a year. My Daughter and Granddaughter were fantastic. All my shopping done and also had deliveries. I spent the whole time only going to the garden and no contact with anyone except my Husband, Daughter and Granddaughter all who live with me. I did not see my eldest Daughter and family during this time. I did not go out even for excercise so kept safe. When I had both Vaccinations then I felt less vulnerable. I felt it was time to get my life back and now go out every day. My Respiratory team told me I didnt have to wear a mask because of my condition . I am fortunate to have a team who are in contact regularly, They work with my Consultant and even when I have a Hospital appointment I am exempt from wearing a mask. I feel safe as I keep to the rules. There are many who may wear a mask but do not abide by the rules. Both my husband and I have received letters informing we dont have to shield anymore as both been Vaccinated. I live in Wales and in the South where the cases are almost nil. Good luck and keep safe. Was the photo taken before covid? As you are not wearing a mask. It's important to use hand sanitizer every time you touch something as this is the main cause of catching the virus. xxSheila.

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Shaun64 in reply to garshe

The photo was just taken a few weeks ago, and when we went to the park there was noone there, otherwise I would have had a mask on, and my little granddaughter has a little back pack with her all the time and on her key ring she has a tiny little bottle of hand sanitizer, which she always says granddad hands, for a 4 year old she's on the ball especially with the virus, I think she looks after me just as good as my wife, I'd be lost without her 😂😁

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garshe in reply to Shaun64

That's lovely. They really are a blessing. Hope you get many more trips to the park. Enjoy Sheila.

Hi and welcome Shaun64. This is certainly a good place to get help/advice and have a rant Hope you get face to face time with GP / consultant soon your granddaughter looks a happy little soul and I’m sure cheers you up enormously. Take care x

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Shaun64 in reply to watergazer

Shae always does bring a smile to my face, she keeps life worth living

Hi Shaun, what a lovely picture to see today, your wee cherub looks full of mischief in picture, that laugh makes me want to laugh back☺️Welcome aboard

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Shaun64 in reply to Maggie_Mae

Thank you so much, your so kind 👍

Hello Shaun, and welcome :) It really has been a tough couple of years, I think most of us can relate to not being able to have face to face consultations with our health providers. I think that we have to keep on insisting our doctors give us the care we rightly deserve and not take no for an answer, no matter how hard it is. I need a fit note from my doctor to say I am not fit for work anymore, but have resorted to writing to him laying out all the details of how my COPD has progressed in the last two years since he saw me last as a smiley checkout lady! I am waiting to hear!!What a little cutie Penny looks! I too have a four year old granddaughter, Skye, who has been my sanity during this time :) At the beginning, before we could create a bubble, my daughter would bring her to the gate to say hello from afar. She said to me "Granny I really want to hug you but this bl...y virus won't let me"!! Aged nearly 3!! They are such a joy :)

I hope you enjoy this site and find it of help, I certainly have done,

Laurie xx

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Shaun64 in reply to leo60

I know our 1st locked down where we couldn't mix with our family, absolutely killed myself and my wife not seeing our daughter's and especially not seeing our granddaughter, we face timed, but that was ok but all I and my wife wanted to do was to have kiss and cuddle times, at last there here now,, vulnerable people need to be able to have their family around them as I know some of my friends who live on their own are even more vulnerable and one of our friends has now had to be sectioned a couple of times, which is so sad, as we all need to talk 😁

Hello Shaun64, Welcome to the group. My youngest son is called Sean in your age group but he is in Australia. With respect doctors this is the new way telephone calls. I have had major surgery but still not seen a GP for around 18 months. Have COPD like you amongst other things. Hope you find the site useful.

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Shaun64 in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks for the advise 🙂

Hi Shaun and welcome

I am pretty new to the site too, and was finally diagnosed with asthma and copd this year so know exactly what you mean in respect to having the conditions and living with what’s going on. Actually got the shielding letter a week before everything g opened up this month. The good thing is there is great advice on here and nobody judges, the nurses are also great if you need any advice or help. Good to see you can spend time with family. Take care

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Shaun64 in reply to direstraits1

Thank you for replying

Hi Shaun,your profile was written with great courage and honesty,attributes that will hold you in good stead for the future and now with your life turned around,the support of an obviously very loving wife and the joy shared in the company of your delightful grandchild and perhaps with a few hints and tips on controlling your lung condition from us on the dodgy lung site i am sure your future is looking very bright indeed.Welcome

Ski's and Scruff's

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Shaun64 in reply to skischool

Thanks so much 👍

Hi Welcome Shaun64 Your Granddaughter Is So Cute .. People Can Be So Selfish When It Comes To Masks Many People Not Wearing And All Ages Of People I’m So Pleased You Have Had The Two jabs Unfortunately I Can’t Have The Jabs Due be To Me Being Partially Paralysed Due Tô The Whooping Cough Injection This Injection Has The Same Ingredients As The Astra Xeneca Jab So Can’t Have Drs Are Thinking I Won’t Be Able To Have Any Jab .. I Also Have COPD You Will Have A lot Of Support In This Group We Are A Friendly Bunch Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

Stay happy and safe

That's a gorgeous picture. Did your wife take it ? Welcome to the forum, Shaun. It's certainly scary going out and about after months in isolation, but I felt I had to try or I would go bananas. So put all my eggs in one basket and flew up to Scotland to go to the Hebrides. Luckily came back unscathed. Now I'm scared to go in our local supermarkets. 😂😂😂. Hope you enjoy this forum- there's lots of friendly people and knowledgeable people here and we share laughs and advice - and the odd rant.

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Shaun64 in reply to Alberta56

Yes she has to come everywhere with me when we have out granddaughter as I can't manage to run around with her myself, but penny our granddaughter understand grandad has a poorly chest and she's very caring over it

Hi Shaun64

I’ve had COPD for about eight years now and have been following this forum for about six I’ve found it helps just reading some of the helpful comments given and it keeps you going great site as mentioned there is also a good team of professionals at hand to consult with. You sound like a telephone consultation is not sufficient for you I would agree it’s difficult putting what you have to say over the phone, does your practice use messenger or computer face to face consultations it may be more helpful seeing a doctors face rather than just a phone call not it’s often better not so anonymous, a lot of work that G.P’s do is ninety per cent guess work they no a little about a lot.

I do also agree with you about the morons just walking about like nothings happening they walk around like they’re invincible then when they catch Covid they’ll scream blue thunder. My wife has been out for the first time in two years last week as I have been in hospital for the last three weeks due to a collapsed lung episode I suffered, she said she was scared stiff even though it was a treat to help cheer her up. I don’t know why the government just don’t make mask wearing compulsory in public places then take on more people to police 👮‍♀️ it. Okay I’ve had both vaccines as well and have felt uncomfortable in a ward even though they look out for Covid by swabbing every other day. Sorry all for the lengthy post everyone and I hope my suggestion above helps Shaun64. Take care Airless 😃

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Shaun64 in reply to Airless

Thank you for the advise, they are great ideas stay happy and safe

Hi ShaunCheer up you have sent a lovely photo of your grand daughter and your self.

I'm afraid we are all on phone referrals now and I li ve in Spain .Sometimes it makes me cross and then I think do I really want to go to a hospital that is full of covid 19 and my brain ticks in...not much you can do about COPD but excercise

I just spoke to my lung specialist and he said walking is the best so if you can walk a few meters a day and make it a bit further each time.

Keep positive and keep in touch with this group they are marvellous.


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Shaun64 in reply to Ragrug

I do go for a walk every day, otherwise I'd waste away and give up. I've got to much to loose

Hi Shaun .Welcome to the forum. I hope your rant helped you to off load some of your frustrations, it usually does. The members on the forum are always here to support and help you with advice. It's good you have a loving wife and lovely granddaughter to keep you positive. Take care. Carol xxx

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Shaun64 in reply to HollyBoyd

Thanks for caring 🙂

Welcome Shaun.You will find many new friends on here who have a wealth of practical advice and tips to share.

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Shaun64 in reply to ninelives

When I find my feet I'll start with the question, and 🤞 I'll get the advice I need . Stay happy and safe

Welcome Shaun, this is a great site, so many friendly, knowledgeable members. Stay strong 🐞

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Shaun64 in reply to Nicholatracy

Thank you and hopefully I'll be knowledgeable about my illness soon 👍

Hi and welcome Shaun. Look forward to seeing you posting on this forum and get to know you. 🐿🌈😷.

Thank you for accepting me, sometimes I have a lot to say, and I forget when to stop, I've got a big gob 🤭

Welcome Shaun, 😊👋

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Shaun64 in reply to Caspiana

Thank you so much 😄🤛🤝

Hi Shaun64

Welcome to the forum. I have added our details for you to contact us below if you feel you would benefit from a chat with one of our nurses for advice. You will get lots of support and advice on here as well from our lovely members.

Take care


Welcome Shaun64

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