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Iceland reimposes COVID restrictions after cases surge

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Iceland, one of the first nations in the world to lift all Covid restrictions for vaccinated tourists, yesterday announced new curbs following a spate of infections.

At the end of June, Iceland lifted rules around social distancing, mask-wearing, limits on public gatherings and the opening hours of bars and restaurants after introducing virus restrictions in March last year.

Starting from midnight on Sunday until August 13, public gatherings will be restricted to 200, the one-metre social distancing rule will be reimposed and bars and restaurants will have to close at 11.00pm.

Swimming pools and indoor sports facilities can only operate to 75 per cent of capacity and masks will be mandatory indoors.

Although over 85 per cent of the population above 16 have received two vaccine doses, Iceland has seen infections spurt with 355 new cases since July 12.

The majority of cases are due to the Delta variant, which was first detected in India.

Iceland will resume restrictions at its borders, requiring a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old for travellers who are fully vaccinated.

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Remember to take into account that the whole population of Iceland is only 343,465.

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Osha in reply to 2greys

As it’s already been said you can choose what you read and also choose to believe what you read or disregard it. I

Why not take a break from all the doom & gloom 2greys i think people are sick & tired of reading all the negativity ,maybe find a positive story now & again to help with all the fear mongering the MSM are spouting out 24/7 , i will give it a start i remember a report saying that Covid was the 24 th biggest killer in the UK in May , another says there are 240 NHS staff to every Covid patient in hospital , the death rate for kids is something like 0.01 % & don't even get me started about the mask misconceptions ,,so to all the people reading this relax & stay safe .

2 greys the health unlocked news bulletin like the TV news never reports any of the nice things that are going on in the world does he?

There's plenty of nice things going on in the world now matter how tough things get!

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Tia4209 in reply to Catgirl1976

2greys does post many hopeful articles and research papers on treatments that may help lung conditions in the future. His Covid reports and research are done with the BLF community’s welfare in mind as Covid is a Respiratory virus, it makes sense to me. No one has to read anyone else's posts so just scroll on by if it is not something that you relate too.

Many people on here enjoy reading the articles that 2 greys posts.

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CDPO16 in reply to Catgirl1976

You can choose what you read or listen to. Many of us appreciate what 2greys posts.

Don’t read them then just scroll on by. Other people appreciate what 2Greys posts .

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CDPO16 in reply to Runner4848

Many of us appreciate 2grey's posts. You don't have to read them if you don't care for the contents.

If you don’t like the posts scroll on by you are not forced to read them

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Bluenotes in reply to Runner4848

240 NHS staff to every Covid patient ??? Are there no other patients in NHS hospitals . The waiting lists are so long it's ridiculous. Are the staff only there for Covid cases . I think not .

Runner4848 profile image
Runner4848 in reply to Bluenotes

The 13 million patients now waiting on all sorts of treatment aren't .ha ha ha 👍😍

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Jaybird19 in reply to Bluenotes

Unfortunately too many of those are management which has grown over the years .

Thank you. I appreciate the research you share with us.

Thanks, 2greys. I and most others very much appreciate your informative posts! I know you’ll ignore anyone who is ill-mannered enough to criticise 😉

Catgirl1976 and Runner4848 Feel free to post your own “good news” information! But please include links (which 2greys is scrupulous about) and also don’t just refer to things we’ve all read for ourselves on the bbc website.I look forward to reading your contributions

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2greys in reply to Hanne62

Take a look at both profiles, one has not made any original posts at all. The other, 4 original posts in the BLF forum, 3 of those reporting her bad news. No need to say any more.

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Hanne62 in reply to 2greys

Hmm 🤔

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Runner4848 in reply to Hanne62

Your the 1st person to actually get what i posted amazing !!! 👍

Good to know what is going on in Iceland 👍 I don't need to browse to find out what going on, I just checking it in here, 2greys always up to date with international information. Lots appreciated 😘

2greys does post good news stories, about new research and treatments for various illnesses and conditions, new medicines and new ways of thinking. Plenty of things to give us hope, even if those treatments might still be some way off. I find the easiest way to avoid stories I don’t want to know about is to not read them. I don’t mean that in some unkind way. I really do avoid things I don’t want to see.

Thankyou for another very informative post. You can see from the replies how much your hard work on our behalf is appreciated by the majority of members who follow the posts for information and support rather than engaging in pointless criticism.

I read all your Posts , Good or Bad . Always interesting.

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Hanne62 in reply to Spoticus

Me too, tho I don’t always understand them 🤣

I. So hope this t a glimpse into our future.

To be honest this comes as no surprise. As to other comments I find that 2Greys posts information gives sources and allows you to draw your on conclusions. Personally I prefer to be given all information. Good and bad and feel that the members of this forum have the intelligence to make their own minds up about the information given. Giving only good news is like walking across a road with your eyes closed. If you cannot see the cars they will not hurt you!

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2greys in reply to Badbessie

A case in point:

States scale back virus reporting just as cases surge

Badbessie profile image
Badbessie in reply to 2greys

It is like people saying " more testing more cases if you did not test then there would be less cases". I personally think that the politicians are not only deluding the public but themselves. My wife often says "only in America!" Sadly after listening to various politicians in the UK the delusional denial is world wide.

2greys profile image
2greys in reply to Badbessie

I completely agree. Bury your head in the sand and it will go away.

I generally just bring the news and only comment on it when required, like yourself I believe it is up to the members to disseminate what it means to them and it's implications.

Thank you for all the information you find and put up for us to read 2greys. I may not comment very often but I read almost all your posts because they are so informative.

I always appreciate your posts 2greys, they are always interesting and well researched. Please carry on!

On the funny side of things, on reading the title I assumed it was Iceland the shop!! Doh!! Was one of them moments 😂

Hanne62 profile image
Hanne62 in reply to Maggie_Mae

It could’ve been, couldn’t it? 🤔

Teehee to be fair I assumed the same as nothing surprises me these days 😂🤣. X

Me too! I wasn't going to say anything as I have far too many senior moments these days! 😂

I was going to keep quiet until I saw I wasn't the only numpty 🤣😂 x

Yeah, can't keep a good numpty down! 😂😂


Thank you 2greys. Always enjoy reading your informative & enlightening posts full of useful info! 👍💕

I always read your posts 2greys . It's good to know what's going on . Ignore any criticism and carry on the good work . 🤗🤗

I appreciate what you share please .keep sharing thank you

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