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The day of the camera,

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Yesterday was the day of the camera up the backside. Wow, was it hot or what inside the hospital. My son gave me a lift there, to be greeted by Covid stewards again, checking for appointments, who this time saw me really struggling to breath in a mask and promptly asked if I would like a shield instead, she went and got one for me. What a difference the shield made, I managed four flights of stairs as well as walking the whole length off the hospital, with a few stops to catch my breath (I seem cursed to be always have to walk the length of the hospital, grrrr).

Without going into the gory details too much. I elected to not have the sedation with fear about it negatively affecting my breathing. Blood pressure normal.Pulse 130. Sats at 93. Some discomfort and pain during the procedure but I was able to tolerate it.

A large pedunculated 22mm polyp found with some abnormal IIL pit pattern extending into the base, where indicated by the PET scan. This was removed via lift and hot snare, but not cleanly so required EMR of remnant tissue at the base. No bleeding but 2 clips applied. The remaining tissue looked healthy, there was no evidence of colorectal cancer. The polyp was retrieved and sent off to Pathology. A 2 week wait now for the results at a follow-up appointment in the clinic.

My daughter came to collect me after she finished work. Hopefully the pain and discomfort I have experienced in my bowel over the last 18 months has also gone.

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At least you had no bleeding.B4 my colon was removed they done the same with me and said I would get another appointment to check how i was, however, on the third night home blood started to pour out of me NON stop I had an Ileotomy done took blood clot and spent two months in hospital.

Better now and thankful for being treated so very well.

Long may your health bowel wise continue.

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2greys in reply to tomc

Yes, I was warned there maybe complications, fingers crossed, I am taking it steady with no heavy lifting or grunting. Any housework can go to hell for a few days, yay a holiday from it.

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tomc in reply to 2greys

That`s the way to do it, have a couple of dram`s with that and you are in the perfect world (of your own)

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So pleased things went well for you, hope you get. The results you want will be thinking of you. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

I have had that procedure, just had a couple of intakes of the gas, some pain but mostly discomfort, not something I would want to have again in a hurry. My diagnosis was Microscopic Colitis which is currently under control with medication. Do hope the results from Pathology come back that all is OK. xx

Firstly, I'm glad that your son and daughter provided taxi services for you yesterday. Pity a porter was not summoned to transport you to the relevant department in view of your breathlessness. I hope that the pathology report will be in your favour. Rest as best you can today in this heat. Roll on the lower temperatures this weekend.

Hopeful the results will be good 2greys. Pete and I have both had the procedure but opted for sedation.

I do wish you well. Xxxx

I salute you 2g for having that without sedation…but understand your fears about it depressing your breathing. I’m cursed with a twisted colon so find this procedure painful even with sedation. Also seems like a good outcome for you and fingers crossed 🤞 for follow up results.

Having had one and needing extra sedation half way through I have one word.RESPECT!

I do hope that all of your results come back clear

Glad the day has been done and that the results are hopefully going to be good News.And to have a shield instead mask is wonderful. I was also very happy when I got my shield.

I don't understand why they letting you walk again the distance, I mean they know that you having problems....but glad you got there too.

So, now just take it easy and have some nice cake? Or something to spoil yourself 🤩😜👍😁 take care and stay safe.

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2greys in reply to MELNEL

I would insist on making it under my own steam. I am fiercely defensive and determined/stubborn about being independent. I can and will walk, I live by 'use it, or lose it'.

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MELNEL in reply to 2greys

LOL 😂 of you go 👏🎉👏🍺🍺

Phew! I bet you’re glad that’s over.I wear a shield because I can’t breathe when wearing a mask.

I have tried to enlarge the image. Perhaps opening it in a 'new tab' will enable magnification by clicking on the new tab image.


Glad to hear you got this done and can rest and recover again now. Hope you get the best results now going forward. Best wishes to you 2greys.

Fingers crossed all will be well for you 2g. Must be awful wishing one's life away awaiting results. Best of NZ&British luck !

Well done for getting through it without sedation. It can be really uncomfortable and painful.

Sounds like a positive outcome from what the endoscopist saw on the day and the biopsies should hopefully reflect that x

Glad everything went well for you yesterday, take it easy now!

Someone else already said it but, respect. I am such a baby when it comes to having anything done! It’s good to know you’ll be taking it easy for a few days. Sending you lots of good wishes 🐑

I managed to have both a colonoscopy and a ct scan just to be awkward the family said. They couldn’t do the scope so called me back for the scan, which confirmed I had diverticulitis, which I’d told them anyway. I shouldn’t complain about their thoroughness but I wish my social events weren’t always medical appointments! Hope all goes well with you 2g x

Thank you. Sharon has diverticulitis as well, so I am familiar with that horrible condition.

My word - no sedation! I’ve had 3 and had sedation at each though still awake and able to see my colon on the screen and see my ulcers 🤞for your results to be positive. X

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2greys in reply to watergazer

I could not see the screen, I am extremely short sighted and I had taken my glasses off, concentrating on my breathing with a nurse constantly telling me to breath deeply. I had taken my inhaler a couple of hours before but I think my sats must have been faltering at that point.

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watergazer in reply to 2greys

A big expedition for you. Rest up x

Good morning 2greys. At least that unpleasant experience is over with and hope you get the all clear and you keep well. Take care and enjoy your day. Brian

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2greys in reply to Bingo88

An unpleasant experience is certainly one way to describe it.

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Bingo88 in reply to 2greys

Take care

So glad for you that it's been done. I hope you are not too uncomfortable today. I admire you for going without the sedation. There's no way I would - but I understand your reason.Rest up today and give your bowel chance to heal. xx Moy

I have never had one of these but my youngest daughter (who has Crohn's) has had several. Great news that there is no cancer,good luck for the rest of the results.Re hospital corridors, my daughter now gets me a wheelchair.Most hospitals provide them. It goes against the grain with me but I have to just admit I need one!

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2greys in reply to Aingeful

I have always refused to use the lifts and use the stairs, being locked away in a confined space with strangers was never a good idea even before Covid. The walking I cope with. I surprise myself with what I can still manage to do, with determination.

The real problem is getting to the department reception and having to sit down, waiting to catch my breath before I can talk and have to rely on just handing over the appointment letter. I still get that feeling of awkwardness when staff show concern, even though I am not actually in any distress, I know that I will recover, after all this time I have grown used to it.

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Bingo88 in reply to 2greys

Your doing a lot better than me going up 4 flights of stairs. I can manage 2 at a push

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2greys in reply to Bingo88

I am used to stairs, I live in a walk up block of flats, up 3 flights of stairs and with no rubbish shute I have carry 2 sacks one heavy general waste the other much lighter recycling, down the stairs and out to the bins in the back yard as well. Obviously a breather taken before going back up them again.

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Bingo88 in reply to 2greys

Yes I think it's like everything As long as you keep doing things on a regular basis it helps. Its when you only do them once a month or even less you have a problem

Wish you well 2greys, rest up for a little while now x

Glad you're through it safely. Hope you continue to have no further problems.

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