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Feeling very lonely when out wearing a mask!

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I personally think that Boris,s master plan of asking people to be responsible is doomed. I see little evidence of it out and about. Yesterday I was wearing a mask in a shop and was accused of "living in fear".....! I said to the man it was to protect him as I had a severe airborne fungal infection and the mask was to protect him not me. Lol. He very quickly moved away from me along with with others who heard the comment. Obviously I do not have an infection but I think I made the man and others think before making comments.

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Nice one. It is very noticeable huffing, puffing and stopping to catch my breath, people tend to steer clear of me, I have not been in shop yet and no desire to either.

Haha good for you BB. It’s quite sad though. Apparently a significant proportion of people wanted the masks to continue. Unfortunately I suspect a number of those people will feel too embarrassed/ bullied / whatever to be one of the few still wearing a mask and therefore won’t continue to do so. In Scotland masks are still required, at the moment.

This is why I do think mandatory masking should have continued for a while longer as that way everyone knows where they stand and avoids this kind of crass ignorance and stupidity from a minority of small-minded people. Some people just cannot keep their mouths closed and mind their own business!

So disappointing though I'm not surprised but a great quick thinking reply 🙂

Like it, very quick thinking, if (and that is a big if) I venture out and the occasion arises I may well copy you with that one, thank you for the idea. xx

Well said BB, no more than the person involved, deserved!

That's a nice one LOL 😅 yeah served him right not to judge people because they wearing a mask. How dare he actually saying something like that anyway, it's not his business why someone is wearing a mask. Imbecile. Stay safe 👍😃


Good for you Bb, serves him right. Why do people feel the need to comment and be unkind. He doesn’t know your circumstances yet thinks it’s ok to say that! Disgraceful. When we go out we will both wear masks and I can’t wait for some numpty to make a comment. Bring it on! Xxxx

Brilliant response! 😷

Clever! Now who's living in fear 🤣

Well said! I was out in my local area this morning and almost everyone was wearing a mask particularly in the shops and the pub garden where I met a friend for a coffee. The tables were still set safely distanced too. P

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hypercat54 in reply to peege

I went to a pub for lunch and the waiting staff weren't wearing masks. It was a bit off putting.

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sassy59 in reply to hypercat54

That’s what I don’t like the sound of. No more eating out especially when we can’t sit outside. Xxxx

Maybe we should all try that !

I still wear a mask indoors even though I was vaccinated back in December 2020 and Jan 2021. It is the healthiest I have been! I think it has prevented me from getting all the viruses 😁 I'm going to keep on wearing them.

I can’t believe someone would actually say that to you. Glad you spoke up that will teach him to comment on whether someone is wearing a mask or not. The cheek of some people

I went to my local hospital today ( fracture clinic)and they have severely ramped up their Covid infection control. Had to queue ages outside in the bleaching sun as everyone had to change into one of their masks and use hand sanitiser. There were even security chaps at the door in case anyone didn’t comply.

Different from 2 weeks ago when everything had gone out of the window!

That's the way to do it. Actually round here quite a lot of people still seem to be wearing masks.

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Badbessie in reply to Alberta56

The incidence happened whilst on holiday on the east coast. Today I went into my local co-op and post office and pleasingly non mask wearers appear to be the exception rather than the rule. I live in a fairly small village and everyone knew the three people that died. The also know the people who are still struggling following covid. I think people are more careful if they have first hand knowledge rather 30 seconds in a news item .

Love your reply to that man🤣 x

Love it!

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