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Tooth died in mar . Jaw had swollen Dentist gave me double dose of metronizadole and i reacted . Damaged leg(damaged veins) and foot swelled up . Dentist reduced this to normal dosage standard treatment for tooth infections. Leg took months to get back to normal. Next visit drilled and filled it in full ppe . and windows open

May my jaw still swollen . He says give it 3 months to settle . Now Still swollen and still no difference , in fact worse. Meanwhile brain refusing to be quiet and going into work mode ( microbiology)thinking of all the side effects this could cause if not contained. So phoned up to request a different antibiotic to kill other kinds of bugs not sensitive to metronizadole. He agreed and found he had given me more of the metronizadole. ! More debate and asked me what I wanted ,, ! O nly he showed me l a list on computer screen and it was nt available to him to dispense. So we went for next broad range antibiotic commonly used for lots of infections but i only got 5 days and it needs more (I found I knew more about antibiotics as a "medical technician" than he did) . . So now I need a longer dose and I think I would be better talking to doctor. Trouble is receptionist says phone dentist and ends call , this is more than usual treatment dentists give and I am on blood thinners so that also complicates the issue. I think removing the tooth could release the organisms into the blood stream. They should be killed first .I am writing tbis as a practice if I manage to talk to a doctor tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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Oh Jaybird, what an awful situation for you. I have had several tooth abcesses in the past but only ever been prescribed amoxicillin which has always worked for me. If it is any help I have had 2 abcessed teeth removed and been treated straight after with the amoxy. Both healed with no spread or problem.I hope you find a solution. 3 months to settle is an awfully long time.

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Jaybird19 in reply to CDPO16

Thank s for info that is what I had but it has been like this for so long that I think it just needs a longer course of amoxy

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CDPO16 in reply to Jaybird19

I hope that does the trick x

I would ask your GP to arrange for a phone consultation with the Dental Service at your hospital. Perhaps you might not even have to go for a face to face appointment.

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Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

Good idea🐑 had wondered about that but had no idea where nearest is. Thanks

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2greys in reply to Jaybird19

Enter the name of your nearest hospital in a search and then a space followed by a '+' symbol followed by another space and 'dental service'.

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Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

Thanks for info. now I know but Dr "doesn't do anything to do with mouth"They have trained their receptionists as a protective wall !

That sounds awful Jaybird. I hope you can talk to somebody who can help. The dentist seems to be struggling. Xxx

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Jaybird19 in reply to sassy59

He only works one day a week now . Trying to retire . He always has been a very good dentist. Everybody so know swears by him . Have been on his list for almost 40 years.

My daughter was given this antibiotic once, not for a dental problem, but when she had a particularly nasty infection with her IBD. She was dreadfully ill and ended up in ICU! Luckily it was the consultant in charge of the ICU who picked up on it and if not for him she wouldn't be here now! Ever since then when she was ill and if I couldn't remember how to pronounce it I would just say, you know the strong dental antibiotic! They always knew the one I meant. Apparently it was the strongest antibiotic on the scene at one time, I don't know if that still stands but it's a nasty drug. My other daughter has a dental appointment Wednesday, like you she's had to wait ages and is now in agony and I reminded her to not let them give her this as she has IBD as well!

I hope get on okay with this problem.

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Jaybird19 in reply to Annie31

That antibiotic deals with organisms that grow in absence of air in deep seated infections and was usually given for tooth abscesses . I have to remember that my knowledge is out of date by over 20 years I hope your daughter gets on alright at her dental appointment. She has all my sympathy .

I think she's been in pain with it for so long now, she'll be glad to go and have it sorted!

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Jaybird19 in reply to Annie31

That is awful . Idont have pain just an dull ache and a stiff jaw. Had 5 days antibiotic and it reduced the stiff ness but has returned . Just needs a longer treatment with that antibiotic( only the most commonly used antibiotic generally) but no dentist available due to self isolating. Concerned because this can lead to heart problems She must get it done!

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Annie31 in reply to Jaybird19

Oh dear, I feel for you! This isolation business is becoming such a problem - we've got two grandchildren in isolation from one school because a teacher and a child tested positive, and this morning another grandson in high school sent home because so many of their teachers were pinged yesterday and not enough supply teachers to cope. His younger brother in yet another primary school was in isolation up until yesterday because his teacher had been pinged the week before! All back to remote learning again!

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Jaybird19 in reply to Annie31

Poor children , it doesn't heĺp does it. .?

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Annie31 in reply to Jaybird19

Not at all, it's so disruptive!

I hope you get some relief from this very soon. Best wishes for good result with further treatment.

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Jaybird19 in reply to Lemon7

Thanks lemon.

Oh gosh sounds an awful situation hope it’s sorted soon x

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Jaybird19 in reply to watergazer

It is concerning that you get stuck between doctor and dentist

Good luck!

Thanks HH

Good luck Jay bird. Sounds horrific. I would say keep smiling but I doubt you can .!!!! 😥

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Jaybird19 in reply to Bluenotes

No I can smile but a laugh really hurts !!

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Bluenotes in reply to Jaybird19


Wishing you all the good luck that is available to you after such a long aweful journey to this point. Take care and stay safe.

Thank you. Hopefully see dentist tomorrow

We must have over zealous reception team at surgery No chance of talking to GP but eventually gave me phone number which turned about to be emergency dentist scheme who will on deal with people without dentist, or at weekends . Not much use but tbeir dental nurse came back to me to do say they didnt treat abcesses with antibiotic s ! Have to have it out and just because it has improved a little with amoxycillin and the swelling less she said then it has just" stunned " the organiism and will recur,I get so annoyed that after a lifetime of working with antibiotics , (but not being up to date ), I am regarded as knowing nothing . Have already found that I know more about that than dentist, , but dont know anything about teeth as nothing ever came into us from a dentist . But he did offer me C larythromycin and Azithromycin which turned up on computor as possible along with Amoxycillin which i opted for, but would only give 5 days. . Then talked about antibiotic resistance developing if gave more . This basically results from too little at time, not too much. So now just sitting it out and hoping it will have been enough to kill all the bugs. He has already told me to give it three months to settle down.

This division between doctor and dentist is not good . Problems with teeth can affect the whole person especially t he heart.

Hope you can read all this and thanks for listening to my moans

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