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Follow up appointment.

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Yay! As suspected the tumour is cold on the PET scan so the new wedge shaped shadow is Fibrosis (scarring) afterall. The fibrosis will never get better, it is there for life. I will take that result, I can live with the scarring but not cancer. I still have that hot spot in my bowels so a colonoscopy has been re-referred, the last one got purged from the system probably because of Covid. The Bowel Cancer screening, with the stick, came back as negative a couple of months ago. All in all I am happy with the this morning's result.

I will have another appointment in 6 months, preceded with an X-ray.

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Very good news, 2G, really pleased for you.

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2greys in reply to Charlie_G

It justifies my refusing to worry about it beforehand.

That’s truly wonderful news, I’m so happy for you. Onwards & upwards!

Well done. Calls for some celebration surely.

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2greys in reply to Jaybird19

I have some bottles of ale, from my daughter's Father's day present. I also still have some Remy Martin (Champagne Cognac) as well. Cheers.

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Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

Oh it's worth the Remy Martin .

So, so pleased for you! You will live to research for another day!! 😃😃

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2greys in reply to Annie31

Of course I will be 👍

Really pleased for you, some good news👍😊

So pleased for. Well, as you say, fibrosis not exactly good news but better than cancer.Look after yourselves.

Kate x

Good news for you 2greys. Good luck for the future. 😗

Woo hoo 🎉 delighted for you 2greys. Let the celebrations begin 😊

Such good news 2greys, it must be quite a relief to have your suspicions confirmed and I'm very pleased for you. I hope that the colonoscopy, when you have it, gives the same good results.

Good news 2greys.

I'm so pleased at that good news for you.

I am very happy for you 🤗 you should have a nice cold beer later to have something for the good news. Bless you 😃😘

You sound as if you are over the moon (well nearly), 2greys. Like everyone else I'm delighted to hear your good news.RR

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2greys in reply to RoadRunner44

The Oncologist repeated an earlier statement "I really think we have cured you." So yes, over the moon.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to 2greys

What better news could you have? Certainly news to rejoice over. RR

So glad you had such a good result, x

Excellent news, enjoy your celebrations 2greys.

Good news! So pleased for you x

Wow! Brilliant news 2g. I am so thrilled for you. Celebrate in style 🍷xx

Great news! xx

Now that's some good news 2greys in fact, EXCELLENT news. (Not liking this font so I'll be quick!). It must be a huge relief for both you and Sharon and your son too. You deserve a "break" as your family has had a lot to cope with over the last few years. May it continue. 🐿🌈😷x

So pleased for you, 2greys! Wonderful update. Good luck with the colostomy…xx

Nothing quite like a cold Pet scan to warm the heart.good news and hopefully the colonoscopy will be equally reassuring.🙃

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2greys in reply to skischool

Thanks, I certainly hope so.

That's gd news for u xxx

Great news.... so happy for you!! Take care and bless you 🙏🏻

That is lovely news to hear for you, your family, and people on this site that enjoy reading your research posts and wish you well. Hope all goes well with future tests. Have a lovely weekend celebrating. Best wishes.

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2greys in reply to Lemon7

Theoretically, I have a max of just 3 more appointments, possibly only 2, and 'I can ring the bell', declared as cancer free in 18 months. As long as they can sort out my bowels for a likely polyp/adenomaas in the meantime :)

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Lemon7 in reply to 2greys

Best wishes for everything, I hope you will be telling us you have rung the bell when your checks are complete. A friend's granddaughter with leukaemia has rung the bell just recently. It was brilliant news to hear.

Thats really great cheering news 2greys 👏👏👏 - hope you got a lift and didn't need all the gear for this expedition!

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2greys in reply to peege

I still had to go out very early at 7:15 to make the 9 am appointment and have time to get my breath back. Home by 10:30 am. Most people on the buses were still wearing masks and had not ditched them early :)

Wonderful wonderful news. Thrilled and delighted for you. 👍🍾🥂

All good so far, hope it stays so. All the best x

Glad to hear it. Waiting for results is hellish however hard you try to be sanguine about it.

Great news enjoy your ale

That’s really good news I’m so pleased for you and your family


That is wonderful news 😊 I hope the colonoscopy goes as well when the time comes.

I'm so glad to hear your good news! xx Moy

Such good news for you 2g and must be a massive relief, take good care x

I am so very happy for your good news. So deserved and too long awaited. And just to say thank you for your ongoing updates on where we are in this world of pandemonium. I don't read them all but many (I have saved them all! for further reading) I really value your keeping up with all the breaking news and articles. Thank you!

Well done . Great news!

I’m pleased about the PET test results take care.

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