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Advice and support needed please

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I attended what I thought was a routine appointment at the chest clinic yesterday to see a thoracic consultant. I was shocked to be told they’d discovered what was termed ‘ground glass and hazy nodules’ in my lungs following a CT scan. I had the scan as I’d been increasingly breathless but following a course of antibiotics I’d felt better. I’d been referred to a cardiologist after the GP found crackles when listening to my heart. Both my parents died of heart disease. The cardiologist was wonderful and thank goodness he ordered a chest CT or these nodules wouldn’t have been discovered. My question is has anyone else had this same diagnosis? I’ve never heard of this ground glass thing before. I fear it’s quite likely to be Lung cancer and I’m to undergo more tests. I also have COPD. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙏

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It could be caused by a number of things, best not to panic yet, a more definitive diagnosis needs to be made.

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Thanks and I’ll know more following a PET scan and needle biopsy

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You have basically said what I have, in my PM, damn that power cut and the Virgin router that takes ages to boot up again.

I wonder if your consultant will order a rescan in 6 months to see if things are looking the same, you could ask him / her about this.

All the best,

some explanation about ground glass and nodules.


British Thoracic Society has a PDF download guideline. Just search google;

Ground Glass, lung UK COPD - and then look for:

BTS Guidelines for the Investigation

and Management of Pulmonary


(the guideline is dated 2015 so keep that in mind - it may well help you enquire for clarification with your consultant though)

Hope this helps, glad you are being checked out thoroughly.

Best wishes BK

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Thanks so much. I’ll take a look. That’s really helpful

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Welcome deni :)

I hope this is a false alarm. Try not to worry too much until further tests have been done. xxx

Thanks. Much appreciated

You’ve had some really good replies so I hope they help. Take care. Xxxx🤗

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Thanks very much. I do hope so.

I’m not particularly qualified to comment on the nodule side of things, other than to say I know that not all nodules are necessarily malignant in nature, some can be benign. If they are specifically ground glass nodules, I do also know that these can occur in COPD as a result of inflammation within the small airways, in which case a watch and wait approach is sometimes taken, as they can spontaneously clear over a period of time. With regards to ground glass opacities generally, or GGOs, it’s the description given to characteristic, ‘hazy’ changes found on ct that can arise from lots of different causes. It’s actually a very common finding, and can indicate anything from getting over a recent respiratory illness, to untreated/ongoing infection, or inflammation, including from viruses such as covid and RSV, through to permanent lung damage and growths. With a diagnosis of COPD, it would not be unusual to have GGO on ct, as it’s a solid indicator of small airway disease. My teen has extensive ground glass through her lower lobes that reflects small airway disease and lung damage arising from repeat infections.

It’s good that they’re being proactive and investigating, but try not to assume the worst until you have more information: easier said than done, I know, but there are other possibilities it could be.

Ah bless you. That’s incredibly helpful and has eased my mind a bit. The dreaded lung cancer was mentioned so I’ll try stay positive. I think it was the urgency that the appointment was arranged and tests booked that also alarmed me… reassured me too!

Interestingly when I enquired if cancer treatments were being held up due to Covid I was assured that “it was business as usual” as far as lung cancer is concerned.

I do hope your teen has no further infections.

Thanks so much

Glad it helped a little bit, and fingers crossed for a positive outcome for you. Like you say, an urgent appointment can be alarming, but it is also reassuring in its own way, and at least you’ll know what’s going on. For me personally, not knowing is always far worse.

Well the dr pointed out that one of the nodules was on the large side. I’ve just done a bit of Googling and nodules larger than 10mm are generally malignant. However as you say knowledge is power. Thanks

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2greys in reply to deni-123red_

Not all large nodules are malignant, I have large, benign, one around 30 mm dia as well as, a malignant one a simlar size (hopefully still in remission). I also have 11 other beign nodules of various sizes, which I have been told are the result of past infections

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Ahh thanks for that reassurance. Also I’ve got the Pet scan this coming Tuesday. Would you know how long it takes for results please 2Greys?

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2greys in reply to deni-123red_

Normally a week,if there is a work load for the Oncologist then 2 weeks. If there is something suspicious showing it could be just a matter of days and proceedings will take place quite rapidly after that.

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As always thanks so much for your prompt reply 2 greys.

I’ve been waiting over 3 weeks and more for a punch biopsy result from a suspected skin cancer. Hopefully benign but troubling me with itching and bleeding.

I don't have any advice but I hope your concerns are eased and wish you well with further tests and treatment. Take care and best of luck with everything.

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Thanks for your good wishes

Charlie has given you a great reply. All I can add is that I had a similar discovery after a scan some years ago, ground glass and nodules. Panic stations (it’s probably in my previous posts on here), rescan after ? months by which time all had resolved. Was due to inflammation. Obviously it could be more serious but please be reassured that it’s not always bad news.

Well that’s really good to know and 2 Greys has said the same so I feel a bit more upbeat. It was the drs doom and gloom that concerned me although she really was kind

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2greys in reply to deni-123red_

Sometimes it is easier for doctors have that doom and gloom attitude and then to give you the great news of 'all clear', rather than the other way round.

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I like the way you’re thinking!


Thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

Bless you. Thanks

Please don’t panic! Ground glass describes more of a hazy appearance on the scan which indicates that your lungs have some scarring. As to nodules they are more often benign.As you say you have COPD, that’s rather an umbrella term for many types of lung disfunction. Had your doctor described your scan as showing a mass that would be more of a cause for concern. You don’t say whether or not you have a history of smoking or exposure to toxins, so again please don’t panic!

I have both descriptions and my lower lung bases look like tattered old lace, but I keep wheezing along. Mine comes from a genetic condition and is of long standing. Ask your doctor to go over the films with you and to explain what application those particular terms mean specifically for you.

I wish you the best, take care, ask lots of questions until you’re satisfied with all it means for you.


Hi Anne and thanks for your reply. I was asked if I wanted to view the scan which I said I did. I was shown the nodules and particularly the large one. I’ve been increasingly breathless of late so hearing about these nodules was alarming. Thanks for your great advice and stay well

DeniTo jump right in, I know that when nodules were found in my lungs one of the procedures I had done was a bronchoscopy and biopsy. Unfortunately, we who have dodgy lungs do get thrown these curveballs. I think just to remind us unlucky few, that breathing is not something we get to take for granted. Damn it!

Take care, hope you get information soon that puts your mind at ease.


Thanks Anne. I’m dreading the camera down the throat exam. However it must be done.

Appreciate your support

Deni, Fear not, they do give you medicine that puts you under and lightly, so that you are aware enough to follow directions, but not aware enough to care.😏


Thanks Anne that’s good to know 😊

2 years ago I was found to have nodules like ground glass on my lungs . I have had 3 scans to check if they were growing. The final result was that they were stable and nothing to worry about so I have discharged by consultant. Hopefully you will get the same outcome

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Thanks so much. That’s good to hear and I hope you continue to stay well

I had a similar experience a couple of years ago and had the follow up PET scan, after which it was decided that it was inflammation and not a problem. All the best

Thanks so much for letting me know and for your good wishes

Lots of helpful insights on here.I do hope you are able to get the team looking after you to go through the results in detail and answer your questions.

Am so pleased that your doctor's are on the ball and being Pro active.

Do let us know how you get on.

Thanks so much for your kind words. I will let you know how things are after all the tests I need to have done. All the best

I Hope All Will Be Ok I Can’t Give You Advice Try And Think Positive Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

Thanks for your kind reply. Please stay safe and stay well

My husband was found to have 2 of these nodules, one in each lung, he is scanned every 2 years to take measurements. It does seem to be quite common.

Well I’d never heard of these ground glass nodules before so it’s reassuring to hear of your husband’s good results. Thanks

Ground glass was seen on my chest X-ray so my consultant ordered a ct scan.

The area where the ground glass was turned out to be a cavity with fungus called Aspergilloma.

The dr ordered a blood test for me to check for Aspergilloma. I understand it’s a kind of fungus growth. Keep well

Don’t the body’s cavities hold some strange stuff indeed. Hope you’re doing well and it was treated

Hi just as others have said they found an incidental nodule on a chest x Ray in 2017 this was followed up with a high resolution CT scan which showed a few small nodules. The scans were repeated every 3 to 6 months with every one showing more nodules but previous one’s disappearing the next CT showed ground glass effect & larger nodules in different lobe. This went on for 2 years & was told it was inflammation & as long as nodules not more than 10mm & were not currently growing then not to worry as they were clumps of inflammatory tissue after infections. I had my last CT in Feb 2020. I hope yours turn out to be similar & nothing to worry about too. Good luck with all your tests. X

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Thanks so much Otto11 and that’s reassuring. I hope mine turn out to be nothing to worry about too! 🙏

Do they not relate Covid as ground glass in the lungs? Or am I mistaken?

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deni-123red_ in reply to Keem59

Well that’s a new one on me. Not heard that before but you may be correct. I’ve not had Covid thankfully

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Keem59 in reply to deni-123red_

My sons a radiographer and they say it's like opaque glass..

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deni-123red_ in reply to Keem59

Well I’d rather this opaque glass was elsewhere and not in my lungs!

Very interesting. Thanks

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