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Memories. (A bit naughty.)

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I think of the days when I was young

And fit as a fiddlers' flea.

I'd chase the girls and make them laugh

As happy as I could be.

But now I'm old and past all that

As sad as it may be.

Best I have on offer today

Is to ask them round for tea.

No longer like a bouncy dog

Looking for one in season.

I still feel happiest in my bed

But for a very different reason.

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Spot on Don. 😂😂😂 xxx

Amusing, not naughty😂😂😂

Lovely Don. Reminds me of Mrs Patrick Cambell who said ‘the deep deep peace of the double bed after the hurley burley of the chaise long’. In my case, preferably alone.😉

Thats a great one. I love it and will be showing it to my friends who I'm seeing tomorrow for a catch up. We love your rhymes and wish we could meet you Don. I bet you were a bit if a lad many years ago but you would have us girls giggling with your naughtiness.Love Chrys x

Brilliant, love it.

Another classic Don! Happy Sunday :) xx

Good afternoon Mr.D and Puss and a very funny but true rhyme you've given us lucky Lungies today 😊. You'll have to excuse me for making this brief but it's 230pm, ROASTING HOT 🔥🔥🔥🌞🌞🌞and so very humid - I'm finding it really hard work to do almost anything!! Hope you had a good weekend. 🐿🌈😷xx

Hello dear Squirrel. As usual when I mean to do something on line I end up coming here instead. I saw Don’s (which autocorrect changed to Adonis!) rhyme and was going to reply, and seeing your reply made me really surprised. It’s barely 10c here, and very windy and wet. With the windchill it feels very cold. What incredible differences in the weather from one end of the country to another.

Oh my gosh HH, who would believe the total opposites in temperatures . It almost reached 29.5°C in Surrey, south London but the worst was the DREADFUL humidity. I could scream( if i had the breath to do so.)😁 A totally horrid day in my opinion- just unbearable and ive got 3 fans going like the clappers to try to reduce the heat 😐!! Good night dear HH. 🐿🌈😷.

Im now in bed with two electric blankets, trying to keep warm. I hope you can manage to keep cool, in more ways than one! Good night to you too 😊🌰🐿️


Hi there HH and thank you so much for your replies. 😀Isn't it total, madness that you, who aren't a zillion miles away, have snuggled down into a beautifully warm bed by way of heated blankets etc. Then me with 2 fans very strategically placed so as not to take my breath away but enough to reduce the sweltering evil, vile heat 🤬. Obs when u read this, its almost midday on Monday and it's even 🔥🔥🔥 hotter! Take care dear HH and think of me literally melting 😂😂😂. 🐿🌈😷xx

Oh dear 🔥 I hope you didn’t melt. It’s been another very cold and wet day here, with the wind touching gale force apparently. Surely there must be some happy medium. I’ll try wafting some cold air your way, if you’ll send me some warmer weather. My sheep would be grateful too! ❄️

Oh my HH that's a win win situation for both of us if only it was that simple. Imagine i could warm your sheep and your good self, raise my hand and stop all those gales for you and then as a finale, keep the sun shining- not too hot, not too cold so everyone is a lot happier!!!(they call it " wishfull thinking" ..... shame eh?🐿🌈😷xx

It’s 100 F here…whew

Many thanks @Maricopa for your info, but .....Oh ... God ! 😰. 100°F ? Where are you. Uk or USA?🐿🌈😷.

Im now in bed with two electric blankets, trying to keep warm. I hope you can manage to keep cool, in more ways than one! Good night to you too 😊🌰🐿️


I'm the same, the heat is getting to me and I had to resort to my rescue pack to help stop the glue production process. Everything I touch seems to fall apart, a flash drive with all my emails has ceased to be recognised and I now realise that I haven't been doing what for years I've stressed others should do i.e. back-up everything. Other than that I'm having a good time, thank you. 😑 Tomorrow will be another day. 🙂xx

😀😜 ..... 💙💚💜

Made me laugh ….so funny! 😂

Thank you for the great rhyme Don. It made me chuckle, but also made me think of a dear friend who found the strangest of things ‘naughty’ or vulgar. She insisted on calling chicken breasts chicken bosoms, as otherwise it was too vulgar a word! 😳

I've lost track of what is regarded as naughty or not over the last few years, so I thought I'd play safe. 🙄

Was it piano legs the Victorians used to cover up?

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

It's was yes, the round fancy ones. Veery fetching! 😍🤣

Knew a lady who called that lovely currant pudding “Spotted Richard”!

Very funny Don xx

Not naughty at all don, it was a lovely comparison of the different stages of life ,keep it up ,you're poems are a bright light in ,well your a bard you know what comes next

Another funny, nice one Mr D thank you. 🤣 😉

So funny -and true. xxx

Love it 😊

😂😂 love it Don.

Lol Don-1931, that made my Sunday! X

Where is the naughty part 😂👍😃

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Don-1931 in reply to MELNEL

That's the saddest part, I can't remember!

MELNEL profile image
MELNEL in reply to Don-1931

😱😂😂 that's sad LOL 😂

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Dilly2 in reply to Don-1931

That's me. You can rely on me not to give your secrets away I forget within minutes of being told 🤣

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Dilly2



It comes to us all Don lol. But we are still here and breathing, well just about lol. Have a good day. Enjoyed the poem .xxSheila 🤣💕👍🙌

Your poems always bring a smile to my face, whatever else might be going on around me.

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to helenlw7



Lovely one Don, thank you for the chuckle🤗 xxx


Brilliant! xx Moy

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