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Scam alert

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Sharon just had a phone call, saying that there had been illegal activity against her National Insurance Number and to phone back on another number or her NI number would be suspended. I told her to hang up, which she did, so never heard any more.

Phoning that number might have incurred a premium rate call, or, a scammer wanting financial details.

A variant on the Inland Revenue scam, it is not just Covid that is mutating.

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Thank you for the warning 2greys it's appreciated have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

I had one of those a while back and it struck me what a stupid thing to say. How can anyone possibly do that and what effect would it have? Scams are usually a lot cleverer than that, worse luck.

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2greys in reply to Don-1931

Perhaps they were born yesterday and assume we all were too 😆

My husband gets that same phone call every day! It’s an obvious scam and sounds quite alarming when first heard. If it’s on her mobile it can be reported or block the number. These scammers are getting more and more desperate. Despicable scum.

Yes they are very annoying, had those myself. But nothing in this month. Cheers for sharing 2greys 👍😘

I received a call that my National Insurance Number had been compromised and used on the Wales border yesterday, Press Option 1 or my NI Number would be suspended and I may face legal action. I just hung up. I do not believe that HMRC would make such a threatening call. If I am wrong I guess I will find out if they do take legal action against me! It was on my mobile phone so have blocked the number. These scammers are the scum of the earth as far as I am concerned.

Further to my earlier post I have just received another call about my National Insurance number being suspended/compromised, different phone number than the one that I got yesterday. Clearly they don't give up so have blocked this number as well.

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2greys in reply to Snackjack

Most of these scam calls use an endless amount of false caller ID numbers, it is a form of phone hacking called 'Phreaking', so basically, blocking the number can be a waste of time.

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Snackjack in reply to 2greys

Thank you 2greys.

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peege in reply to Snackjack

Put a report of the number on so others can see the and report the pests as well.

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Snackjack in reply to peege

That's a good idea, thank you.

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Snackjack in reply to Snackjack

I have just had another call, different number so will put that on whocalledme as well.

I Had That A Few Weeks Ago So Stupid What They Said So Sad That Some People Would Belief Thank You For Putting On Group Take Care Keep Safe

It’s terrible 2greys, thank you for the info. The scammers will stop at nothing it seems. Xxxx

I've had that one almost as much at the HMRC ones. The one that really gave me a jolt 2ax when I was driving. Thought it was my daughter so pressed answer on the car console, it was an automated call telling me that someone is trying to spend £700 on my credit card. Panicked for a moment before quickly stopping the call.

Thank you

Grrrr! The unspeakable ********s.

Thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t heard about this scam. Lately I’m getting texts supposedly from all kinds of banks, parcel delivery companies and so on. I don’t know why I’m suddenly getting all these text scams.

Thanks 2g Xmas. Lots of scammers on the go x

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