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Hi all, im new and havent got a clue what is going on with my breathing

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Hi folks, hope youre all well, about 6 weeks ago i started getting short of breath. I went to the hospital twice (probabley just out of pure anxiety) and an emergency doctor, ive had blood tests ecg, chest xrays the lot and everything keeps coming back fine, however i still felt no better, upon seen the emergency out of hours doctor she prescribed me an inhaler and a peak flow meter, im blowing a 400 when my best should be 5.60. The inhaler helps a lil but i still feel out of breath, i spoke to my doctor monday and shes sending me for a spirometer test. Im assuming its for copd but i have no clue about copd or how it effects me, is there anyone who could explain it to me and what symptoms i should be looking out for, thanks in advance

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No Mottzguy and welcome, you are better off asking your GP these questions as there are so many different things and none of us are the same. Having a healthy diet and taking regular exercise helps a great deal, and if you some please stop. You can get leaflets on here which will help explain the condition and lots of other things you may want to read about. Please let us know how you get on with your test and please keep posting we are a friendly supportive lot so no one is ever alone. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Hi and thanks for replying, yer i kinda assumed everyones differant and that i should be asking my doctors these things but my doctors are realy poor and dont tell me anything, and i carnt get a face to face apointment, its just heres some pills and ring up if youre no better and it drives me up the wall

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Nottzguy1979

Get in touch with admin on here they will be able to chat to you and send you out some information, but please don't google it as it can be very misleading. Go to the bottom of the page you should find what you are looking. Let me know how you get. Take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕

Hi.I do have a COPD and that it is when you do have problem with breathing but you have to be checked because it doesn't go way and you going to need a different inhailr to help you with that not only Ventolin because the Ventolin is ok but doesn't hepl with COPD .

I really hope is not that but ware because you have to do something.

I wos healthy for 50 years in my life never any health problem and last year I had covid and let me with breathing problem and COPD so I have to live all my life and I m not get to work because I do have more problems after I had covid last year.

Think about and for you second half nhair like a fostair and maybe you can tàke bouth bs I do the same .

Please update me how you getting on


Hiya and welcome. I am sorry that you don't feel this great at the moment. I believe they done all kind of test to find out what could be the reason for your symptoms. Just give it a bit more time and wait the next test.

If you would have COPD they would tell you in hospital.

So just trust the doctor a bit in hospital when they couldn't find anything jet.

I am sure they will find out what's wrong just take it easy and relax when you have anxiety, give yourself a break and wait what will happen. I hope that they find out what's going on with your breathing.

Please do take care of yourself, we are a nice bunch of members here.

Stay safe and well.


Welcome Nottzguy

400 on the peak flow is still pretty good.

Alllergies as in high pollen can affect breathing as can any air pollutants in the home or outside the home.

You are lucky to get the spirometry test, my surgery is not doing any spirometry, didn't get my annual one last year or this year because of the risk as patients have to blow out hard.

You may or may not have COPD so you could end up reading about something you don't have, but here is the BLF page link if you wish to find out more:


I hope you find the inhaler useful, do read the information leaflet that comes with it to be sure of your technique when using it.

Best wishes BK

BLF page on Peak Flow scores ;


Peak expiratory flow (PEF) is measured in litres per minute. Normal adult peak flow scores range between around 400 and 700 litres per minute, although scores in older women can be lower and still be normal. The most important thing is whether your score is normal for you. Health care professionals will be looking to compare your scores over time, to see if your results are going up or down.

Your peak flow reading may vary through the day and night. The amount of variation is important as well as the pattern.

Keeping track of your peak flow can help you spot when your symptoms are getting worse and when you need to take your reliever inhaler or get medical help.

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Nottzguy1979 in reply to Bkin

Hi bkin. Ive come across that before and understand my peaknflow, there wanting me to go to hospital for my spirotest and has of yet i have no apointment so we,l see how that goes, but thanks to you and everyone whos replied with a warm welcome its much apretiated

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Bkin in reply to Nottzguy1979

If you are being sent to the hospital for spiro I suspect you may get a full lung function test as well. Good luck when you go and take it easy in the hot weather.

Hi and welcome, it's early days for you yet so don't pre empt too much. Your doctor has done the right tests and is doing more by arranging for a spirometry test which will give more information on the cause of your problems. Keep in touch and let us know how you go on.

Hiya.how did it start? Viral coughs can linger for weeks and anxiety will make it worse.do drink plenty of fluids + keep as active as u can. D u smoke? If so,u would be advised to stop.

Hope it settles with ongoing use of yr puffer.do make sure u inhale it deeply with a long slow breath in,then hold for few seconds - it will absorb more and get t airways

Hi, im an asthmatic and my best blow is 300. Ive just had a chest infection which takes me to 250 when i have one. They give me 8 steroid tablets to take in the morning and antibiotics. Hope you get to the bottom of whats wrong with you. Karen xxx

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Burghy in reply to Pwkav1

Yes 350 is my best occasional 400 so sounds good I was told that I has ashma for years but I have pulmonary fibrosis

I am more breathless than usual, maybe its the warm weather. I always get itchy eyes at this time of the year, lots of pollen etc flying about. x

Hi Nottzguy1979 and welcome I can only agree with what’s already been said but I would add that I ve experienced seasonal allergies over the past twelve months for the first time in my life and I’m late 60’s ! I’ve had a variety of symptoms including being a little more breathless than usual ( I’m a carer and don’t suffer from copd ) I was amazed when the doctor prescribed antihistamines but they have worked You may or may not have copd but .best to be patient and guided by the professionals and try not to worry . Do let us know how you go on , you’ll find lots of support here whatever the outcome 😊x

You have come to the right place Nottz. There is a wealth of experience on here and the admin will set you up with all kinds of help with exercise and care. It is scary waiting for a diagnosis, fingers crossed for the best outcome

Welcome To The Group.. You Will Have Lots Of Support Here And Having A Spiro It Sounds As Though Your Drs On The Ball .. Please Try And Think Positive And Await Your Spiro .. Please Let Us Know How U Get On With Your Test .. Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

Hi Nottzguy.

You sound similar to me. I wonder if the below will ring any bells with you.

Almost 2 years ago I started to notice I was getting out of breath just walking up the stairs /slight inclines. I also had a cough.

I didn't go to the Dr until Oct 2019. Since then I've had xray, ct scan, spiro and lung function tests. All clear (thank goodness) apart from my lung function is slightly below the low end of average.

I've been given nasal drops, blue inhaler (ventolin) pink inhaler (fostair) and now a tiotropium inhaler. This last one has helped me to sleep.

The Dr's say asthma is so hard to diagnose which is what they're thinking is wrong plus I'm not breathing correctly (at the top of my chest) which means I'm not taking in as much air as I should. It's called dysfunctional breathing and can take years and years to happen (comes on so slowly you don't notice it until it's bad) and then obviously years to correct.

I'm currently awaiting a physio appointment to see if they can help me to reverse my breathing. In the meantime it's a waiting game.

I hope you feel OK and that you get sorted out soon.

Hi Nottzguy1979

Hello and welcome to the forum. Don't forget you can speak to our nurses for general advice if you wish by calling 03000 030 555 for a chat. Give us a call if you need us.


Take care


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