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Is it me or has anyone else noticed prices are dramatically rising?

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Must be firms trying to make up for lost revenue but if they’re not careful they will price themselves out of the market.

Pints have gone up minimum .50p, hairdressers by at least a fiver and even the dog groomer has risen her prices from £28 to £36 since lockdown.

Or, am i being a scrooge?

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No! You're absolutely right, it's right across the board with everything! I think they are trying to make up for the time lost and in some ways I sympathise but firms/shops are milking this pandemic for all its worth! One example the year 2019 my son had his dog spayed, cost £176, we had ours spayed this January £426, keyhole!! Same vet!

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CDPO16 in reply to Annie31

Good heavens. That's one heck of an increase.

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Annie31 in reply to CDPO16

Diabolical! Of course we didn't have the foresight to ask how much before it was done! I thought it may have gone up a bit but not that much!

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Mrbojangles in reply to Annie31

My advice to all is check if your local vet is still independent and if not shop around.

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Mrbojangles in reply to Annie31

Annie, the Vets have mostly been taken over by large American hedge funds and prices have doubled in a year.Insurance companies believe it or not love it as it gives them Carte Blanche to charge what they want now.

The only victims will be the poor animals as the uninsured will be forced to make very difficult decisions regarding whether their beloved pet lives or dies due to spiralling costs.

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Annie31 in reply to Mrbojangles

I don't doubt that but pet insurance won't pay out for spaying so no choice there if you want to have it done. My son this year has had to pay upwards of £3000 just recently for his other dog because of breaking his 'ankle' - no insurance!

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stones93 in reply to Annie31

Just a note that anyone on benefits can receive free or low cost top notch veterinary treatment at their local PDSA hospital.

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Annie31 in reply to stones93

None of us on benefits but handy for folk to know that!

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peege in reply to Mrbojangles

Ah, that would explain why on attempting to register with a new vet online the form was completely American and wouldn't accept the dogs date of birth in British format. I couldn't understand why an English vet would be using an American computerised system.

Annie, Keyhole surgery is much more expensive than regular surgery. When my dog was neutered I was offered the choice of keyhole or regular. Took regular as half the price.

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Annie31 in reply to peege

Just asked my husband if he was given a choice of keyhole or regular when booking and he said he was and he chose the keyhole as it was quicker healing and less likely to have complications. However he wasn't given the price difference and he didn't ask! 😡 .....and so I just assumed that was the way they did it nowadays!

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Gladwyn in reply to Annie31

Wow! As CDPO said that really is a heck of an increase! Robbery!

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sassy59 in reply to Annie31

Wow Annie! Xx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

That's cheeky isn't it that much of an increase!

Had a run out on Sunday and was surprised at petrol prices now. Have to give credit to my gardener and window cleaner though. Neither have put their prices up for 3 years.

Yes my hairdresser stuck extra fiver on cost as soon as they resumed after first lockdown.

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Mrbojangles in reply to Lemon7

I was bald pre lockdown and still bald but the fiver increase still applied…😢😢😢

Yes all prices seem to be on the increase Hair dressers, meals,pints …… or items are smaller in size x

I have noticed the rise in prices, some of which I can understand. Having been at the the hairdressers I can understand why they would add on a few pounds to the cost. The use of disposable gowns,hand gel,extra cleaning materials etc has to be recouped. I also believe that for some companies may have taken advantage of the situation to increase prices.

I totally agree Mrb and have noticed price hikes everywhere. My hairdresser charges over £30 now. It’s gone up by £4. The supermarket prices have risen too.

You’re not being a Scrooge at all. Xxxx

At the moment, a lot of the businesses with higher prices, are operating at reduced capacity because of government Covid restrictions. They have to raise their prices to make ends meet and pay themselves a wage. I have a similar problem at my singing group, even though it's voluntary and I don't get paid. Original hall capacity was however many I could pack in; now it's just 9 including me. Rent still needs to be paid for the hall: fortunately the amount requested is very low.

I agree prices have gone up horrendously. But in fairness to these trades so have their costs. My daughter is a mobile hairdresser and has to buy a lot of PPE at inflated prices. She has also had to buy a sterilising unit and a trolly with drawers so that she isn’t taking the same equipment into different houses. However I doubt prices will go down if this all ever goes away.

Hi Mrbojangles, no you are not. I said to my husband only last week that if the shops, restaurants, hairdressers put up their prices I shall use them less. So far only the hairdresser has put up their prices, I am not going as often, so they have shot themselves in the foot. Maximonkey

I agree with you prices have increased. I understand why but it's tough when you're on a pension that's not increasing.

I've noticed Sainsbury's shop is higher than Tesco for the same item. (Home deliveries) I think tesco have more special's and price matches to Aldi.

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Bkin

I find sainsburys like to rip you off!

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Bkin in reply to Catgirl1976

I only noticed the price increase recently, I have been supporting both supermarkets since first lockdown, mainly because they are the only two doing deliveries in the area.

Apart from their Merlot when you buy a case… exceedingly good value …😜😜😜

Yes I noticed prices starting to increase fairly soon last year after the first Lockdown started and they have continued through out. Even my Dentist check pre pandemic was £57 now £70.30. I know they have extra costs but an increase of £13.20 for what amounts to a 10 minute check up. I expect prices will continue to rise for some time to come. Pity our State pension doesn't go up in line for us to cope with these increases. I have no illusion that that will happen though. I suspect we are all feeling the pinch so no I don't think you are being a scrooge. Best wishes. xx

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Izb1 in reply to Snackjack

Shame you cant find an nhs dentist, their charges for a checkup are £23.80 x

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Snackjack in reply to Izb1

Unfortunately NHS dentists are becoming as rare as hen's teeth these days, can't find one any where near me that are taking on NHS patients so unfortunately do not have a choice. xx

I believe our tax or national insurance should be adjusted to reflect the fact we are forced to go private.

Couldn't agree more but I doubt that will happen. xx

I find the price of my (delivered) groceries quite horrific. Might brave Lidls, even though I feel it's risky.

On our way back from Dorset recently Mrs B popped in for the first time to a large Lidl to get a few bits like milk and bread.She was in there for ages and came out with a trolley load and a massive smile telling me she couldn’t believe the prices and estimated at least 30% cheaper than her usual Sainsburys.

I find lidl and aldis are great value as well!

Yes prices are going up and think it will affect all of us, frightening when you think what is to come, but as we cant change it best not to worry about tomorrow and enjoy today x

Yes I have noticed prices going up as well and I feel its silly to go upsetting ourselves over something that's beyond our control.

What we have done here to adapt is we only buy food when there's literally nothing in the cupboards or the fridge now no more deciding on the hoof to buy something we decide we fancy on the day unless we really need to buy food and we avoid supermarkets when we can and only use them when really desperate nowadays.

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