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Why do some people have to be so b***** horrible?

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Hi my lovelies, just had a run-in with a receptionist at my GP surgery and feeling really upset. I need some steroids (Prednisolone) and my new med (Mycophenolate), plus I was promised on Friday by one of the GPs that I would be emailed my latest blood tests as I have a phone consultation with Papworth tomorrow and they need the results. This has not turned up so I wanted to make sure it would be here. Anyway, long story short she made me feel like a complete plonker, said they hadn't had letters from Papworth authorising things (I have copies of the letters sent out 5 weeks ago), what was I talking about and admin hadn't sent the email as they are 'behind' with work.

I know it's complicated but there are ways to deal with the situation better than this. She got a bit more helpful when I said 'OK, I'll just tell the consultant tomorrow that my GP surgery couldn't be bothered to chase things up for me and also I couldn't have the meds they said are so important'. She's 'looking into it', leaving me exhausted, tearful and never wanting to phone again, meds kicking in so I'm not at my best lol.

Thanks for listening, and sorry for the rant. Keep safe everyone.

Penny xxx

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Oh how I wish GP receptionists would be courteous, after all that’s what they expect from us. I dare say the lady in question is under pressure and stressed but even so. Your phone consultation is so important so how hard would it be for your GP surgery to sort things out for you? I hope things get resolved very quickly ready for tomorrow. If not, have a word with the Practice Manager perhaps, when you feel up to it.

Take care dear Penny and stay safe.

Love, Carole. Xxxxx

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Kimlu in reply to sassy59

Thankyou Carole, normally cope ok but feeling a bit sensitive today lol xxx

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sassy59 in reply to Kimlu

Understandable. Xxx😘

Hope all is resolved for you quickly and you will soon be feeling much better. Best wishes for tomorrow's appointment.


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Kimlu in reply to Bkin

Thankyou Bkin, hope you are keeping ok x

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Bkin in reply to Kimlu

Yes thanks Kim :) x

That is awful awful awful. Email the practice manager right now and tell them what was said to you. Also tell them that the practice in dereliction of its duty of care towards you and indicate that if this is not corrected now you will begin the complaints process. That usually concentrates their minds on what they should be doing.

Oh Penny, I’m sorry! That sounds so frustrating and other people just don’t understand. When you’re feeling a bit stronger, perhaps send an email or letter to the practice manager. They need to know so they can learn from this and make sure unwell patients don’t go through this stress. Gentle hugs 🤗 x

Hi Penny I am sorry you had to go through this and know how you feel as this sort of thing has happened to me too. It's easy enough to deal with when you are feeling well, but if you did you wouldn't need the doctor would you?

I find it incredible that NHS services expect you to be alert, patient, understanding etc. when you are poorly but there seems to be no concessions to illness at all. Of course it's much harder to deal with things then but maybe they rely on that to railroad you. I hope it gets sorted for you very soon. x

I know it's all one sided isn't it as far as they are concerned!

They were spiteful to me when I worked for them and I feel I made the right choice to have left!

I'm so sorry that you had such an unhelpful receptionist when you needed help. Some of them seem to have no comprehension of how their attitude has such a major effect on us. I do tend to agree with Littlepom that a complaint is in order but that can be hard to do too when feeling so upset.

I've often had a receptionist say they'll get back to me and they never have. Being busy is no excuse. The job should be done properly. Perhaps you are doubtful too that she is 'looking into it'.

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Sending you love and a hug, Carole xx

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Littlepom in reply to CDPO16

Well said!

Poor old you. I hope you are feeling rather better now. Some receptionists are the absolute pits, eg. the ones at the surgery we escaped from 2 years ago. (Proper pork pie merchants.) I didn't trust the practise manager either. Hope yours is better. I trust you've frightened them into doing what they should have done without causing you so much stress. It really is too bad. Love and best wishes, Chris xxxx

Years ago after I had had blood clots in my lungs I had just come home from work and had received a phone call off one of the very rude receptionists from there opening the call with the nurse wants to see you and I had asked why and was told you will have to speak to her about it!

Now I can laugh about it but at the time it had really upset me the rude attitude and I left that surgery shortly after that and found one that can't do enough for me.

It's not nice though when you aren't feeling well and someone treats you like that!

Totally unacceptable. I hate being triaged by receptionists, it’s so intrusive. Do you have a pharmacist within your surgery? She/he might have been much more helpful re medication. I find the pharmacist at my surgery to be really helpful. Occasionally reception will go out of their way but the perception seems to be it’s easier to see the Pope than to see or even hear from a GP.

I hope tomorrow goes well for you despite your problems today. As the lovely Sir Tom would say ‘Tomorrow will be a better day’.


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Kimlu in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thankyou Cofdrop - what a lovely thought about Sir Tom x

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Please don't apologize it isn't your fault some receptionists either can't be bothered or just don't seem to care. But noatter what you should always be treated in a friendly and curious manner, it's disgusting what you had to put up with I hope you get your blood tests and medication Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Perhaps you need to speak to the GP ,again to try to sort it out.its so hard at present.I have my DMARDS bloods done every 3 months at GP surgery.

It’s supposed to be share care,ie they share the blood results.

Last timeI had phone consult,the ILD specialist apologetically said we haven’t had any blood results.

Ijust said I didn’t know.

But when my blood tests were done by the hospital,they didn’t share with my GP.

I don’t know what to suggest,everyone seems to be really busy.

Prescriptions sent electronically to the chemist we’re taking 4 days last week.

I’m sorry to be so pessimistic istic x

Sorry to know you had such an unpleasant experience. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

Oh my Penny. Not helpful at all. Maybe speak to the practice manager Hope all gets sorted for you x

Bless you.. so sad that doctors receptionists can be so horrible, an experience we have all witnessed for sure.You played the right card suggesting you will refer her to your consultant… well done.

Not sure why they adopt this attitude??

Are they protecting their dreamboats?

What a horrible person. Where do they find them? (Sorry this happened to you)

I’m pretty sure sounding uninterested and being unhelpful are “requirements” at interview stage for most GP receptionists! You get the odd one that surprises us with an impromptu positive experience but on the whole, I feel your annoyance! I agree with Littlepom, an email to the Practice Manager will send a message to hopefully jumpstart the empathy...

Hope you’re ok and good luck with the call.

Lynne xx

Hi Kimlu getting anything from the receptionist at a gp surgery is like talking to the wall sometimes and they have far too much clout these days to just deal with calls and think they are the doctor ,talking from experience here.many times have I felt like crying after them just putting you off but now and again you get a lovely caring helpful one don't be disheartened.

Hi Kimlu,


I get m.m.f from health at home ,organised by the brompton ,steroids from the doctors ,good luck hope you get sorted

Some of these Receptionists are real Harridans aren't they? They know best! Grrr. Good luck at your Consultant appointment. X

I know how you feel, why are there so many spiteful uncaring people employed at doctors practices , I guess it’s because those who really care are on the front line overworked and underpaid. Take care try to see her as a sick person 👍🏻🌻🧡

Had the same, needed essential drug, told I could not have as had not attended Tests prior, told her i had, she said you have not, shades of Wimbledon here, I record every appointment and gave her the date. Even then arguing, had wrong time span, explained by now irately that the span changed 2 years ago. Had also, like you to threaten with consultant. I know its a hard job but why apply when you have not learned to listen!

Unfortunately Penny, I fear that you find yourself in an ever-increasing group of those of us being subjected to an unacceptable lowering of what used to be a very good service from our GPs and their support teams.

In an attempt to ensure that all necessary and relevant members of my healthcare team are fully aware of information deemed to be of importance to my complex condition, I have been furnishing copies of reports, letters and discharge summaries to my GP and others in the group.

After waiting an inordinately lengthy time to have my call answered, I was recently informed by a receptionist that a copy of a discharge summary sent by the hospital more than a month previously had not been received by them.

I then advised of the date and time when I had finished a copy only to then be advised that only one page (of three) had been received from the hospital and my submission also of a month previously had yet to be *reviewed ".

I strongly object to being lied to, advised that I am confused when irrefutable evidence has been provided, etc all to attempt to cover up their failings.

Best wishes and good luck

I know exactly what you mean. I have had similar encounters with GP receptionists. Think some of them are in the wrong job.

Hi there , felt for you as I had a similar thing with trying to get prednisolone last month from the Drs, in the end my Respirotory nurse went across to them and got them for me, and as for my rescue pack , the Respirotory team emailed them to get them. So good luck and hope things get resolved. x🌷

I have thought for many years that drs receptionists are a special breed. They ignore you when standing in front of them to carry on their non work chat with colleagues and most,but not all , are totally obnoxious .when I have had a helpful receptionist I have always complimented them and wished they were all like it.I do wonder why the drs at the surgeries dont take any notice that their 1st surgery contact need to be caring and helpful!

Hello Kimlu,I'm sorry that you have been treated so nastily, and I know it's not going to make you feel any better but this happens to me a lot at my GP's. They have no compassion and are not informed or don't inform themselves! People are so disinterested 😔I hope t things get better soon 🌹🌹🌹🤗

Hi Penny and how awful. It’s bad enough that we’re battling with these awful diseases without having to deal with unhelpful receptionists too. I don’t know what local authority you are with but My husband once put a complaint into Greater Glasgow health board and did this online through the NHS website. His problem was quickly resolved. I wish you luck & health xx

Im sorry you feel so upset by a lazy reseptionist. I feel the pandemic is now beeing used as an excuse for pore work ethics. Most hospital staff are now back to work so it wouldent have been difficult to sort it out they should be ashamed of the way they are treating patients

Name and shame surgery,too many like that.

Receptionists Think They Are Something That They Are Not And Can Be Very Harsh .. What They Should Of Done They Have Not She Should Be Honest Because U Need It Sorted. Plus The Meds Should Of Been Given. U .. The Receptionist Needs More Than To Look In To It !! Good Luck Tomorrow Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

So sorry you have had this experience.I agree with others who have said when you feel able raise this with the practice manager.

Our GP keeps a record of all telephone calls"for training purposes" and can access what was said.

Hope that your appointment well well today.

You are never alone on here ,us lung buddies totally understand that a rant is totally necessary at times.

Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon .

I’m so sorry you experienced such a rotten receptionist at the doctors office. It takes absolutely nothing to be civil especially in a doctors office. It’s not like we’re in there because we are in peak condition. Stay strong and remember she is a very minute percentage. 🐞

You did well to say you would speak to the GP tomorrow. Well done for that. She should have seen the importance of your request.

Only just getting round to reading the posts, so sorry for the delay in replying Kimlu . I think some doctors receptionists are like rottweilers and we have had a few in our surgery over the years. Just the threat of reporting them is usually enough and the fact you said you would speak with your consultant should be enough to get things sorted pronto. I hope today went well for you and everything turned out ok x

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