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Covid lung pain

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I've been to GP again checked our they did think its lung not heart from covid having a egg and heart blood test.Im having a referral to lung long covid clinic my painkillers were not working so put me on naproxen daily massages are helping from my partner on my lung area.The doctor said it's a long road to recovery it's just hard when you trying to work thanks to everyone for messages

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Hoping things improve over time. Wishing you better days ahead. Xxx

Oh it sounds like a very difficult time for you. I am so glad that the massage is so helpful and is it possible to put work aside and let your energy go into your own healing?

There are some useful relaxation/healing tapes available in the Mindful Movement site.

My very best wishes


So glad your doctor has referred you to the long covid clinic. I wonder if you asked your doctor for a sick note for work to help aid your recovery.

Hope you find you are soon feeling much improved.

Best wishes BK

I find they gave me the most incredible indigestion and personal think the side effect was worse than the pain, but your condition sounds a lot more serious than mine. Good luck

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