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Phew, that was a hot one.

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Today was my first social excursion outdoors (not medical) since March 10 2020. visited a friend in his pleasantly shaded garden. A bus journey, without a mask as too breathless from the walk to catch the bus. Then a steady mile walk up a very slight incline, after climbing up the steps from a subway.

A great afternoon was spent catching up, whilst making a fuss of his 3 dogs who were demanding my undivided attention. And had my first drink of beer in 14 1/2 months. Pleased to say I did not feel like the sky was going to fall down on me, so no affects of Agoraphobia thankfully from house arrest in a flat with no garden.

Then the reverse journey along with climbing the 3 flights of stairs when I got home. I will be repeating that day out again soon. I did not know just how much I had missed face to face human interaction.

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So pleased you had a really good day today 2greys. It’s nice to get out and meet up with friends. Glad all went well. Xxxx

Nice for you, I get my face to face, mainly from the delivery gents, especially in this weather, when I offer them water (still 500ml kept in fridge). have discovered that the younger they are, the happier they are to say hello, but the more appalled they are at being offered the water!!

That's a real achievement after such a long time. Glad it went so well for you.

It's amazing isn't it. Something just lifts you. A one to one is great but I read something today that struck a chord with me. After so long out of circulation any group gatherings are going to be too overwhelming. A gentle increase in numbers starting with one person or a few family members is very ok for us.I'm glad that you enjoyed your day. Small steps. The next one to look forward to now.

So pleased you enjoyed your day out after such a long time, it is always nice to have a bit of company.

Well done 2 greys first of many outings for you. Today I decided to go on a bus for the first time, when I got to the bus stop there were no buses coming as they were on diversion Sod’s law. So not as nice a day as yours

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mylungshateme in reply to Osha

Oh no!! How typical. Hope you get your trip out soon. 🙂

Lovely isn't it, reignites ones humanity. Good fo you 2g.

I've just had daughter, son in law, 5 & 1 year old to stay for 24 hours. It was wonderful and my face aches from smiling so much. Next weekend they're back and I've booked a garden table for Sunday roast, can't wait!

I’m glad you had such a good day and managed all the steps up and down.😄

Well done 2G!! 👍😀

A good day lifts the spirits. Hope you enjoy many more very soon.

Glad to hear that you spend a great time at friends again. Yes it very nice to be more social again. You actually feel what was missing after such long time. Bet the journey made you tried after you made it home again. After I read that you have to climb up I would have been tired already LOL to hear my lungs whistle LOL 🤣 glad it went well for you.

Congratulations .....I saw family members for the first time for a year , strange to talk to other people again . My daughter noticed that I hardly seemed to speak any more , while others didn’t stop.....pent up conversations .

Down side .....both of us have croaky throats now , just hope it’s not a bug . Neighbour is poorly

Well done 2greys as from your detailed description, it's evident that you pulled all the stops out and gave it your best. Well done as you sure did some highly commendable walking ..... and youre still here to prove it!😀. I don't think "defeat" is in your vocabulary and that's quite enviable. Well done again! 👏🐿🌈😷.

Well done 2 greys. But you had to clim b 3 flights of stairs. How many times did you have to stop? You did well. I am waiting for my car to be brought back to life then I am off to opticians as I have broken my glasses and don't have a spare pair ,! Distance vision is fine so at least I will be able to drive there.

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2greys in reply to Jaybird19

5 stops going up the slight incline 3 stops on the way back, not including waiting for the return bus or the 10 min ride, the out going bus arrived 30 secs after getting to the stop.

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Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

You hsve lots of determination! I have found the stairs at the end of the day are twice as harď than in morning . You had 3 flights of stairs to do after you r day out , that is the toughest part and you don't mention that.

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2greys in reply to Jaybird19

Climbing those stairs is part of my normal life, I don't really think about it. Without going 'out and about' I still have to do that climb after taking two rubbish sacks to the bins, one recycled and one very heavy general rubbish sack.

This what binning the rubbish did to me this morning. Low sats is not disablement.
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Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

Yes That happens to me too. I find that a worry. I regard the stairs as my regulsr exercise. Have got a telephone appointment with whythenshawe consultant in a weeks time , but general not bronch specialist as i requested.

Now I know things are improving reading about your adventure into the big, wide world again 2 greys. I met up with three friends for the first time in 18 months last week. It was exhilarating! . The simple things in life are still the best as there's nothing to beat human company and interaction.I'm delighted your day out too. More please!

Your such a brave person how did you manage all that walking

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2greys in reply to Dilly2

Determination to see my fiend going and from necessity on the way home, otherwise it meant sleeping under a bush.

Well done on the steps! Nothing like a beer with friends,it makes you feel "normal" again!🍺👍😀

So pleased that you had a good day. What better than a meeting with a good friend, a nice drink, and some affectionate dogs to boot. 👍

So glad you enjoyed your day, sounds like you did. The first journey out is a bit scary. x

Hey 2greys, that sounds like a really good, worthwhile spent effort! You can’t beat meeting up with friends and family and medics face to face! And a beer 🍺 Sorted! I’m glad you physically managed all the challenges of the journey! That was a great post to read 😊

Brilliant 2g Fab that you had a lovely day out and what great weather too . It's so uplifting to meet up with friends . x

Well done and glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to the cinema today to see Nomadland, first time in fifteen months then to a restaurant. Feeling a little anxious but we’re now in tier 1, so should be safe enough, fingers crossed.

Great you had a lovely day out and met up with your friends and his dogs. Oh yes and your beer . I make a point of going every day as love being outdoors and love chatting to people. As I have said before my excercise is not going to the gym ,but walking around shopping centres where I can enjoy the hustle and bustle and stopping to chat to people. This weather is fantastic and we all need our daily dose of Vit D the sunshine brings. I still take my daily dose of Vit D 3000 but having it naturally is the best way. Hope you have many more outings and beers .🍺🍺🌝xxSheila 💕

Wow ! What an adventure! Well done you ! Really lifts your spirits! Here’s to many more for you 2greys.👍

That was an amazing first sociable outing. I couldn’t help thinking what a helpful exercise routine has been achieved by your continuing efforts up and down those stairs. Good evidence of the sustainability value of recycling!I am so glad that you had such good time.


Well done on that journey and I bet it was great to see your friend again. I am out and about as well and love it. Later I am working in my charity shop, then Thursday lunch with friends, Sat lunch with my sisters. Next Tuesday it will be catching up with a friend.

Now though I have got sciatica as well as back pain so it's not easy, but I am going to do it through hell or high water.

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2greys in reply to hypercat54

That's the spirit "through hell or high water". As long as it is deemed safe to do so then go for it as long as you are able to. You have to be able live as normally as you can, even if it may take some effort to do so.

I am not going to let Sharon do a day's work and all the housework as well when I can do a lot of it my self. The only thing I cannot do anymore is cooking on the stove, too steamy and smokey, hence I use a slow cooker a lot. Doing anything is now a real effort and takes planning, but that is just the way life is now. I am not going to sit on a settee all day long waiting to pop my clogs, that is no life at all, one day I might not have a choice, but that is just 'one day', certainly not just yet.

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hypercat54 in reply to 2greys

Good for you. I know you are a lot more severe than me so it's good you have a partner to help out. I live on my own so have to hope I can still manage and never get to anywhere near your level.

I think you are amazing and an inspiration to do so much so keep up the good work. You are right - we can either live our lives as best we can or sit on a sofa to die.

Well done , that was quite a lot for one day . Hope your ok .🤗

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2greys in reply to Bluenotes

I did have a price to pay during the night with leg cramps though, but there could be many reasons or combination of reasons for that. Muscle strain, alcohol with statins or the fact that I did not drink any tonic water yesterday or just coincidence.

Wow, that was a marathon 2greys but well worth the effort to have a great afternoon with your friend, especially being your first trip out in a long time. Enjoy all your future social visits.😊 xxx

So glad you had a lovely day out, 2greys.

Sounds like you had a great’s to many more 🐞

Well done 2g, that took some effort on your part, not only the steps but the walk up an incline, determination gets you to the place you need to be and the reward as you say it a really good afternoon with a friend and a beer to boot, what more could you ask for. Glad to hear your planning your next outing x

So happy for you, a day out like that is good for the soul ,you certainly have inspired me to try to do a bit more walking ,well done 2greys

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