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Day before I have biopsy taken of what is on my lungs, by going down my throat.

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Tomorrow my endoscopy shall be at 2.30. So today I’m going to do my painting by numbers. I’ve finished the yellow lab puppy. I’ve been self isolating since my hospital COVID test on Sunday.

I have been missing my cycling as consultant advised me not to. I was just starting again - after a 6 mths break because of a trapped nerve in my arm. So it’s been a bit of a drag.

Putting photo (if it works😂) of my painting by numbers.

I’m as ready for tomorrow as can be.😊

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Hope all goes well tomorrow take care.

Thank you

Best wishes for your appointment tomorrow. Its good to keep busy with whatever you can manage.

Thank you

You sound upbeat and well prepared for anything. Sending good wishes and hope all goes wellYou will be able to get back to cycling surely as exercise is so good for our lungs.

Cheers. Cx

Thank you. I do hope so regarding the cycling.

Painting by numbers sounds like a good past time. Hope it helps to keep you occupied and hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

Thank you for your kind words.

Hoping all goes well for you tomorrow. I love the painting. Xxx💖

Thank you. I’m now painting a tropical paint by numbers.They are on good quality canvass, including paints and brushes. Great therapy. 😊

Well done. Glad you enjoy it. Xx😊

You will do fine and everything will be alright. Best wishes 😃🌹😃

Thank you MELNEL for your kind words

Hope all goes well for you .🤗

Thank you

Hi,did the consultant say why they don’t want you to cycle.My lung consultant and rheumatologist are always pleased when I say. I’m trying to be as active as possible.

Hope all goes well. Are you having sedation ?

They don’t know what it is yet, even xray and ct, they’re not sure. My doctor thinks it could be Sarcoidosis whilst consultant says we can’t rule out lymphoma.You’re the second person that’s asked why I was advised not to cycle so I shall ask him again and need to know why.

Thank you 😊

I would have thought the activity would do you good.would be good for your morale as we..

Lovely painting! Hope all goes well.xx

Thank you

Thinking of you and wishing you well for your test.Your painting is so so beautiful -well done you.

Thank you 😊

Good luck. 🤞

Thank you

Hope all goes well for you. Lovely painting of the lab x

Thank you

The Labrador has come out very well- what a sweet puppy. Best wishes for this afternoon. xxx

Thank you

Good luck for tomorrow

May all go well for tomorrow. Keeping methodically occupied is such a good idea and you will have something to show for it as well. xx

Hope everything is well for you ,best wishes good luck ,painting lovely

Hope all has gone well for you today.

Nice work.

Hope it went well and u find out what's going on x

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