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Clinical trial week 8

pepparuby1 profile image

So I have found my fur kids love the lap top so much that they fall asleep in front of me!

Just checking in on my clinical trial I have the real deal not placebo as last time... it’s a very large tablet I take twice a day which encourages production of flem ... and I think it’s good although not sure how it helps with breathlessness but I’ve got out of condition since lockdown so I’m trying to exercise every day

The picture is hector

Have a great day x

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So no Mollie in the pic tonight then?

First time for everything!

Hector is tired out from picking on Pepparuby and Mollie!

Lolol so funny - most of my pictures are of mollie because she follows me everywhere- I felt Hector should get a look In tonight!! How are you x

I am doing OK thanks and we buried my father a couple of weeks ago which wasn't very nice but thankfully it's over now and it's one of those events in life that won't happen again.

How's pepparuby the black panther then?

Baby is well and has been a great comfort to me during these times.

I have had episodes though where I have become extremely angry over small things since my father died and it's not the small things in themselves that cause the problems it's that they feel like the final blow due to what's happened recently.

Oh I feel for you - sounds like you may have trauma from the past perhaps ( I am the expert! although dont like to tell everyone!) Im glad Baby is there for you, i have gone through a relationship breakup in lockdown after 17 years and chose to move with my three littles, they are amazing, ( yes i got custody of the furkids) and im so grateful to my littles, Pepparuby says Hello, and then questioned me about the picture of Hector!!

One of my friends said to me last Saturday how its traumatic being on the receiving end of psychological abuse from a parent and how it takes time to come to terms with it and you don't get over it overnight.

I bet pepparuby was annoyed by that picture of Hector on his own but it was a break for her from being Hectored by Hector himself him being asleep!

thats so funny!!! Hector is a bully no doubt at all. But hes also a baby and very needy lol

Yes the damage you may have suffered left you feeling angry maybe as an adult, but his death would have re-traumatised you. much love xx

One of my friends said that bullies are cowards really!

We love Hector and we also love the fact that Hector sleeps in front of the laptop still enabling us access to its contents via a remote mouse and not with his chin on the touch pad al la Scruffy thus denying acces to its frustrated slave.😦😹 x

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to skischool

Notice lap top is sitting on a tissue box so they can’t sit on the keyboard and put it on flight mode x

That picture is therapy of relaxation in one simple image. Love Hector

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to Lemon7

Oh I like that

Hector looks like part of my ‘home decor ‘ but my rug rats choose to sleep wherever is most inconvenient for you to access an essential route I.e to the kitchen or loo! Asbo knows I dare not step over him and often keeps one eye open.

I think a lot of us are out of condition due to lockdown . I have the ‘lockdown stone’ to get rid of 🥴

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to Chriskho

Oh one eye open - wow that’s scary!!!

I lost a lot of weight in lockdown and muscle too not good at all I’m really trying to build my stamina up x

Chriskho profile image
Chriskho in reply to pepparuby1

Good luck. You can do it!

Damon1864 profile image

Hector looks so content, my little Jack just likes jumping on my knee and pressing the keys. Have a goodnight and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to Damon1864

Ahh so cute 🥰

Hector is looking very serene there in front of your laptop. It sounds as if the trial is going well and pleased you’re getting back to exercising.

Take care and stay safe. Xxx👍🥰🤗

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pepparuby1 in reply to sassy59

Trying ... although it’s indoors as we appear to be in a monsoon season

I go out when its raining and find its great as the streets and the parks are more or less deserted!

Hector looks surprisingly like me after a meal 😁


Post lockdown though kate

Oh! he's such a lovely looking fur baby and looks so comfortable, I wonder if it's the heat from the computer or maybe it emits some kind of noise that they like. Skis often has Scruffs on his lap near the computer and can hardly move, there must be something that attracts them x

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to Izb1

That is for sure, someone said to me its because your looking at it, but i look at the TV and they dont sit in front of it, it must be some sort of transmission or heat that attracts them, incredible when i see clients on zoom and on comes the cat!! LOL

Love the picture 😻 I guess Hector is in his beauty sleep LOL and in his element LOL 😋 a lovely snooze. I love that about cat's they sleep everywhere without the care in the world. LOL 😂Trial sounds interesting, it can help when you have problems to produce any at all, and if you could get rid of it, it will help with breathing when your lungs are filled up with phlegm. So I find this very important to get it out of your lungs. Breathing easier 😃

Thanks for sharing 😊

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to MELNEL

This is so true, I never hardly cough and dont cough up any phlegm but since being on the trial i am coughing a bit but always bring it up, sounds yuk i know but its getting out of me, im on this trial till October and its wonderful to escape a day into london although i hate having to give bloods which they do before and after meds etc. ( been doing the trials with them for about 7 years now)

MELNEL profile image
MELNEL in reply to pepparuby1

Yes same here. I do cough but with nothing it's so deep in my lungs. I do breathing exercises but have no luck to bring something up. So I hope that this medication will be available soon LOL 😋 you take care and stay safe.

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to MELNEL

Carbocisteine is a similar tablet which I have taken on prescription but not regularly and I was told at the trial not to take them (I think they’re similar and realise these tablets I should have taken regularly). Funny coz I feel pleased when I cough up phlegm because I know it was stuck in my lungs. I found about about these tablets 6/7 years ago from our fabulous members on here x

MELNEL profile image
MELNEL in reply to pepparuby1

I know Carbocisteine, I get extremely nauseous and I felt very unwell. I only took them for a week or so, but had to stop them it was very uncomfortable. But thanks for bringing it up, you never know if you had them. I have a little book where I write down any medication I take or took in the past.Extremely useful when going to my GP 😁

Lovely photo there pepparuby1. Glad you have the real deal this time. Exercising is good no matter where you do it. Take care x

Yes i am pleased its not placebo - too! Exercise is key although i dont know about you, i hate being breathless...

I’m fortunate that I only get breathless when climbing stairs or big gradients. Walking on the flat and slight inclines are ok. X Have a lovely day

a slower pace on the flat is fine with me too, however stairs, changing beds, jumping are a game changer 🙂

I dread changing the double bed duvet. Takes it out of me 😰

Keyboard out of use !!

Well Hector looks quite comfy positioned in front of your Laptop, perhaps likes it there so as not to miss out on anything! Lovely cat, same colouring as my cat was so also a nice reminder for me of him, his name was Barney but he made it to 19 years, became very ill so had to do the right thing for him, I cried for about a week though. Best wishes. xx

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pepparuby1 in reply to Snackjack

19 Years wow that is a very good age, Hector and Mollie (siblings) are 14 in July and am fully aware that in human years they are actually much older than I am now, although they are much fitter than me lol

Snackjack profile image
Snackjack in reply to pepparuby1

I hope that you Hector and Mollie have many more happy years together. Take care and best wishes. xx

You forgot about the other cat Pepparuby the black panther!

Its hard to take losing a pet no matter what creature it is.

😺 👍

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