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We have got it all !!

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After reading today’s posts , it suddenly struck me , how lucky we are to be a part of this forum family right now. We have all the characters in place : 2 Greys , that keeps us informed of latest research. Ski & Scuffs , that keep us entertained with the hilarious racing commentaries, and more recently his entraining trip to hospital for lung functions . We have a selection of Artists , photographers and gardeners as well as Poets to lift our Spirits on a grey day . We also have the supporting comments of Damon , as well as her amazing advent calendar, that really impressed last Christmas. We have the encouragement of Sassy, who is generally the first to Post, and has a lovely calming way about her. We also have Charlie G , who is a whiz with lung function results and a mine of information on medical stuff. We have the lovely Caspiana, who was doing birthday posts and recently updated us of the sad news of Hacienda . We also have Littlepom that not only shares info on medical stuff, but keeps us updated on discounts available to us should we need them , if we are adapting our homes to make life easier. Then we have the rest of us - the supporting cast !!! Sharing the high’s and lows of everyday life , living with lung issues . I often talk about this forum to family & friends and am thankful that I found it . ( apologies if I have left anyone out)and as I have said before the right people in the right place at the right time !!! We have it all !!

Have a good day everyone! x

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So true. It's a great team with everybody doing their supportive best. In recent weeks, whilst wrestling with anxiety, isolation and worrying health decisions I have found this more valuable than ever. X

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Beachballs in reply to Littlepom

I agree , and hope you are ok . Looking forward to Garden pics from you when you can . x

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sassy59 in reply to Littlepom

Here for you Littlepom xxxx👍

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shouty in reply to Littlepom

Oh yes so true. Mental struggles are so hard but folks on here make you feel less alone 😊

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Beachballs in reply to shouty

I agree ! Take care ! and hope today is a good day !!

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shouty in reply to Beachballs

Battling on 🦇😊x

Hi Beachballs, I completely agree with you and when a newbie appears on the forum I like to mention the gifted members we have. I also say that when I came across this Forum it proved to be one of the best things that could have happened to me. It was a blessing in disguise during the lockdown. Like you I am always telling friends about it and singing the praises about our very own special community group. So i would like to take the opportunity of saying thank you to everyone as you genuinely, all make a difference.Cx

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sassy59 in reply to RoadRunner44

Bless you Chrys xxx🥰

Totally agree !! We are there for Sunny days and rainy days , everyone does their bit! Take care ! 🌷

Totally agree! 😊

I love this forum. I read the posts every morning, and I feel like everyone is a personal friend, who I can turn to for a laugh or information. I’m so glad I joined, it’s so nice to see familiar names pop up.

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Beachballs in reply to Croydonia

Absolutely Croydonia! As members, most of us haven’t met , but we just feel a lovely connection, which is special!

Indeed we do have it all Beachballs. A wonderful wealth of information and support with some humour thrown in for good measure. What more could anyone want.

Thank you for your kindly reminder.

Love and hugs to all, we’re here for each other. Xxx🤗🥰💕

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Beachballs in reply to sassy59

Here ! Here ! and long May it last ! x💐

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sassy59 in reply to Beachballs


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Very true about everyone on here and thank you for mentioning me I'm so glad I can make a small contribution to the site. I am so grateful end part of this wonderful site and to have do many wonderful friends. It means so much to me and many others without this wonderful site I would be quite money so thank you everyone we are truly lucky have a wonderful day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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Beachballs in reply to Damon1864

Have to agree , but have to say that advent calendar was special, really looked forward to each day on the run up to Christmas, wondering what was behind each date !!😀you have set the bar high now , look forward to the one this Christmas, if I am still around !! 🙏

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Beachballs

Thank you I'm sure you will be. Have a great day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

I would also add a special mention to all those that are in need of support, without whom there would be no need for others to give of themselves. I have often said that the 'hoiking out' of new research articles/news gives me valuable occupational therapy, as well as giving some purpose to my existence.

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Beachballs in reply to 2greys

It’s also very helpful to us all 2 Greys, and gives a good balance to this forum , hope you keep posting for as long as you can , ( a little selfish on my part ) Take care 👍

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rachelmi in reply to 2greys

Always grateful for your updates 😊👍

Well said Beachballs. I think that this forum has gone from strength to strength over the past 18 months. Long may it continue.

Don’t forget the moderators working behind the scenes, always ready with their fire extinguishers and rarely getting any accolades. 🙂 Creepy Don xx

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Beachballs in reply to Don-1931

Of course! They keep us all in check! 👏

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Don-1931

Non of us could do it without those behind the scenes, they don't get mentioned enough, so thank you from us all. Have a wonderful day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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HighGables in reply to Don-1931

Well said, completely agree. Thank you Moderators. 🐶Jax

Of course we have it all and give everything LOL 😋

You are so right.🎆🎈🥰😍😸🐶🐵

I agree with everyone who has written before. Its lovely, like an extended family. Take care everyone 🧡

This site is so rewarding and helpful. Thank you all🦄

Hey that’s such a great post ! 🥰😊😘We do have a great mix! I don’t know another forum like this! It’s unique for it’s care and support!!

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Beachballs in reply to madonbrew

Definitely!! Keep posting your pics of your lovely part of the U.K, it cheers us all up!! x 🌸🌸

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madonbrew in reply to Beachballs

Ah thank you! That’s really kind of you! 😊I love it how everyone has something different to offer! hypercat54 ...you are much more than the supporting cast! As is everyone! Everyone is individual and brings their own special part to this forum and makes it as precious as it is!

I'm always in the supporting cast :( How about me being the longest member on here? About 11 years or so unless anyone can beat me?

Ohhh hypercat54 , me too , always in the “ Supporting Cast “!!! Well now , that is a claim to fame , 11years on this forum , gives us all hope !! Keep posting! 👍👏

Well I was only mild when I joined but probably more moderate now. The doctor said on diagnosis that old age would get me before copd did. I hope so.

Yes, yes and yes. It is a lifeline for us all. Everyone, everyone, has a part to play however much or little they contribute. It is a brilliant group.Long may we — and it — flourish

K xxx

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Beachballs in reply to Katinka46

Absolutely!!! 👍

I’m sure all will appreciate this post. It’s been a bit of a lifeline during the pandemic I’m sure.

Thanks for mentioning Carolina Hacienda because I missed Cas’s post and I’m devastated was wondering why my last message was unanswered , not like Carolina such a thoughtful and caring lady. Hope she’s having a good chat with our lovely breatheasy Anne.

Hope everyone keeps up the support on here. Cx

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Beachballs in reply to Chriskho

Thanks Chriskho, I am sure we all will. I know so sad about Carolina, I would imagine most of us shed a tear at the news. When I think back to her last post , it was almost as if she was telling us , she mentioned having a shower after weeks of bed baths and was looking forward to her walk , she also mentioned that although she hadn’t survived the pandemic, she had lived longer than expected. That kept going over in my mind . She is a big loss on this forum. Take care 🌸🌸

You are so right, I only found the site some months ago, wish I had known about it long before, as you say it has it all. Hope everyone has a good week. Best wishes to all. xx

Such a spot on summary of this site. Great collection of people here. All for one, and one for all.

I don't know how I would have coped without this site, especially in the early days of persistent infections and subsequent diagnosis. I thought I was going to die an early death, but people on here proved that I had every opportunity to live a much longer life than I anticipated and a good one too! I remember reading about people doing so many things and enjoying themselves. Lovely Vashti kept me entertained with her wonderful writing.

Since joining, we have said our farewell to a number of members others have joined and added their input. I find this a lovely, supportive, friendly group. Yes, there are some niggles from time to time and occasionally someone gets a bit put out about something, but that's life, isn't it?

I love the humour on this site and the feeling of camaraderie. I come on most days to see what's going on and often share snippets with my husband. We often laugh out loud at some of the posts and share sadness at others.

Thank you all for being my online friends! xx Moy

I love this forum and am always quoting bits to my family, and like so many of you I am so glad I found it.My sister has bought me a lovely fuchsia which is now outside my patio doors. It has so many buds and when it opens up I’ll try and get a photo to post.

Have a good day. Jax 🐶x

I too love the Forum. Whether I'm happy or sad you usually know about it😀 A special mention to Don,I love his posts. I remember Carolina saying that she was near the end and feeling sad. You've seen me through the death of my daughter and answered my health fears etc etcThank you one and all. X

I have picked up so many tips from fellow dodgy lung people 😃, love reading Dons poems and Littlepoms advice on bronchietasis is legendary. Also Blackbirds photography and updates on Stan are brilliant. Love it x x x💓

What a lovely post, thank you. Yes you are all an amazing, supportive group of members.❤️

Great post - absolutely agree 🥰

How true Beachballs. I too mention posts, pictures, help and humour to my husband. On this forum everyone understands how we feel. The people have so much to offer and share.

Well said ! I love this forum so much , it’s got me through some tough days and given me so many laughs along the way x

Funnily enough I was just telling my Daughter this morning about how great it is & how everyone one helps with information and Support. I also told my Surgery’s Respiratory Nurse last week how I have been reassured & have followed advice on this forum. Truly the past year when all my Copd issues decided to rise to the Surface & Doctors were a nightmare to contact this group of lovely People kept me Calm . I read the posts every morning and there is always someone who needs advice & there they are all those people you mentioned ready to help. Xxx

I second everything you say Beachballs, the members are just amazing people, we are so fortunate to have this forum. Thank you to everyone xxx😊

You are so right Beachballs! This forum is a blessing with all the support and information and understanding.

Yep we sure are lucky Beachballs, we have the cast and the audience and like you I talk to family and friends about you all, its a great site x

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