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Blood gas analysis

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Hi all, I had this test on Thursday and it was not as bad as I thought. They took the blood from my ear lobe, did it 3 times in all and it was just like having my ears pierced. Thanks everyone for all your good wishes , at a time like this when things seem really bleak it’s really good to know I have the support of all you wonderful people, you really did help. Lots of love and good wishes . 😘 .XXX

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Glad it went well CELAT. Pete used to have blood gasses done like that at the RBH. Lots of love and good wishes to you too. Please stay in touch xxxx

Really pleased it all went OK for you. xx😊😊

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I'm so pleased everything went well for you, wish they would take blood gases like that at the hospital near me. You have a wonderful day and please keep posting take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Good to know that all went well. I did wonder if they might take the sample from your ear and glad that they did.

Glad your test went well. I feel like you about this forum. I haven't had a serious crisis since I joined it, but I know, if I do, you'll all be there for me.

Glad to hear all went well.

Well done 👍😃 glad to hear that all went well for you happy day 😘

Glad it went well

Good to hear all went well XAnita

Great news that all went so well x

I’ve had that blood test from the earlobe done at the Royal Brompton. They put a big plaster on afterwards, and apparently it’s known as the “Brompton Earring”!

Really pleased it all went well CELATO . It will be reassuring to any others having to go for same procedure, knowing your experience was okay. Take care. xxx

Glad it went well for you , got mine in a couple of weeks, as I have been on antibiotics and you have to leave it 6 weeks . Will be glad to get my oxygen levels sorted. Take care 🌷

All good dear! Keep safe

That’s good to hear! You learn something new everyday don’t you!...I never knew they could do it from your ear! Did you treat yourself after? I always used to buy myself a chocolate flapjack as a treat afterwards 😂

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CELAT06 in reply to madonbrew

Yes, that’s true. We had a takeaway as I didn’t feel like cooking. X

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Perfect!!! I’m glad you looked after you! 🤗

Thanks for letting us know what it was like. Hope all results are good. I'm always anxious when faced with a 'new to me ' test and it's comforting to hear from folks who have been thru them...not just Dr. Google!

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