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Time to get back my life

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I am 70 years old chronic lung and heart disease had both injections for covid I've been out for meal at restaurant still haven't been in supermarkets yet but how long can you put your life on hold at this age. Just keep doing the right things to keep safe out there in the real world I realise most people are not in the best health on this site please keep safe enjoy life take care

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That’s a great philosophy you have there Tickymillet and I applaud you. Some on the forum are understandably cautious, myself included, so will take things one day at a time but getting back to some form of normality is good for the soul.

Pete and I have had both jabs too and still wear our masks, socially distance, wash hands etc. We’re off to a zoo next Friday with the grandchildren and our daughter so that will be interesting.

Stay safe and take care xxxx

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Tickymillet in reply to sassy59

Have a great day your grandchildren will love being with there grandparents for a day out people don't realise how important that relationship is.

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sassy59 in reply to Tickymillet

Thank you, we will. It’s nice to be closer to them again. Precious moments xxxx

Have a great time at the zoo with your grandchildren x

Thank you Anita, we will. Xxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

There's nice going to a zoo!

I had my first jab back in March but still wear a mask when I am asked to do so.

I really enjoyed Taunton yesterday and feel strongly about never taking anything for granted again!

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sassy59 in reply to Catgirl1976

Yes it should be good fun. Pete and I wear our masks outside and in. Best yet to be safe.

I’m pleased you enjoyed Taunton Catgirl and we should never take anything for granted again as you say.

Have a good day. Xxx

My wife and I both went for a meal on Monday. The food etc was excellent. But sadly we both thought the event was cold. With the social distancing, masks it lacked atmosphere. We felt isolated during lockdown and shielding. In many ways we felt isolated again but in a different place. However just getting out again was a real bonus and no washing up lol.

I have to agree with you 100% but saying that still enjoyed the day

It does feel like you are in an operating theatre when at the pub and a restaurant at present wearing masks doesn't it?

Wonderful post Tickymillet and thank you so much for that. I am not as severe as you as only have copd, probably moderate by now, and I live on my own. I have been going out to the shops throughout all the lockdowns and doing what I can to meet my family and friends whilst obeying social restrictions of course.

I long decided that my mental health was just as important if not more so than my physical health. I am not far from your age and life is much too short to spend a year or more being lonely and miserable. Who knows how many more years we might have left?

Well done you. x

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Annie31 in reply to hypercat54

Well said!😁

Totally agree

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madonbrew in reply to hypercat54

I really agree! What’s the point of being physically in a safe little bubble of ourselves, but to feel lonely and depressed because of such isolation!!! Our mental well being is equally in need of being looked after! It’s being sensible and safe within it all I reckon! Have a good day xxx

That's it no matter how young or old you are you don't know how many years you have left.

My husband and I are in our 70's and as much as I agree with most comments on this post and others, I feel personally that we are living in a pandemic of paranoia now. In between the lockdowns we went out and about and the pubs and restaurants we went to were highly organised with all precautions taken and I certainly didn't sit there and worry about covid or the fact of whether I should be out and about at all.

My son-in-law doesn't like going to the pub anymore. He and his mates used to meet up most days on the way home from work to have a pint and do the daily crossword. The lockdowns finished that and when they found they could resume this daily ritual outside or inside, the social distancing and the mask -wearing with about eight or so of them was so ridiculous and undoable, they stopped meeting up. That was an integral part of their lives, the first part of winding down for the day and they all came to realise it was the social aspect, the camaraderie that they enjoyed not the beer! As Badbessie said, it was cold. Life will never ever be "normal" again and if anyone thinks that, they're barmy. I know one thing, lockdowns have without doubt, done me serious harm as they have many I note on here alone and I am now housebound. If I wasn't, I would be out there now and would have no intention of spending the little bit of life I've got left, living in a cupboard!

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hypercat54 in reply to Annie31

Wow well done Annie! That's the attitude. Life is full of risk anyway under normal conditions and you either live your life or you hide in your bedroom shaking in fear. What's the point in that? x

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madonbrew in reply to Annie31

I agree Annie! Obviously we have to be sensible but we have a life to live too and not hide away from and none of us know what might happen this afternoon! I’ve been out...sensibly, but next week is my sisters 50th and I’ve booked us into a nice hotel and we’re going to a gardeners world day during the day & we’l have fun! My uncle died recently and I think he’s been isolated in a nursing home for 18 months and how much he would loved to have been able to freely see his wife and children and us!

Sorry...rambling on!

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Annie31 in reply to madonbrew

You're not rambling at all, you're talking about life as we used to know it! We need to regain at least a good part of that or life won't be worth living - it's not enough to just survive! If the powers-at-be think that it's acceptable for someone like your uncle and family having to endure an end of life experience such as they've experienced, I dont. I want a better life than this type of existence for my grandchildren. I've seen the effect this kind of living has had on each of my six grandchildren and it's reaping a whirlwind of problems for the future. Of course we have to be sensible and cautious but if that's to the extent of not having a life, then it's not for me. Sorry I'm rambling now .........

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mike2002 in reply to Annie31

Remember the Government had that stupid Brexit slogan ‘Take Back Control’.Well now is the time to Take Back Control from the Government!!!!

The ongoing restrictions are ridiculous given the low incidence of Covid and the high incidence of people with other health issues being sidelined by the NHS.

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Geoffu in reply to Annie31

Hi, I’m sorry that your son in law has lost his social contact. It is important that we rebuild our social lives. We live in a block of 46 apartments and have been locked down for most of the last 15 months. Our lunch is included with our service charge, and has been delivered to us during this time. Since last Monday we are again allowed to use our dining room, but some residents are now too scared to take this step. They are missing out on the social interactions which are necessary for us to rebuild our lives.Our social events have also restarted. Our weekly bingo was cancelled after only 3 people attended. Our Friday Film night. (1917, an amazing film) had over a dozen so perhaps things ARE starting to return to a more normal life. GeoffU Conwy

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Annie31 in reply to Geoffu

Yes, mending and rehabilitation of lives is going to play a significant part in the future. Also the fact that every time a lockdown has been eased and then reinforced only serves to step up the fear factor for some. At least your block of apartments is taking steps to bring back some element of living and hopefully as the more reticent residents see others come out of their shells, they will do likewise however long it takes! Glad you enjoyed the film and let's hope the bingo starts up again soon! Take care 😄

Welcome Im happy to go food shopping,to 1 shop,whn able by dont want to touch furniture ther use,so restaurants not for me yet x

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Annie31 in reply to Patk1

You may not be aware but the scientists have ascertained that it's virtually impossible to catch covid from any hard surfaces, soft surfaces or shopping. Despite prior warnings, it has been found that the infection simply doesn't live for the length of time on these kind of surfaces that they had thought previously. This information has been highlighted in the media during the last week or so.

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Patk1 in reply to Annie31

No I wasn't aware of that.ill have to do some research.thanku

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mike2002 in reply to Annie31

We have been subjected to more misinformation about Covid from the Government than anything else I can remember.They are treating the one set of scientists (SAGE) like ‘God’ and ignoring plenty of other good scientists who hold different opinions. That is totally wrong!

and they have recently admitted that they upped the fear factor in the way they reported statistics in order to make people compliant - rather unnerving really isnt it.Also odd how every time we get near to some sort of ockdown freedom there seems to be another variant to keep us nervous....

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Annie31 in reply to alchemilla12

Not surprised at all, I've questioned the way of reporting the statistics from the beginning. The media has certainly helped fuel the fear factor whether by design or not! I am suspicious of the lot of them to be honest, government, certain government scientists and the media - the misinformation at times has been diabolical!

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alchemilla12 in reply to Annie31

totally agree!

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mike2002 in reply to Annie31

The ‘media’ were told by Ofcom, the regulator, that if they strayed too far from the Government narrative they risked having their licence revoked. You’d think that could only happen in Russia but it happened here. And of course the BBC is totally reliant on Government for continuation of the Licence Fee!!!!

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Annie31 in reply to mike2002

I don't understand it except I think the media especially the BBC like to bring these other scientists in to mix the pot a bit and ignore the fact that these people are just as qualified and well read. They are not interested in their opinions they just want to hype it all up! Listen to Rita Chagragaki when she gets an answer she's not expecting or getting - an almost under-the-breath Mmm....everytime! 🤐

That's nice thing to say. 🍀🌺😃Yes it is not easy to make the right choice for some things, to go or not to go LOL I have been out for a meal myself, but only outside when the sun was out, at a Hotel.

I do feel saver outside, than with lots of people inside, it can and is still a risk for vulnerable people to get it.

I go shopping to small shops not at supermarkets. I can't breathe proper when having the mask on for so long, I do struggle with it. So I just go in and go out again.

I just take it easy, well I am happy that I have my schnuddle do go shopping 😊 so a gold medal 🥇 for all helper to keep us going.

You take care of yourself and relax take your time, there is no rush. You could go to smaller shops, they also not this busy. I mean it's nice to go somewhere. To keep your mind of.


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hypercat54 in reply to MELNEL

Mel the pubs aren't full of people and in fact are operating at less than half capacity. The staff all wear masks and it's all table service. You have to put your mask on if moving around or going to the toilet, otherwise you only get close to those you are with. If you trust them then I can't see the problem.

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I admire your attitude but I'm still a little cautious, but I'm getting there slowly. You have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

How I agree. We can’t stay locked down for ever! We just have to be sensible. My husband and sons, who are both in their forties, have gone fishing today, my younger son’s Christmas present to the other two. The most likely outcome will that dad and younger son will shove autistic elder son into the lake. We all love him, but, poor chap, he can be difficult!

Problem I have is that my breathlessness has got much worse over the last year , just put washing on the line this morning ......not a good idea as cold and damp .....and panicked as lost my breath, no inhaler to hand .Will never know if I contracted Covid last March , as not easy to get tested then .....has that made my breathing worse ?

So I am stuck , confidence shattered .

But a visit next week from daughter and grand daughter to look forward to.

Enjoy your outings, I am keeping my fingers crossed my breathing will improve.

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Annie31 in reply to knitter

Good luck on the breathing front and hope you have a lovely visit with your daughter and grandaughter - it's something to look forward to and will help with your confidence level I'm sure!

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Catgirl1976 in reply to knitter

I know lots of people who say that their fitness and confidence has been shattered due to covid.

My husband was in hospital for the first time ever in January 2020 just before the outbreak and is convinced it was COVID , certainly he was given exactly the same treatment and it was a very traumatic experience for him , spending 8 hours in the trauma unit fighting for his life His breathing and general condition now , almost 18 months on is much worse than before that admittance (although there was some improvement during the first six months) so I wonder how much of the change in condition is down to the abnormal situation we’ve all been in ? Would he have had a better recovery if the family could have pushed him to do more ? As it is he has lost all confidence and is happy to stay indoors and still not keen to have anyone visit us As his carer I find myself in the difficult position of having to decide how far to push . This week he had a hospital appointment re cataract surgery , he felt he needed hospital transport rather than a taxi but managed quite well during the consultation ( using a wheelchair) but his first move on returning home at lunchtime was to get straight back into his pyjamas . I can’t help feeling he’s found his comfort zone and is determined to stay in it but then I don’t want to upset him by pushing too much if there has been an irreversible deterioration in his condition 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hi, reading your post rings so many bells. My Mum has lost a lot of mobility and is breathless, she had Covid in Jan but not hospitalised. Unsure if breathlessness is Covid or Bronch or heart failure or lack of movement! My sister and I have to balance between understanding and bullying!! We are so hoping that some warm weather, sitting in garden and seeing some new extended family will give her a boost to try to look forward to things. She hates the wheelchair so hates going out in it but without it cant walk more than 5 mins. I think everyone has to go at their own pace, feel comfortable with where they go but we all need a break from this isolation and even I needed a little prod to meet up with some friends on Friday night...wasnt sure how to socialise anymore!! Is there anything your husband loved to do that may interest him in going out cautiously? Take Care x

Thank you so much for your reply it always helps to know you are not alone in struggling with a problem As you said it’s a balancing act , using tough love and not really sure how tough you should be is so difficult. Like you I’m hoping better weather and more visitors in the garden will help but unfortunately we are in the North , with infection rates rising so I think it will be a while before he feels safe again . Until 5 years ago he worked in the building trade and has always loved DIY , there are plenty little jobs he could do in the garden which he would attempt but sadly we ve found that this cataract has put a stop to that , he can’t see screws , nails etc and it just adds to his frustration.So again once that is done things may improve . Like your mum he would not use a wheelchair to go out , he walked to the ambulance but accepted the chair once we were at the hospital I agree it’s daunting for everyone , I’m looking forward to an evening out with friends but so far none of us have actually had the nerve to do it 🤷🏻‍♀️ As the song says “Things can only get better “ Take care and good luck with your mum x

Thanks for posting, Tickymillet. Love your positive attitude.😀😊🥰🎈🎆🍦🍨🍩

The flu shot has had a 50% success rate for me. I had the 2 year pneumonia series and this year got pneumonia. I haven’t had the COVID vaccine. I have 25% capacity and on 3l constant flow.

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Alice70 in reply to hotrodlvr

Hi ,I have 25% capacity, really struggling ,is constant flow oxygen

Great , and keep enjoying life as much as you can as my dear friend who married his third wife last week, he’s 86 plus. No point hanging around 👍🏻👍🏻

Hi a great attitude. I am on my own and am careful what I do. I have started going out more to shops and garden centre. Am going to cinema with a friend next week so that will be a new adventure . Keep safe everyone.

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Nimrod2

That will be great meeting your friend for a cinema visit!

We are hoping to go back there soon as the last time we were there it was just before they all shut their doors in March 2020.

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Nimrod2 in reply to Catgirl1976

Us too. Last film we saw was Little Women. Next week Nomadland .😊

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Nimrod2

The last film I saw at the cinema was military wives the Thursday when everything shut down and got cancelled and I'm glad we went when we did!

Hope the weather warms up soon the cold air affects my breathing I still haven't stepped out yet but I expect most feel the same

Thats the right attitude Tickymillet, I had so much trouble getting my shopping delivered at the start of this and at times I had to go out to the supermarket as I live alone. After venturing out a few times I decided I needed the trip to keep sane and healthy, the walk did me the world of good and chatting to people kept my spirits up. If taking all the right precautions then I think you are pretty safe. I have had both jabs and although this wont stop me getting covid I am hoping it will give me some protection. I have two friends in my bubble and go out with one or the other every few weeks, I would have been climbing the walls without them. So if you feel safe then live your life as you want to x

Well done for getting out and living your life.

Point is nothing is guaranteed to anyone no matter how young or old you are!

Yesterday I met with my friends in Taunton and went to the castle there the first time I have visited a museum indoors since just before they shut their doors in 2020!

We enjoyed lunch at a Chinese that you can have much as you want as if you want more of something you ask a member of staff.

I feel strongly how the pandemic is a lesson to us all to be more thankful for things and never take anything for granted again.

Thank you.. Its so hard to try get back to normal.. Whatever that is now.. Im in a deep depression at moment.. Not like me at all... But I know we should all try to get ourselves out a bit.. Its not just us old lungies.. When i walk my woofers and speak to younger neighbours they feel the same.. Covid has really caused a greT big mental health problem. I got through 1st lockdown... But this last one has caused me big problems especially not getting a face to face with dr. Also anyone else having problems getting their meds.?? I have Bronchiectasis and asthma.. And there's a shortage of Flixotide Accuhaler 100mc. BLF know nothing about it. Dr upped my dosage to 250 mc but.now ive got oral thrush. Dr also said take 8 puffs twice daily of 50mc pack o ly lasts 6 days and i have to pbone surgery everg 4 days to reorder... Then guess what.!!! They tell me none on shelf. And as im allergic to propellant in other makes.. Im snookered. So anxiety and depression.. Sorry for ranting..Margarita and the woofers

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JetJet in reply to Cheriebobo

Hi, I think us with dogs have probably been the lucky ones, meeting other walkers to say hello to, out in nature and fresh air . Winter lock down so much harder than the 1st! I have problems getting some of my partners medicines but luckily have a great independent pharmacy locally and he will call around and try his hardest to source. May be worth trying an alternative pharmacy with more supply options? Not nice running out of things you rely on. Good luck x

Cheriebobo profile image
Cheriebobo in reply to JetJet

Hi jet jet.. Yes thank goodness for my woofers.. And a walk beside the sea.. Although I'm depressed at moment.. I feel for people who are permanently stuck in house.. I do appreciate what im luck to have on my doorstep.. But I feel as if were living in an alternate world. At times.. 50 % people like myself other 50 back to living their normal lives.. Even although ive had my 2nd jag.. I need a big kick up the proverbial to get me going.. Scottish wet Weather not helping.. And the change in meds... Hopefully we'll all pull through..Thanks for reply

How lovely to hear some positive news. Thanks for sharing x

I have just been to a supermarket for the first time in 15 months. Deliberately chose Sunday lunchtime cos we hoped it wouldn’t be too full. It wasn’t. It was great fun! Couldn’t believe the choice. We had become so set in our ways ordering without the advantage is seeing what was available. People were very considerate. Everyone masked and kept their distance. I still haven’t managed to have my haircut. My home hairdresser is only 23 so no vaccinations yet. Waiting for a fine day so she can do it outside in the garden.

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