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Hi ,wondering if anyone has had zepher valve treatment ,and has it benefit them

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I was tested for the valve treatment but it was a failure so I then had the LVR Operation. Some people who have excessive coughing can sometimes cough up the valves.They will test your lungs before they make any decision.

Good luck

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Alice70 in reply to Will57

LVR does that involve taking some of your lung away ,hope you benefited by it

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Will57 in reply to Alice70

Yes. They removed lower part of my left lung. I had the op last February and it has partially helped but I'm realistic and still get out of breath very easily but very happy I went ahead with the operation

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Dedalus in reply to Will57

Will57 how long ago did you have your LVR operation, and did it help?

Hi i had 6 valves implanted in my upper left lobe 2 yrs ago,unfortunately they have never managed to do what they are designed to do which is to achieve atelcetasis(a complete or partial collapse)of the damaged area of my lung,therebye allowing better gas transfers and increased lung function.However i must add that many people who have had the prodeure have had some degree of succes and can now breath more easily and have a better lung function as a result

You will need to discuss with your consultant if you would be an eligable candidate for this procedure,many with brochiectasis and similarly more bronchial elements of Copd often are not,also you will have to have what is called a chartis bronchoscopy to ascertain that you have something called negative collateral ventilation,in laymans terms it means they can block of air to the diseased parts of your lung without it escaping via other none treated lobes.

Just popping on a useful link for you to look at.

Best wishes Ski's and Scruff's


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Alice70 in reply to skischool

Thank you for your explicit reply skis ,my specialist sent me to liverpool to see someone how does the valve type procedure three years ago ,I had some tests done ,the liverpool dr at that time didn't think I was bad enough ,I have emphysema also a tiny bit of broncheicstasis, my chest specialist is going to give me scan ect as my condition has worsened ,and hopefully send me back to liverpool

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skischool in reply to Alice70

Very small amounts of broncheicstasis wouldn't normaly preclude you from the procedure and the most important part for the valves to function properly is the lack of or negative collateral ventilation.These days people with more than 30 % fev1 and a stable condition are normally put on hold until their condition worsens and i hope that may still be the case with you Alice,at least for the immediate future.

Keep well.


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Alice70 in reply to skischool

Thank you so much for this information

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skischool in reply to Alice70

Always happy to help and please do let us know how you get on after your next consultation.


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