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Anyone using oramorph to help control shortness of breath. The doctors have suggested it as an option. Any thoughts pleas

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Hi, yes I have oramorph. I take it on a as required basis to ease severe breathlessness and for anxiety which causes increased breathlessness. I find it helps to ease both problems. I know others on the forum take it too and they may come along to tell you how they find it.If you choose to try it and it doesn't suit you you can always stop it without any problem.

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mikeadams51 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you. I think I might give it a try as the last few days have been terrible. How much do you take

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My prescription is for 2.5 to 5ml as required. At first I was a bit wary and only took 1.25ml but that had no effect at all so the second time I took 2.5ml and found that suited me. I've had it for over 18 months now. Some days I don't take any at all and others I have taken it 3 or 4 times a day. Being able to do that is very helpful. I also sometimes take 2.5ml if I can't get to sleep and find that it helps me doze off. I do sometimes wonder if that is psychological though as it doesn't make me sleepy during the day.I felt a little dizzy after the first 2.5ml dose but that soon wore off and didn't happen with the second dose.

Hope it helps you if you try it.

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Seems to me to be the only way out for me

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Nothing to loose trying it especially if your doctor thinks it will help. Two of my GPs aren't keen on it but one is and was willing to prescribe it. Let me know how you get on.

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I will

Hi. J take oremorph to help calm me down with panic/anxiety attack and shortness of breath with cold. It dies help calm me down. Hope it will work for you x

Does That For Me And Eases My Pain Also On Morphine Tablets And seraltine 🖤

My husband uses Oramorph and finds it helpful with the anxiety caused by the breathlessness with IPF. The only problem for him is that it causes him to be constipated. Don't let that stop you as you may not have the same issue.

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Get him to add ground flaxseed to his food, it's marvellous fir this problem and nutritious too. P

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Thanks for that Peege x

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I grind my own in my old coffee grinder as it's much cheaper. The oil is great for the system as is the fibre

I've been prescribed oramorph too. Started at 1.5ml, useless! Did this for a week three times a day, spoke to GP who said to double it, but have just the last two days tried it at 2.0ml as always a bit wary of new meds, just once or twice, not regularly. I think it's helped but the jury is still out! However no side effects which is good!Prior to this put on dexamethasone (steroid) which is also used for the same reason apparently. Lowest dose -did zilch for the breathlessness but dreadful side effects and when she doubled the dose (said I would get past the side effects!😓) I thought I was going to die! I weaned myself off them! Felt really peculiar, thought my eyes were going to shut forever, feet and legs swelled very badly, upset the plumbing, messed with my head and had a major melt-down totally out of character for me, but that was acceptable according to her!😱 So out of the two oramorph is winning!

I am on oramorph for breakthrough pain. Whilst in hospital with pneumonia I found that everyone in my bay was on it. All stated it helped them .

Thank you. Looks like the road I shall be going

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Tia4209 in reply to Badbessie

Poor you Badbessie. I hope you feel better soon.

Hiya ☺️ I have heard of it. Oremorph is basically Morphine.

I to struggle often with short of breath, to be honest I am not at this stage to take morphine..... it's sounds frightening for me, because I think when you started with it will be hard to stop again. Don't know what kind of dosage it would be.

But maybe others have good experience with it, it's always a choice, and unfortunately not many available, jet.

Best wishes that you getting better again 🍀🍀🍀

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peege in reply to MELNEL

Don't worry. Oromorph has an extremely low dose of morphine

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MELNEL in reply to peege

Good to know thanks ☺️

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Annie31 in reply to MELNEL

It's not addictive at the very low dosages you are offered at all. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to use it as required as some people do.

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MELNEL in reply to Annie31

Cheers good to know ☺️

Just letting you know Mike that I had a second dose of oramorph at around five pm and I'm still feeling pretty good. It's now 12.30 am! Admittedly haven't moved around much this evening but feel quite normal at rest! This is quite different to previous evenings.

I don’t know much as not taken it but have friend who has taken it for several years and it’s addictive. I think she now swigs it from bottle. I believe you shouldn’t be on long time but I am not an expert

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Annie31 in reply to Ade29

The very low dosages set for breathlessness are not addictive and this is proven where some people do not take this on a regular basis, ie as and when required. If one is addicted you would not be able to adopt this regime. If as you say, your friend is addicted to oramorph then she will have been taking this in amounts far exceeding the directions of the doctor and needs help. As this is a prescribed medication I fail to see how the amounts used by your friend have not been accounted for when requesting repeat scripts. To say this med is addictive is misleading and will prevent some people from trying a therapy, that for many, has been a godsend.

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Ade29 in reply to Annie31

Yes I agree she has taken this for several years and runs out b4 replacement is due. I do think the GP should of reviewed this but she is in constant pain and couldn’t do without. I am lead to believe it should be a short term drug

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Annie31 in reply to Ade29

By whom? I cannot comment further on your friends 'seemingly dependency ' on oramorph but will reiterate to anyone reading this that this medication prescribed in precise amounts for breathlessness and anxiety is a drug to be used as long as is needed, therefore not described as a 'short term' drug. The comments on this post alone account for the long-term usage with no side-effects, only benefits.

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CaptainPugwash in reply to Ade29

I Have Been On Oramorph For Five Years Also Just Started On Morphine Tablets ..

I love my orimorph. Initially it gave me a real wave of peace. I no longer get that, but it certainly relaxes me and my breathing is a lot easier. It has become one more tool to help me breathe.

I have been taking Oramorph for a couple of years and found it to be most helpful with breathing. I started the dose quite low and increased slowly over a week to get used to it. Wouldnt be without it.

I Have Been On Oramorph For Five Years And Morphine Tablets For Pain But I Must Admit It Helps With The Breathing I Also Take Sertraline For Anxiety Which Might Help U

Hi, I take 1.25 to relax my lungs before showering, and again getting ready for bed. I’ve been told I can take it if I suffer breathlessness too.Been taking it for a few years with no side effects. Jax🐶