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Has COPD improved with jab?

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An Australian friend writes: “I've been very hesitant to raise this because it might be an illusion, but the evidence is piling up. I've battled with COPD for the last three or four years.. But since I had my first Astra-Zeneka shot a week ago I've experienced the kind of clear lungs that has had me cruising through my laps in the pool, walks to the shops, even singing in the shower with an ease that I thought was gone forever.”

Has anyone else found this to be true! I had Pfizer which made no difference to my COPD and bronchiactasis.

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I had the AstraZeneca with no improvement to my COPD at all. Would have been wonderful if it had! Welcome to the forum too.

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Straddie in reply to CDPO16

Many thanks for welcome. But sorry the jab didn’t help with COPD.

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_9carole in reply to CDPO16

I also had the AstraZeneca jab. But feel no change. Sometimes worst. Have always said that people with underlying health conditions should have had the Phizer jab.

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CDPO16 in reply to _9carole


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_9carole in reply to CDPO16

Just felt it was the right one to have. But got my 2nd does tomorrow. So we will see.

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CDPO16 in reply to _9carole

I think that there has been a lot in the news about the AZ vaccine but very little about the Phizer. It's perhaps as well that we don't have a choice otherwise it might be chaotic. I was just thankful to have a vaccine but never expected it to have any beneficial effect on my COPD.

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garshe in reply to _9carole

I had a choice and chose the AstraZeneca. Dont know why but I'm great and breathing definitely improved. Could be a coincidence but I'll take that lol. Keep safe xxSheila 🙌😘👍💕

Hi Straddie, welcome to you. My husband Pete had the AstraZeneca jab and it’s made no difference to his COPD sadly. Xxx

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Straddie in reply to sassy59

Sorry it didn’t work for you. What a lovely bonus it would have been.


I had had a strange kind of obstructed breathlesness since a major bleed from my lungs in Nov. 2 days after my first AZ jab it cleared and I haven't had the problem since. I have bronchiectasis which has also been amazingly good. I told my consultant thinking that she would laugh at me but she said that she and her colleagues had several patients with different lung conditions reporting the same. Dr Sarah said one morning on Jeremy Vine that she had some patients reporting improvements after the AZ vacc. Wierd or what!

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Straddie in reply to Littlepom

Isn’t that great? I am very pleased for you. It’s such a difficult condition to have that any benefit is a godsend. I shall let my friend in Australia know. Now I feel I had the wrong jab. I had Pfizer.

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Littlepom in reply to Straddie

I don't think that it will make much differemce in the long run. It only seems to be happening to a few people and for me it seemed to clear a temporary obstruction because it made me cough for a whole day. It certainly hasn't cured my bronch.It will be interesting if they ever compile any data on it.

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jessica1 in reply to Littlepom

I'm.glad it has helped you but even.more.importantly it's a shame you couldn't report this on zoe covod 19 symptoms checker .

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Straddie in reply to jessica1

Hopefully other people have put in their feedback to Zoe. I couldn’t since it was my friend in Australia.

I had the Pfizer jab , didn't do anything for me . Second one tomorrow----you never know your luck 🤗🤗🤗 ever hopeful .

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Straddie in reply to Bluenotes

Good luck.

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Bluenotes in reply to Straddie

Thank you .☺

There are reports of some people with Long Covid feeling better after the vaccination.

The Telegraph 25 March 21

Webmd 17 March 21.

I have just found a comprehensive article on the Covid vaccinations on the BLF website .

I hadn’t seen it before , wish I had .

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Bean_Counter in reply to knitter

I have Long Covid ( after having Covid in April last year). Had the Pfizer jab and have definitely improved since my second jab. Interesting to note others have also noticed a similar effect.

I have received both AstraZeneca jabs and agree with you . When I went for first vaccination I struggled into vaccination centre and was really breathless. Second time strolled in and out no problem . My Respiratory team said they have noticed a change in me and I am out and about and not needing oxygen as much. Long may it continue xxSheila 👍🙌😘💕

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Littlepom in reply to garshe

That's very interesting garshe

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garshe in reply to Littlepom

It could of course be a coincidence as theres no proof. I am a lot calmer since having the both vaccinations and this could be a factor . I was very anxious and suffering panic attacks , but have since had hospital appointment with oxygen nurse and feel better now my oxygen has been reduced from 16hrs to when required. This good news uplifted my spirit and I now am much calmer. I believe it's all in the mind sometimes especially with me. This is not the same with everyone as we all react differently. Keep safe. XxSheila 💕🙌😘👍

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Littlepom in reply to garshe

I'm glad that you are feeling calmer and that things are progressing in a good way for you. Maybe we shall never know about the reactions.

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CDPO16 in reply to garshe

Glad you are feeling better, Sheila, after a rough spell. xx

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garshe in reply to CDPO16

Thank you Carole. Was worried last December thought I had gone to next stage. Wasnt happy on the oxygen for 16hrs but realised it was to protect my heart with the panic attacks. Seems to be sorted now whether it was the Oxford AZ vaccine or just a coincidence we will never know. Keep safe xxSheila. 💕🙌👍🤣😘

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katieoxo60 in reply to garshe

good news that it is helping some people even if only a small few , as they say every little helps. Glad to here it has improved things for you.

I had my second jab on a Thursday and in the weekend I was flying. I did even garden work without my oxygen pack. But I struggled again on Monday and all is now like it was before.

I have had both jabs of the Astra Zenica and not seen any improvement. However, if some members have, that is brilliant. 😀

It's great that some folk with COPD have felt better after their AZ vaccine. Sadly, I can't say the same. It might be just coincidence, but I have felt more breathless since my second jab of AZ which I had last Saturday.

Sorry to hear that , I had my second one yesterday and afraid side effects are similar to last time so you are not alone. But what concerns me is no record is being kept of such events, i.e the effects on existing lung conditions or other chronic health matters. I think there should have been a form issued for people to report these matters good as well as bad.

I've had two phizer jabs and apart from feeling safer,no real difference at all.

I have heard numerous people state there long covid improved following the vaccine but not COPD. Perhaps it may stop inflammation post vaccination which could improve lung function? But that is a wild ahead...lol

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Littlepom in reply to Badbessie

That's an interesting thought. My con had said to me that my continued breathlessness was because blood is highly inflammatory and irritative to airways. So perhaps the vaccine reduced this inflammation.

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CDPO16 in reply to Littlepom

How interesting, had no idea that was so.

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CDPO16 in reply to Badbessie

That would be a big bonus for long covid sufferers.

Hi and welcome to the site Straddie. I read a little while ago that the vaccine was having this effect on some people. Lets hope that they investigate this properly, it could benefit alot of people. I suspect it is a bit like the inhalers, some work well and others not at all. I had the Pfizer and my sister had the AZ, apart from a sore arm there was no reaction at all for either of us x

Such a lot of replies. It is just so interesting, isn’t it? Certainly an intermittent benefit for some and nothing for others, like me. My Australian friend has also emailed to say he is back to normal. No longer singing in the shower! I do hope the benefit for long Covid continues. Shall look up the BFL webcar and Telegraph article. Many thanks everyone.

Although I’m not that good I’ve noticed my oxygen levels are higher and haven’t been using the oxygen very much. Don’t get the 2nd AstraZeneca jab til the end of May. It’ll be interesting 🤨

Why do you think it will help the jab is to help build our immune system up to fight the virus would be wonderful if there was a jab for this dreadful C O P D I suffer with this badly

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Straddie in reply to cquinsmith

A cure for bronchiactasis too please! I read that BioNTech, the company behind the Pfizer jab, are now working on a vaccination for small-cell lung cancer. Isn’t that amazing?

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