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Surgery visit today.

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A lift in my son's car this morning to the surgery this morning, there was no way I could have walked there, for my second Covid jab (AstraZeneca).

The GP, who was not involved with the vaccinations, was just passing through, pulled me out of the queue and directed me to an examination room, he had spotted my excessively poor and rapid rate of breathing. Listened to my chest and asked me when I had taken my inhalers and how often I used my relief inhaler, result was he told to me to start my rescue pack yet again. How's that for being on the ball.

I was going to phone them up today anyway as I have been really struggling for a few days and have an abnormal cough, I woke up at 5 am being unable to breathe (how I hate waking like that). My last use of the rescue pack was only started on the 25th Feb., to be absolutely honest I have been feeling like a pile of poop since finishing the steroids, unable to exercise properly.

Bonus, I should have the full effects of immunity from the vaccinations after 4 1/2 weeks, when I have to return to the hospital for yet another HRCT scan on the 22nd May, results on 18th June, fingers crossed.

I have also received the all clear along with Sharon, from the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, happy days there. I can well do without an additional Cancer worry, but now Sharon has to go to hospital for further tests later this month after her mammogram results, more fingers crossed there too, especially after Breast Cancer ended up taking her younger sister in 2009, after metastasising to her brain as secondary Cancer :(

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Hope all goes well with your scan and hope you start to feel better soon. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Thinking of you and Sharon 2greys and hoping you feel better soon. What a good GP you have and I’m pleased he was there for you.

The bowel cancer screening is good so I’m pleased you have the all clear. Something good to happen for you both. Keeping everything crossed for Sharon after her mammogram results. Hoping all goes well for her.

Take care both. Xxxx

What a good GP you have 2greys. I hope that you soon begin to feel better. I hope too that all goes well for Sharon. Best wishes to you both.

Sorry to hear how rough you’re feeling right now. Thank goodness for your GP’s vigilance!

Worrying about that troublesome cough.

I do hope you get sorted with another rescue pack or whatever’s needed. Also hope your wife has no problem over the mammogram.

Keep us posted and wishing you all the best.

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2greys in reply to deni-123red_

Normally I do not cough, I only have to clear my throat occasionally, with minimal mucus. A clear indication that something is not right. I feel for those who have to cough all the time, it is draining. especially when short of breath as well.

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deni-123red_ in reply to 2greys

I agree with you having sympathy for those who have a constant cough. I’ve noticed people give me anxious looks and a wide berth when I have the occasional cough ...even though I’m not infectious.

I often have to clear my throat and first thing in the morning is my bad time for clearing the build up of mucus.

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2greys in reply to deni-123red_

Clearing the overnight build up is also my simple but yucky job to do. It is generally on the roof of my mouth, I fold a piece of tissue over my thumb and wipe it clear with one stroke, coughing is a waste of time it just does not clear it.

I am impressed with your GP. Hope all goes well with the scan and that Sharon's further tests all go well and hoping for positive results for you both. Take care. xx

YourGP IS certainly on the ball. I have t had sight of mine since before the first lockdown.I’m sorry you’re struggling,hope the rescue pack works. Do you think you need an alternative antibiotic or a longer course ? I hope yours and Sharon have good news with your results x

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2greys in reply to Oshgosh

To be honest I am not so sure that it is actually an infection. Tree pollen is now in full swing and I do know that I have Eosinophilia (a result of an unknown allergy) and why my Fostair was altered to 200/6, double the corticosteroid content of the standard 100/6. My sputum amount has certainly increased and in the main remains clear, this in itself could cause an infection though. Both Sharon and myself have been hit by excessive sneezing recently as well. Until the health service gets back to norma, to sort this out, l I may have too live with it.

Was your doctor wearing a mask? I don't think I'd recognise my GP if I passed him I haven't seen him for ages. He has farmed me out to various clinics and hospitals.

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2greys in reply to Don-1931

Yes wearing a mask. In fact he is the biggest shareholder of the practice, ie he actually started it. He and his son, also a GP, are the only GPs of Indian descent, he is easily recognised.

Hi I got my 2nd jab today feel ok ..but I just finished a rescue pack on Monday was a bit worried but I’m ok .just to let you know that I have been told not to rely on the steroids to much as sometimes it can make you worse and you can become immune to them. I got to see my my Doctor for a medical this week .This Copd is a pain one thing after the other..feeling ok for the moment..good luck to you and Sharon..

You don't get this often that the GP pulled you out to have a look at you. Very kind of him. I hope you will get everything under control again, and all best wishes to Sharon 😘❣️🥂😘 that everything goes well.

Hope all goes well for you both.🤞🤞

Gosh 2 greys you and Sharon are really being put to the test. Stay strong as you always are

Sorry you’re feeling rough 2greys but glad your GP was on the ball and took time for you!

Really hope Sharon’s tests and more so, results go well!

Hope you start feeling better soon!

Dee 😊

Try to remember a time when we where not poorly,when the world was our oyster,you sailed the broads,i skied the mountains,our partners enjoyed perfect health and all was good.Hoping that for you and for Sharon that distant memory becomes a reality again,we don't often see eye to eye but that doesn't stop me wishing you both better for the future.

Btw recently had my second dose of the Astra clotted cream and the afters where even more challenging with regard to muscular pain than the first but are gradually receeding withou any associated fever,

Best wsihes

Ski's and Scruff's

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teenieleek in reply to skischool

Ah, I remember those times......I think it was called being young!

Hope you feel much better soon and all other screening results are ok.

Hope u soon recover and all the best for Sharon x

Hope all goes well for you and Sharon. Good luck thinking of you both xxSheila 😘💕

Bless you GP. Glad you and your wife had had some good news- it sounds as if you need it. I hope your lung problems get sorted out soon and that your wife's mammogram gives her the all clear. xxx

Hi 2 greys

You certainly have an on the ball gp which is a great help for the dodgy lung buddies

You all have had a lot to contend with over the last few months and i wish for a return to smoother water for you both

Good news re the screening and hopefully equally good news re the scan going forward

Hope you fell better soon


All the best for you and Sharon. What a good GP, to take you from the crowd to address your problem breathing.

Wow , what a great gp you have 2g. Sorry to hear you are not well and hope the rescue pack gets to work quickly. All the best to both you and Sharon x

What a lot the two of you are having to deal with. Sorry to hear all this but very impressed by your GP. A star.

All the best

K x

What an excellent GP. Hope all goes well for you and Sharon’s further tests. Take care. Hope you don’t have any side effects from the jab. X

Delighted with both your screening good news.Fabulous GP deserves a medal .

Three cheers for the floating GP, 2greys! Hope you soon start to feel better and everything goes well with your scan. xx Moy

Wishing you and Sharon all the best 🤞 That's quite an amazing GP you have.

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