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Free at last?

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At last we're free to sally forth

With sanitizer and mask

To places that we've longed to see

With sandwiches and flask

For months we've been in lockdown

The leash taking the strain

Longing to get away again

By motor car or train

But my brain is still in lockdown

And what is this I find?

My 'get up and go' got up and went

And has left me here behind.

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Ha! ha! ha! I think there will be many who can relate to this Don x

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Izb1

But will they admit it? 😂x

Pantani profile image
Pantani in reply to Don-1931

I'll admit it Don 😁

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leo60 in reply to Don-1931

I admit it too! And I am too out of puff to get up and chase it!!😘😘 xx

shouty profile image
shouty in reply to Don-1931

Me too, hoping it'll come back after the first dash of folks filling all the outside space

Not on your own there Don. Hopefully something will inspire us to get some 'get up and go'.

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Don-1931 in reply to CDPO16

Seeing all the crowds of folk that have descended on us and the gridlocked roads doesn't help! 🙄

CDPO16 profile image
CDPO16 in reply to Don-1931

No I can imagine not where you live. It's hard to find a quiet spot in a scenic place now.

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CDPO16 in reply to CDPO16

I got to reminiscing as I often do after one of your rhymes but this time just thinking back to recent years when my husband and I would decide to have a run out, usually on a week day. While driving through our town the roads would be very busy at any time of day and I often thought ''who are all these people, where are they going and why aren't they at work?'' Once out and on our way into the country the traffic would ease but once we got to our chosen destination (quite often the Yorkshire Dales) the car park would be full! Lots of other retirees with the same idea. At least those days were relaxed and worry free. I hope that they do return one day.

Exactly .

I’m feeling the same way Don, wanting to go out but then I think “do I really?” I’ll give my second jab a chance to kick in first and then I’ll be ok......maybe. Xxx🥰😂😘

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Don-1931 in reply to sassy59

I had my second jab over two weeks ago. I suppose I was expecting an immediate response to that, like a curtain suddenly being lifted. Getting back to normal is going to be difficult, what was normal just isn't there anymore. Better to think of it as starting anew.🤩😘x

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sassy59 in reply to Don-1931

Good idea Don, start anew. 😃🤗😘

Oh dear Don. My get up and go went years ago too. I emphasise. Great poem. Keep trucking away - you will make 100 yet. Bless you my lovely. xx

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Don-1931 in reply to hypercat54

I don't believe you Pussycat, once you get those darts back in your hand you'll be away for slates. 😘x (If Philip couldn't make it I doubt I will.)

hypercat54 profile image
hypercat54 in reply to Don-1931

Ha ha. Well you don't get very far with darts as it's a very short walk from the ochre to the board! :D x

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to hypercat54

The longest journeys start with a single step (or summat like that). 😉

hypercat54 profile image
hypercat54 in reply to Don-1931

Yeah some rubbish like that :D x

Love the poem Don. I hope you don't at least lose your get up - go is optional. :D x

O Dear Mojo

I am grieving for the loss

I need the get up and go go

so under the feet there is no moss.

I think car or campervan safer than train Don for when you are ready to get out there.

Will Miss Chief walk on a lead? Some cats don't like being away from home territory.

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Bkin

I call her Puss now, I thought Miss Chief a silly name. The little girl next door is a cat lover, I'm working out what to charge her for borrowing my cat. 😉

Oh yes Don, you're not on your own with that.

I know that feeling well.👍😀x Holly

I can relate to that Don-1931, I am feeling the same, seeing the crowds not social distancing or wearing masks (some of them) xx makes me very anxious so not sure when I will progress with my get up and go.

After a year of shielding I feel as if I have become institutionalised .....I have got so used to my routine of not doing much ....crocheted loads of blankets and shawls for charity which is something .My get up and go has gone for sure, plus the fact two of my social groups have closed for ever.

Second vaccine due tomorrow, .....will be strange to see other people .

As you say I will have to start anew . Baby steps .

'Nother lovely ditty Don! Haven't really ventured out on my own (no need!), but we are all (family) going out for a meal on Sunday for my son's birthday (his choice), so will see what my get up and go says to that! Brrrrrrrrrrr I think!! 😂😂 xx

I'm still trying to find that energy I once had.

I know the feeling Don. I think I've turned lazy. To much effort to go out so I'm still in lockdown mode.😘X

Sometimes we have to say to ourselves right I am going to do x y or z snd get on with it

I had to go into town yesterday and was dreading it as had to get a bus.

I was pleasantly surprised it was so easy what with walking frame and oxygen thought it would be hard. People on the bus were all wearing masks and sat sensibly, same in town, yes there were a few without a mask but in the shops most people were wearing masks.

Don, I thought Miss Chief was a brilliant name!

Love and hugs


Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to judes

Miss Chief or Mischief has been her name for twelve years now so Puss will just be her pet name between the two of us. 🙄 (I think I just heard Midge laughing her socks off.)

My Hubs and I are fully vaccinated and after a few weeks, we decided we'd feel safe going out to dine. When I took my mask off to eat my dinner, I realized I had no rouge, no face powder and no lipstick on, just my eye makeup like I've been wearing for the past year! We've been indoctrinated to a masked life!

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Solily in reply to dunnellon

So funny... we went out to dine yesterday for the first time in months!! We are both fully vaccinated also. It felt so strange ... like we were doing something illegal😂I also ... had to remember to put on a little more makeup. My husband probably thought.. now there's my wife 🤣

Excellent Mr.D &Black's a firm favourite..... another "Classic". ✨🏆✨. 🐿🌈😷xx

Oh yes. We had our first “social” engagement for a year this morning: coffee in a neighbours garden. And I didn’t want to go!!! How ungrateful is that? But I did and in the event it was great. But I could feel my brain creaking with the effort of making conversation. All out of gear, and protesting...Kxxx

I just read that out to my husband, Don, and you've got us both chuckling as we know the feeling well! You'll soon get your mo jo back once the sun comes out! xx Moy

Don, I know exactly where you’re coming from. My get up and go has definitely got up and gone. Since the end of shielding I’ve had to make myself go out.

Oh Don, I know how you feel 😄x

I can so relate to that Don, great poem. Jax 🐶

A great observation and poem Don. I’m hoping that that my ‘getting up ‘ is enough to stimulate friend ‘ Come on let’s go ‘ to kick into action. Grace

Tell it to come back and set us a good example.🧡🧡🧡😊

You've got it in one, Don! I'm sure there are many feeling anxious at going out and facing the world again, one step at a time. Take care xxx

Brilliant! 😄

🤣 I feel a bit like that Don

It's like we've all become hermits and have to re-learn how to interact with strangers again. Maybe my get up and go just became shy rather than got up and went. It is strange how quickly we get used to a situation, however different that is, until weird becomes normal. Now normal has become weird and we have to readapt to that. It's hard work!

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