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A week in the life of a Blackbird

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So a week ago Friday after walking a group of 5 dogs ..

We popped them all back into the van cleaned buckled and belted in on pulling out on to the road the magic doggo bus went clunky in the gear box .

We slowly drove them home Phew !!!!

Once home to our own place we discover somone has tried to take the pane of glass out of our front door obviously an attempt to break in and in broad daylight to boot.. the glass is hanging out the frame and I could put my my hand through it ....

So fast forward a few bad words a few puffs of ventolin police called mechanic called and on a Good Friday they came out to us for which we were so grateful...

The thieves didn't get in finger prints were taken and a glazier came and popped the window back in making the door secure ish .....

Stanley enjoyed the string of visitors and rolled on his back for each and everyone of them for a tummy tickle thinking they were only there to see him πŸ’œπŸ’œ...

The mechanic arrived and said yep your vans very broken and at a humongous cost it's problem will keep happening oil leaks and gear box leaks gear box runners had all split hence the clanking noises on driving ...

In the instance I cancelled all dog walks for last week and started the hunt for a new car van whatever came first ..

We now have a lovley estate car which is amazing bought click and collect style like your going to argos for a set of pots ....

if we dont like we can return within 14 days full money refunded covid style of shopping for a car πŸ˜‚

We are back up and running the business as of Tuesday the old van has gone to the scrapyard place in the sky but we got Β£1500 for her so that's okay ...

The thieves I doubt will never be caught as fingerprints didn't show on anything and we are awaiting a replacement door and a cctv thing so big brother will be waiting for you if you try my home again....

As well as buying a new estate car for the doggos I saw a little car for myself and I clicked and collected yesterday..

as well as a new set of pots and casserole dishes that are being delivered from somewhere up the Amazon today ..some would say these things happen and life is sent to try us all last Sunday all I could do was cry at the thought of the week ahead and this Sunday morning I'm in my bed still

Stanley's gone for a walk with the hubby and I have a smile knowing the rough patch is over ...I'm sure there will be many more to come as we all cant have life rosy ..

I hope everyone is well in themselves and now the warmer weather is here enjoying the sun ..

Stay safe all and look after yourself πŸ’œπŸ’œ

52 Replies

Wow Bb8 what a week you’ve had! I’m just so pleased all is well and you have not one but two modes of transport now. Thank goodness for that.

It’s awful having an attempted break in, shakes you up doesn’t it. I’m sure you’ll have a very smart, secure door soon plus cctv which is good.

Stanley got lots of fuss so every cloud as they sayπŸ˜€He must have been in his element.

Enjoy your day and stay safe and well. Thinking of you. πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’œβ€οΈ

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Blackbird8 in reply to sassy59

I dread to think what would have happened to them if I had been in when they tried to get in... At least they didn't get in and the week is now over..

Stay safe lovley lady πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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sassy59 in reply to Blackbird8


A memorable week Blackbird. Having been burgled once and an attempted break in once I can relate to how you felt. Hope the CCTV helps. We have that but it didn't stop two guys wearing balaclavas prowling round the house trying doors last year in the early hours. Outside and inside lights on too! Fortunately they went away without breaking in. Glad that all's well that ends well for you and it sounds like you've had a good spend too. Not sure about the warmer weather - we have a good layer of snow again this morning!

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Blackbird8 in reply to CDPO16

Oh my that sounds awful for you what a horrible thought..Too many of these break ins happening all to often

Sunshine all the way this week fingers crossed melt that snow and warm up πŸ’œπŸ’œ

What a crazy week. I'm glad to know you're safe and well. With one thing and another it must all have been quite a shock. I'm just glad it all finished well. Of course everyone was there just to see Stanley πŸ• It did make me chuckle at the thought of him expecting tickles from the police 😁 No warmer weather here, just lots of snow β›„

Main thing is it's over now and will be forgotten soon enough hopefully πŸ˜‚Stanley rolls over for anyone not just the police who were more than happy giving him tummy love ...

We have had a few flurries of the white stuff but it lasts about 30 seconds and gone such strange weather climate change is certainly upon us πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Isn't it strange but so often things come altogether and this is a perfect example Blackbird. The only thing I can say is I'm so glad things have worked out for you after such a dreadful experience. I had a similar experience last Summer when my car started doing kangaroo hops in the the middle of a nearby town centre at the traffic lights. It was dreadful with the other motorists beeping me to get a move on. I eventually drove two miles at 7 miles an hour, stopping and starting. Then trying to phone the rescue services was a nightmare as I couldn't get reception for my mobile phone. The story goes on but I won't bore you any longer as I am here to tell the tale much like you.I cant help but think how much worse your situation could well have been if you had completely broken down with all the dogs on board. Thankfully it didn't happen and you managed to chug home. You will now be so much more confident having some good, reliable transport.

Although you always look on the positive side of things its obvious, reading between the lines the experience gave you a bad knock. I hope you feel better soon and get back to enjoying daily walks with your four legged friends including that special one... Stanley.

Take care and look after yourself, Chrys x

There was a few angry moments for sure that someone thought it was okay to attempt that on my home...What a horrible experience for you to break down at the traffic lights...if somone had beeped at me I would shown a finger or two πŸ˜‚

Its lovley knowing it's over and back to work next week πŸ’œπŸ’œ

I think I can outdo that horrible experience. My car stopped dead on a very steep and winding hill in the Cotswolds. Of course idiots behind started bleeping, then worse people started passing me on the blind bend, in spite of the fact that vehicles were coming downhill the other way including heavy lorries which couldn't possibly have stopped in time. I was terrified that there was going to be a major accident. Eventually the car started and I limped to my destination, while daughter read maps to find us a way avoiding hills. The RAC towed us home via Birmingham. Turned out the clutch was slipping.

So glad everything is better now after a horrible experience someone trying to get into your house. These camera systems are becoming very popular. Between that and warnings here of scams on royal mail, Hermes etc what a world we live in!

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Blackbird8 in reply to Lemon7

It's a forever changing universally time we are going through and its becoming increasingly popular to break into houses with no thought for the owners or tenants πŸ’œ

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Lemon7 in reply to Blackbird8

Very true

Well what a week you have had and yet you still seem to be very positive. You have managed to resolve all issue's and can get back to walking the dogs. During all of this Stanley got lots of attention, he must have felt he had won the lottery with all the tummy tickles. So pleased that your week has ended and that you can put it behind you and carry on and get back to your daily walks. Best wishes and take care.πŸ’œπŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ€—

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Blackbird8 in reply to Snackjack

Thankyou my lovley yes not been a great week but some people have more to contend with... I was just having a little rant πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜‚ himself got very used to sitting by the door waiting for his people to visit πŸ˜‚

That is so awful burglars are despicable . I wonder how long they had been sussing out your daily timetable to try that in daylight. That is worrying that someone is watching you No fingerprints means wore gloves obviously old hands at breaking in .You have had a bad week but you have done really well since to get life back on track again so quickly.

Stanley is obviously an opportunist ! All those tummy tickles!

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Blackbird8 in reply to Jaybird19

I think they were just completely chancing there luck to be honest ...The police thought the same as me let them try to come back πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ Stanley is getting very crafty bless him found him in a bed during the week the giveaway sign was the hump under the duvet maybe he thought he was so slim we wouldn't see him 😬

Crikey BB8 what a demanding, challenging week you have had.

Its awful being broken into I do hope they catch the culprits.

I have a Ring doorbell now as I have had trouble with a neighbour, whilst the voice sound is not always top quality the video recording is excellent, so everything passing your door (you can set it to people only) is recorded. For me its like having a pair of eyes watching while I sleep and in the day time.

You have done well to sort things out, its always a shock when we encounter that sort of thing in life.

Take good care and have a wonderful enjoyable Sunday.


Thankyou Bkin I was thinking a ring doorbell thingy but we have bought 3 CCTV cameras instead pinned through the garden and above the doors ... I consider my back door as my front door as the front opens on to the pavement and it's never used ... I'm really surprised we turned things around so quickly as of last Sunday I was thinking would take at least 3 weeks to get up and running ..

You have a great day and enjoy πŸ’œ

That's just awful for you Stan making the most of it bless him. Take care. Holly πŸ’–x

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Blackbird8 in reply to Hollyjt

Thankyou Stan makes the most of anything and quite rightly so πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ

you have had a eventful time. Expensive too. Glad you treated yourself as well. Take care and stay safe.x

Thankyou Kat just glad it's over now and we can move on πŸ’œ

Oh no Bb8, that all sounds terrible 😒 It’s a lot to deal with in a week, even if Stan lapped up the extra attention πŸ˜‚Sending you love πŸ’• and hugs πŸ€—

Dee xxx

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Blackbird8 in reply to madonbrew

It's been a horrible week but it's gone now so we are smiling again thankyou ever so much love and hugs back πŸ’œ

What an awful week you have had BB but thankfully it’s over and everything is ok again with you knowing your home is a lot safer than it was a few days ago. The scum that break in or attempt to break in to other peoples homes should get an automatic year in jail with hard labour! No sitting in their β€˜room’ playing computer games etc.

Love the car deals.... πŸ˜ƒπŸ¦‹πŸ€

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Blackbird8 in reply to Gladwyn

The car deals are very strange click and collect and away you go πŸ˜‚I cant bring myself to think what goes through these peoples minds to do something like that sadly they have no idea the affect they have πŸ’œ

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Gladwyn in reply to Blackbird8

So very handy though sounds a bit odd lol to Click and collect a car!

Trouble is the wicked so and so’s are rarely caught and even if they are no real punishment it seems.

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Blackbird8 in reply to Gladwyn

They don't know the meaning of punishment today it's a slap on the wrist πŸ˜”

Gosh what a week hope the future is better for you

Thankyou that's kind of you πŸ’œ

I love your positivity, so inspirational πŸ’“.

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Blackbird8 in reply to Shirleyj

Thankyou Shirley if we didn't laugh we would cry for sure I'm just happy it's over been through the mill a few times in the past as I'm sure everyone has bad times ...pop them in a box and forget them πŸ’œ

Poor old you. What a week you have had. Take it easy for a while. I'm glad it's been sorted so quickly and that life can get back to normal. xxx

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Blackbird8 in reply to Alberta56

Ah I wish I could take things easy lol back to work tomorrow but that's okay with me ... stay safe lovley πŸ’œ

Oh no ! What an awful time you’ve had πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Luckily you are such a positive individual and as you say the negative feelings that linger after these events will fade Thankfully there is always sunshine after the rain and here’s a picture of your namesake enjoying her daily bath in the sun yesterday oblivious to the trials us mere humans suffer . Hope she cheers you as much as she did me , it was like watching aqua aerobics πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ˜‚

Lovely day for a freezing bath !

Awww that's so lovley but I'm really not so sure about people taking my picture when I'm in the bath especially my singing voice please tell me there are no videos...Thankyou ever so for your kind comments its appreciated πŸ’œπŸ’œ

πŸ˜‚ 🀣 xxx

WOW !! What a week you’ve both had, but all delt with , onward & upwards. Enjoy your amazing walks especially now the weather has improved.

Sending you a BIG WARM HUG πŸ₯°

Ahhh thankyou that's warmed me right to the tip of my size 2 feet πŸ˜‚ definitely on the back burner as of now πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Oh bless bb8 what a time you’ve had. Glad you were able to get a replacement doggy bus plus a few other items. It’s awful when you don’t feel safe in your home. Lots of scumbags about. 🀞all goes well from now on. Cuddles to Stanley. Hugs to you and your hubby πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Thankyou ever so much for the hugs appreciated...I'm just pleased it's over and we can move on away from a horrible situation.. I hope you are getting out to have a walk in the woods πŸ’œ

That was some week BB8, not to be repeated😟 so pleased to hear you got life back on track pretty quick, you certainly don't let the grass grow under your feet!! At least Stan got loads of attention, we have a labrador that does exactly the same. Trust life settles down and you get back into your usual routine and no further upsets like that again. Lots of cheer😊 Carol xxx

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Blackbird8 in reply to HollyBoyd

Thankyou ever so much that's kind of you ...Ooooo I love a labrador they are such amazing creatures in their own right never a full tummy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wow! That was a week that doesn't need a rerun for sure! 'Course, Stan might have a different feeling about it!

😊 My house has never been broken into (knock on wood!) but I had my clothing stolen off the drying line in the fenced-in back yard. It's a disturbing feeling when you've been targeted. Hopefully, your new door and system will bring you peace of mind. Stay well! Always love your photos!

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Blackbird8 in reply to dunnellon

I'm fine with it now brushed under the carpet and left there not to be seen again πŸ˜‚ I have had washing taken before off the line that's more creepy to me than the attempted break in ..Stanley is still waiting by the door for his visitors but none have arrived as yet poor boy πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Oh bless you my heart goes out to you. I've been burgled 3 times in the past. Do hope you are feeling better today. Xx Ps I didn't get out of bed much on Sunday sometimes you are allowed a "Duvet Day" or morning

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Blackbird8 in reply to shouty

Oh my goodness 3 times that's just nasty I'm sorry you have went through that ..I love a sunday lay in peaceful and toast crumbs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ

Omg BB that would have floored me, I really don' t handle stress very well nowaday's and seem to be getting worse as I get older. I must take a leaf out of your book and be more positive. Thank goodness you have got things sorted quickly and are back on track x

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Blackbird8 in reply to Izb1

Thankyou so much believe me at the time my heart was broken and I the anger I felt I never want to feel again ΔΊ guess thats why I moved so quick to turn things round ..

You are stronger than you think and your comments and posts are lovley thank you for caring πŸ’œ

Definitely a busy week but you’re on the upturn now. Stay strong and please post more pictures of Stanley when you can. 🐞

Thankyou lovley...I will certainly post some more of himself when the opportunity allows πŸ’œ

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