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Hi, spicy Bev here...

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I am writing to let you know that I had my results read to me today and I have stage 4 lung cancer.

So I thought, if anyone has any personal experience or good advice I would be very grateful to hear from you.

I'm still going to battle this anyway I can so please let me know. And don't be sad yet!! I'm still here!!

Hugs, spicy Bev👍😊🤗♥️🙏

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I love your positivety, you keep fighting. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Thank you Bernadette and Jack🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗👍

Love your attitude ! 😃

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Gingerapple in reply to shouty

Thank you, shouty😄👍🤗

Some people don't like the expression battling against cancer,but sod them,you get your best armour on Spicy fruit Bev and smash it to bits,we will be here to polish your lance and keep an edge on your sword when you need us.Love Ski's and Scruff's

🙃😻 x

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hypercat54 in reply to skischool

That's a lovely way of putting it skis - much more colourful. x

A..thank you! That's what I want to hear, I'm glad you're there, my lung-family😉Thank you Ski's and Scruff's 🥰🥰🥰👍

Oh that's a horrible diagnosis Bev and I am so sorry. They can do wonderous things these days though so yes keep fighting my lovely. Remember you haven't got to be brave or strong as that's too much pressure but we are with you all the way holding your hand.

Sending healing vibes and hugs. Bev xxx

Hi Bev Thank you so much! You help me just by responding to me, that gives me strength, too. I need that because I can't see my family at the moment and it's great to have all of you on my side🥰🥰🥰♥️👍💐

Always here for you Bev dear. 👌✔💖 xx

Sorry about the news and I have no experience or advice but I'm rooting for you Bev xx

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Gingerapple in reply to CDPO16

Aw Thank you, you're supporting me right now with your response 🤗😊🥰

Keep fighting- you are an inspiration. Best wishes xxx.

Thank you, Alberta, every wonderful message from you all gives me optimism and support 🤗👍😊

Hi Bev, You give me optimism and support. xxx🧡🧡🧡

That’s the attitude! Sorry to hear the unwelcome news but cheering you on every step of the way. With lots of love. Xx

Thank you, Artichokes, it's your response that will also keep me going!😊👍🤗

Keep going. X

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Gingerapple in reply to Oshgosh

OK Oshgosh, thank you!👍😊

I am so sorry to hear this news. Let's hope that they can find a treatment for you and can at least arrest it. I hope you can can keep up some positivity and optimism because that will help you.

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Thank you, dear 2greys, without your advice, a while back, I would not have insisted on a CT scan, which they were to give me first in May, it might have all been too late, now I may have a chance.I am to have some DNA tests and the Oncologists will determine my therapy. I will work very hard on the positivity and optimism. Thank you, 2greys👍😊

Yes you’re still here Bev and thank goodness for that. Your positivity is very uplifting.

Lots of love, Carole xxx💓😍🥰😘👍

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Gingerapple in reply to sassy59

Thank you Carole🥰🤗♥️

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Gingerapple in reply to sassy59

Hi Carole, love your message, thank you! Please give my best to Pete, too, I hope he's doing well! And you, of course🤗🥰

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Bless you Bev, kind of you to ask after us. We’re both well thank you. 🥰🤗💖xxx

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I'm glad to hear that 🤗♥️

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Sending my best wishes to you. Holly xx

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Gingerapple in reply to Hollyjt

Thank you, Holly, 😊👍🤗

Spicy Bev...what a year you are having! ..what with your flood too! You are fabulous! 😘Love from Dee x

Aw, dear Dee, thank you for your message. Well, it really hasn't been my year, in fact I have never had so many bad things happen to me, or new sicknesses occur in the whole of my entire life! It's uncanny! Thanks, Dee, your support is great! I hope you're well?🤗👍😊💐

🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖🌺🌼 🌸


Onwards and upwards Gingerapple! It's all we can do! I wish you all the best on your journey and that you will be able to see your family soon. I am lucky as I live with one of my sons and family in extended living as we have a granny annexe xxx

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Gingerapple in reply to Annie31

A granny annexe? I love that, Annie!😁Thank you for your good wishes and it must be onwards, where else shall we go😉I also hope that someone comes soon, I think they are making plans already to reach me👍😊Thank you for your support, Annie 🤗🥰💐

So sorry to hear the news but you have such a fantastic positive attitude going for you and you have all of us on this site supporting you all the way. Sending you lots of best wishes, thinking about you and sending virtual hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Thank you Snackjack, it's nice to hear that. That's why this site is so great, I love you all on here for all the support we all get from each other! Thank you for the virtual hugs, I send you some back, too🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍💐🍷😉

Come on Bev you can smash this!You are such a positive lady.😘

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Gingerapple in reply to Chriskho

Thank you Chriskho!😊That's my intention👍Thank you so much for that!🤗

I'm sorry to hear that.

Thanks Catgirl🤗🥰💐

Dear Spicy Other Bev. Sending you huge amounts of love and good wishes, and my sheep are sending you their warmest, most soft and fluffy sheepy hugs. I was going to tell you about one of my sheep but I thought you might think I’m trivialising things, but I’ll tell you anyway, and you can just skip this bit if you want: one of my sheep is a poorly thing. His ewe died when he was a little lamb. Then his twin died. He was put with a little lamb friend, and the little friend died. He’s deaf and can’t see very well. He was good for nothing so was going to be “sent away”. I rescued him to come live with me. I discovered he has digestive problems, which is very inconvenient when you have 4 stomachs. He’s not the smartest sheep. He’s had 2 health problems in the past few weeks that I had to call the vet about. But I love him and he gives the best sheepy hugs, and he is a great mascot for our dodgy lung family, because he’s a reject and has everything wrong with him, but he keeps getting back up and keeps going. A bit like us. It’s about 7 years since he came to live with me. He was written off. But he’s still here and going strong, as strong as he can be anyway, in his own way.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is here except keep on keeping on. Keep on running to the sea. We are all here with you 🤗 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

Oh Hufflepuff, I love that little sheep so much already, and you know he sounds just like me😊I have digestive problems, too😔but I have just one stomach so I'm doing better than him, poor baby😔😉♥️What is his name? Your story has touched my heart😔♥️I would love to meet him or see a photo. I feel so happy since you told me about him, I will just keep on keeping on and keeping him in my mind's eye and that has made me really feel better about my problems now. I love animals!! Thank you so much Hufflepuff, you are a great dodgy lung friend 🤗♥️I'm glad you're all here, everyone!!!♥️♥️♥️


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Yatzy in reply to Gingerapple

That’s such an uplifting story from HH, spicy Bev, pointing you in the right direction ❤️

You must just keep on keeping on, there’s no other way, my lovely friend. Let the medics worry about the health way forward, you just keep on , enjoying each and every day as much as you can. Set a treat a day....use your uplifting personality to keep you on top!

Nothing is set in stone in this life, let’s hope things work out best for you.

We’re always, always here for you, Bev 🥰 So much love from us all ❤️💜💚💛❤️💜💝 xxxxxx Penny xxxxxx

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Gingerapple in reply to Yatzy

Hi Penny😊Wasn't that the most uplifting and heartfelt story ever? Hufflepuff always cheers me up with her beautiful sheep, she always hits the right note. I will keep on and will keep up the exercises as usual as I can and I will enjoy my little garden, my stray cat 🐈 and the birds 🐦I feed😊A red wine🍷😁Thank you for being there Penny, a d I send a 🤗 or 🤗🤗Love to you, Penny🥰🥰🥰😘

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Yatzy in reply to Gingerapple

All sound so great, BevğŸ¡ğŸ¦‹ğŸžğŸ§ğŸ¦€ğŸğŸ‘ğŸˆğŸŒ¸ğŸŒºğŸ€ğŸ·ğŸŒˆâ˜€ï¸ big 🤗🤗🤗 back to you. Still got my eye on running to the sea together....once the ❄️⛄️ has settled Big bright love ❤️🥰 💜🥰❤️ xx

Huff, that is such a lovely and uplifting message and story about your sheep and it has a beautiful moral to keep on keep going! To me it offers hope and how when we are loved it gives us courage and strength to keep going despite our circumstances and I imagine spicy Bev will love it as much as I did! xxx

I do, I do love it it has given me real courage!! Full of love🐑♥️🤗

Lovely reply HH. That sheep is an inspiration. Xx❤️🥰💜

Thats a lovely uplifting story HH, think we have all fallen in love with your sheep x

Hufflepuff you are brilliant rescuing a poor little sheep who had so much going against him.

Oh, Bec, sorry to hear this but I hope your positivity and happy, bubbly personality will help you through this. I’m sure you have a supportive family and am sure they’ll play a big part in helping you. You’re not alone and anything I can do to help just let me know. Love and the very best of wishes. Your friend, Christine. 😘 XXX

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Gingerapple in reply to CELAT06

Hi Christine, you're so kind, I'm being spoilt tonight with so much love and support, it has made my whole day! My children are trying to get here as soon as possible😊Thank you so much, I will let you know, but your support is the best help I need❤Sleep well, your friend Bev xxx🤗

This was a week or so ago (it’s still snowing now!)

Aw, I have never seen a more beautiful sheep!! So beautiful, Hufflepuff, thank you for the pic♥️🐑♥️🐑♥️🐑

I have copied the pic♥️🐑♥️🤗

Hi Bev, sorry for the name mix up, that’s predictive text for you and I didn’t check it first !!!XXX

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Gingerapple in reply to CELAT06

Oh no, that's not a problem, I have sent things to people where they send me a text with a dozen question marks????? And then I read it😳😳🤦😁

Keep up the fighting spirit. We are rooting for you. And always hear for you. Sending you a hugg.

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Gingerapple in reply to corriena

Thank you corriena🤗That's such a joy! Hug hug, hug!!🤗🤗Thank you♥️

Dear spicy Bev, sending you my best good wishes. You will get the best Oncologist Treatment. Always be positive Hun. Lots of love. Carolina. 💖😘💖⚘

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Gingerapple in reply to Hacienda

Hey there, Carolina! Long time no hear! I will be positive . I hope I get the best oncology treatment, but Christie's made a mistake that's why it went from tiny to full blown! So, I'm positive about me but not so sure about these Oncologists😔I will know soon. Thanks for your message sweetie 🥰💪💖🌺

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Gingerapple in reply to Hacienda

That sounded weird but I'm wondering what they might offer now? Hugs to you, I hope you're better?🥰💪💖

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Hacienda in reply to Gingerapple

Morning Hun, Are you to have Chemo & Radio as the usual? It worked for my Daughter, she is in 6 years remission. I realize we are all different. I am Coping, I have Palliative & Community Nurses these days, they are very Good. I wish you a Positive Oncologist that gets you Better. Much Love Hun. C. xxx💖💕🌹😘

Makes good night time reading baa baa .yesterday hooked up at chemo a handsome old chap showed me his port saying its much better than a picc line.. I tried to play a game on my phone but being nosy I said, had it long, yes 14 years ago they gave me 6 months to live,, still here driving the kids mad. I guess we deal with whats thrown at us but Bev, STRONG is what you are. Now get your socks off ..go paddle. Jane.

Hi, Bev! I'm 10.5 years with stage 4 lung cancer. You can read my bio. Just please know that we ( lung cancer patients) are living longer. The statistics you find on line are not reflected in the survival rates.

Sorryto read your news. You are very brave and positive and i think amazing.

Fantastic attitude keep fighting and stay positive never give up 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Thank you Davey, I am going to try, hopefully I will always hear from all you lovely lung buddies


Of that you can guarantee keep safe and stay positive 🤗🤗🤗


Hugs and kisses , treat yourself every day Bev, here for you like we all on here are xx

Thank you Martinack. I will do my best!👍💪🥰

Keep fighting this demon, try to remain positive.God bless and keep you safe xx

Thank you so much I will!! Thank you for your string message 🤗👍💪

Hi GingerappleI just want to add to the positive vibes and am sending love and light 🐑🐑🐑🐏🐏🐏🌝🌝🌝🌝🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈.

I love your description of the small things you are taking deep pleasure in.


I’m so glad your children are coming.


Thank you Hellodolly.I don't know when they will get here. I have a friend coming anyway! Thank you for the vibes and light🌺💖🥰🤗

I don't have any advice. Just wanted to say glad you are still here and putting up a good fight. Everyone is here for you x

Gingerapple, what is the cause of it

Hi I had a stage 1 tumour in my lower right lung I had radiation therapy but that didn't work 😒🌻🥰☕

Thank you Gingerapple very much for your reply. Does smoking caused tumor or other things.

I was advised not to waste energy on the causes of my disease but to use the energy to manage it and live every day. Take Gingerapple as an example and fill your life with positivity.

Thinking of you and wishing you Summer every day, family cuddles to melt into, and something to make you smile every day. I love your attitude, just keep it going x🐶x

Good morning HighGables☕😊Thank you so much, Summer is always a lovely time🌼🍀🏵🌻I will get some hugs soon when they get here, thank yo u so much for your great support!🥰🤗👍💐

Hi Spicy Bev, I just wanna say I'm rooting for you and send my very best wishes for your exciting journey ahead.

Hi Greenthorn What a great message! Indeed this will be a great challenge and indeed an adventurous journey I hope I have the stamina . Hugs to you👍🤗🤗

And please keep sending postcards from where you land or disembark! ❤️

Thank you Greenthorn I will😁🤗👍🥰

You have the right Positive attitude to fight this. We are all here for you . Good luck. Sending you Welsh cwtches. xxSheila 💕🙌👍🙏💐🥂🍾💕

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Gingerapple in reply to garshe

Hello Sheila,Thank you so much for the Welsh cwtches🤗I hope I can stay positive through it all😘🥰Thank you for your caring support💐I hope you're well👍

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garshe in reply to Gingerapple

I like you try to stay Positive and this I believe keeps me going. Appointment for 2nd covid-19 vaccination today so a little trip out. Dont go out much as the weather still too cold for me. At least I have made the effort to get my glad rags and face slap on . Lol. Stay Positive . Sending hugs xxSheila 🙌💕😘💕

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Gingerapple in reply to garshe

Thank you Sheila. How was the 2nd vaccine? Happy Sunday 👍💖🌺

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garshe in reply to Gingerapple

All went well thanks. I was surprised as when I went for my first vaccination the car park was full, this time it was empty. Not many there. I had the Oxford AstraZeneca so was wondering if maybe there were cancellations after all the fuss on the media. I dont take notice of some reports as I was told the HRT was a high risk with serious side effects. I took it for 20yrs and was happy to continue but a young Locum came to our surgery and stopped my prescription. No side effects so far with vaccination so fingers crossed all ok. Hope you are feeling well and still staying Positive. Lots of hugs xxSheila 💕💕

Sending you positive thoughts and hugs glad you have such a positive attitude x

Thank you Regine,I'm so happy for your message😊Nowhere else to go, have to stay positive, your message boosts me up🥰🥰👍💐

So sorry to read about your diagnosis. So inspired by your attitude. Keep on doing what it takes, and we will be here walking beside you in our virtual way xx

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Gingerapple in reply to Ergendl

Thank you Ergendl I appreciate your message very much, thank you for your support, as always 👍🥰🤗

I have a friend who had your diagnosis some twenty years ago. He was told he had a better chance of winning the lottery. The doctor didn’t offer much hope. He said it made him so damned mad, he’d beat it just to wipe the look off her face. And he has!It’s hard news I know, to hear, but treatments are amazing now and attitude is more than half the fight.


Thank you for that, could you elaborate on what he did, what he was treated with?👍😊🤔

If you give me a day or so, I’ll get a hold of what information I can. Hang in there, I know you’re facing a daunting challenge!

Best, Anne

Thank you Anne, you're an angel👍😊🤗💖

My iPad is driving me nuts!

I've contacted Jim’s ex and she said he had a round of chemo but she doesn't remember how many doses. I'd say probably 4/6 and then 6/8 weeks of radiation. After that, they put him through another round of chemo, which I gather is not common. He didn't have a second round of radiation.

He took also a couple of supplements which I was not able to send pictures of (hence my frustration with my iPad) but it is called:

Nature's Way Cell Forte IP-6& Inositol which comes in both powder and capsules. Amazon UK carries it. He also had his faithful cat Zorro that he swore helped to boost his immune system because it never left his side.

I so wish I could give more details but since it's been twenty years, details are scanty. I just know that he made it, because frankly he can be pretty cussed! I do know that attitude helps, faith helps, support helps. Find the best doctors you can, and if they aren't there for you, find others, because having a team you can work with, will take you a long way.

And everyone here has your back!


Hi Anne,It seems I didn't reply!😳How rude of me!! So, I'm really thankful for your info Anne, and I'm glad you've all got my back 🤗🥰I did buy the supplements from Amazon, so I'm on those. I start therapy next week, will know on Thursday, 29.4. So will keep you in the loop 🤗👍Thank you so much for your support, Anne I need all that! Hugs and love to you💐🥰👍

Oh ginge, you’re not rude! You’ve got a lot on your plate. Been sending good vibes your way!! I’ll be with you in spirit on your treatment journey. Remember always, be easy on yourself. It is a hard road and just for right now, you need to take more than you give. Not everyone has to take this journey, but we who’ve traveled this road know the way isn’t straight. It’s rather like a wicked kid’s game, three moves forward and back to square one. Keep rolling those ğŸŽ²â€¼ï¸


Hi Anne,You're such a comfort!🤗I'm glad you're going to be with me in spirit! And I'm receiving your good vibes👍😊I hope you're well, all of us on here have reason to suffer. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll catch up with you soon. Big hugs, Anne🤗😊👍💐💖🌺😘

Keep fighting! All the best and many blessings xx

Thank you so much!🤗💖👍

Hi I love the positive attitude you have and wish you every strength to fight this .

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Gingerapple in reply to B0xermad

Thank you BOxermad!🤗🥰👍

Sheer guts & determination Bev! What a great attitude you have, going through one thing after another. Is immunotherapy an option?Have heard this is the way forward. Wishing you all the best ! Linda🥰

Hi there Linda I don't know if immunotherapy is an option, I haven't seen the Oncologist yet, chemo is out of the equation, I think, I hope whatever it is it'll be relatively aggressive. Thank you for your support 🥰🤗🌺💪

Sorry to hear your diagnosis. But with your positive attitude i am sure you will live every moment... which is something we should all do ...every day as life for us all is terminal by its very nature. I send you wishes that every day brings you a new joy and precious moment to paste into our scrapbooks of life...

You are one brave lady. I wish you all the luck in the world. Xx

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Gingerapple in reply to Biofreak

Thanks Biofreak 👍💪🤗🌺🥰

A terrific attitude really positive all the best lots of love xxx

Thank you Eastend,Just waiting for my treatment now! Thank you for your love🌸🌺🤗👍

We are all here to hold your hand on this journey Bev, so much love is being sent through the airwaves to you and your lovely spirit will guide you. Lots of love and hugs Irene x

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Gingerapple in reply to Izb1

Hi Irene,Thank you for your love and hugs and holding my hand on my journey I love that support🥰🤗I'm glad you're with me. Lots of love and hugs back to you Irene, thanks for being there!🥰🤗♥️♥️🌺🌸🙏

You are a strong lady Bev, I'm sending you love and positive vibes. You can do this !!! (((💓))) 🙏🌼🌺🌹💮🌸💓xxx

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Gingerapple in reply to Shirleyj

Hi Shirleyj,Thank you so much for your support! I love those positive vibes and love🥰🌻🌺🌸💖🍀🌼🏵♥️👍🙏

Sending you a BIG WARM HUG Spicy Bev 🥰

Awww, I love Big warm hugs🤗🥰🥰and I send some back, thank you Souielouie, for your support 🥰💐🤗

Not great news, Bev, but with your attitude you will get there :) It must be such a boost to know you have so many people on this site beside you all the way! Good luck with everything xx

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Gingerapple in reply to leo60

Thank you leo, I have been overwhelmed with support I am indeed humbled. Thank you for your support and good wishes to me! Hugs🤗💐

I love your name Spicy Bev and your positive outlook!I do not have any words of wisdom but just want to send you my best wishes for treatment xxxx

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Gingerapple in reply to BP135

Thank you BP it's just great hearing encouragement and thank you so much for your wonderful support and it's great to see you here, thank you!🤗💐🥰

Hi Bev, so sorry for your bad news but with your positive attitude if anyone can beat it you can. Stay strong and we are all here for you any time that you need to either just chat or let off steam. Thinking of you. John

Thanks John,I really do soak up the encouragement at the moment, difficult times. I will be back if I need to scream😉😁💪Thanks for your support, John👍🍷🤗

Hi Bev - sorry to hear of this latest trial for you . I'm sure you are ready for the oncoming battle and wish you well for this journey . Lots of positive advice for you from our friends . I don't have any -sorry- but am sending you lots of hugs to help you on your way. Hope your family are able to visit soon. xx 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗Anita

Hi Anita,Nice to see you! Thanks for the wonderful encouragement! I've got my head together, anyway😉😁💪

I hope one of my daughter's gets here soon and my long-term friend from Germany is trying to get here. Very difficult to travel these days without papers, rather like WWII trying to leave Berlin!!😟Hugs to you, thank you for your support 🥰🥰💐

Great to hear from you, stay positive ,a big hug!

Thank you persevere! I return your hugs, thank you for your support!!🤗🥰💐

Good for you Bev - I admire your spirit - keep on fighting. Hugs

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Gingerapple in reply to Dedalus

Thank you Dedalus!! I will! Hugs for you🤗🤗🥰💐

I love your positivity and when we feel down we should ask "what would Gingerapple do?" Sending love ❤and strength 💪.

WOW Karenanne! What a compliment, what an honour! I hope I h ave this kind of mettle when the chips are really down! But I am positive! Thank you for your love and strength, your words touch my soul!♥️😊💐🤛💪

Thankyou for taking the time to reply. We all need more positivity. 💪❤

But of course! Always, I always reply! Have a lovely weekend!🥰💐

Sending you more hugs and love to add to the others, stay strong, thinking of you and wishing you all the best for your journey. Love Carol 🤗❤️🤗 xxx

Thank you so much Carol, just what I need👍🤗Your support us great!!🥰💐

Such a spirited lady always good to stay positive even when the roof falls in sending lots of ❤️❤️❤️

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Gingerapple in reply to Jambar52

Hi Jambar, Thank you, and the roof has fallen in😁😄but I'm staying strong, hugs for you!🤗👍🥰

Keep your positive attitude Bev, and stay strong. Thinking of you, Jean xx :)

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Gingerapple in reply to O2Trees

Thank you Jean! I will stay positive! Your message means a lot to me. I also hope for our NHS to remain with us and not be privatised, although it has already started. I'll be thinking of you, you I hope you're feeling well, Jean🤗🥰💐♥️

My doc said to keep looking forward, don't look back, attitude is half the battle and remember there is a higher power. Your attitude is inspirational! You go girl!

Aww....I love you for that, dunnellon! That is great advice. I hope the higher power can feel me♥️Thank you for your wonderful compliment👍😁🤗🥰😊♥️💐

Sending a big hug and best wishes. I am sorry I have no experience or good advice but you are a strong person with a great attitude , a real winner so stay positive. Rooting for you along with everyone else. 🦋🍀💙💚💛

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Gingerapple in reply to Gladwyn

Thank you Gladwyn! I love big hugs🤗Sharing and being there is everything! I will think of your words. I remain positive and I am so very grateful for your support!🥰🤗💐♥️

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Gladwyn in reply to Gingerapple

Bless you Bev. 👏 Stay strong.😄🦋🍀💐

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Thank you so much Gladwyn🥰🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️

Hi Spicy Bev sorry to hear your news but kudos to you for a fantastic attitude! apart from my dodgy lungs i've had cancer but breast cancer a few years ago, had an op, lots of appointments another hospital admission and then 15 days of radiotherapy and i'm still in remission, of course i could see my family and friends who were wonderful, i think having a positive attitude helped me also love and hugs to you and healing vibes from pamela and little paws 💙💚💙💚xxxx

Hi Pamela and little paws,We all have been through so much. I seem to have had a lot of cancer, too, but the radiation didn't work. I hope I can keep strong, and I'm truly grateful for your support. I am waiting for a family member to get here soon. Thank you so much for your healing vibes, I hope you are well?🥰♥️🤗💐

💙💚 xxxx

I have cancer too and I found this video interesting:

Anti-Angiogenesis: Cutting Off Tumor Supply Lines you can see it on youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=gAk-MHv...

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Thank you very much INK, I will get back to you as soon as I have watched it👍🤗🥰

Sorry about your news, but stay positive.

I got exactly the same diagnosis 17 months ago. First immunotherapy worked wonderfully, but didn't like me after two doses (got hepatitis and then pneumonia). Most people find immunotherapy great if the situation is right for that treatment, but some like me don't (much to my disgust!)Told to take 3 months off to build up some strength in January 2020, but in April exactly a year ago, had a seizure in the night just before chemotherapy was due to start and was literally written off. Turned out to be a brain tumour!

....got myself a new consultant due to Coronavirus making treatment harder to get, he arranged chemotherapy at home for me - was helping, but made me really ill (I'm obviously terrible with drugs) so then he sent me to the Leeds unit for one session of Gamma Knife Surgery to kick that new tumour out as soon as possible, and then arranged 15 sessions of radiotherapy which ended last October. Gradually recovered from the after effects and can now walk the dog, use a treadmill on cold wet days, and did two days of gardening with husband and sons on those two lovely warm days last week!

It's a journey, but I keep looking for that little light at the end of the tunnel, and can see a decent glow now (positivity!)

Just had two scans this morning (CT & MRI) after 3 months off hospital visits, and hoping for some decent results next week.

I've seen lots of new treatments and combinations being tested and introduced for use, so never give up hope that one of these treatments will help you - many people here have found something that makes a big difference.

Stay fit and eat well whenever you can. It's not 'yours', you didn't invite it in, so do whatever you and the doctors can to kick the blighter out! You may find that whatever is tried first is brilliant for you!

Still Standing! Feeling better, and breathing better!

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Hi MacColl,What a wonderful story! It sounds like you've had a big fight, it's the after effects of things that worry me😕that I will get other things and make the whole thing much worse. But I will hang on in there and take it as it comes, just like you. I am doing a lot of fitness and will be swimming 🏊‍♀️again when the gym opens. I am just beginning so I will keep you up to date and love to hear your progress, too. Thank you so much for sharing ❤🤗How are you doing today?

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Thank you - it's to hope you'll see that treatment may not be as bad as it sounds. I felt as though I'd been hit by a train when I was told.After some weeks of Respiratory consultants doing tests and finding out what it was and where, then that I was suitable for an immunotherapy treatment , I was passed on to oncology and began the treatment.

Just because one person doesn't tolerate a treatment, it may be that the next person will do very well with it. I met people doing very well with immunotherapy, and also chemotherapy ...I didn't.

I have coped with radiotherapy, and the after effects may have been tough for a while, but not as bad as chemotherapy was for me. Other people with be just the opposite.

It's important to climb aboard with a consultant you trust, and work with them to make every effort to make whatever is suggested work.

I let mine know that I wanted him to throw everything he could at me because I love my life and the people in it.

I told him that irrespective of my age, I also have a career still, and although work has been minimal or non existent this past 18 months, I am starting to work again albeit slowly.

If the scan results from today show any specific need, he'll send me for more radiotherapy. Just hoping that the results show some good progress.

He has done as I requested and I'm very grateful to him for that.

He hasn't even dismissed the notion of trying immunotherapy again at some point in perhaps a weaker form if he thinks it necessary. A bit of a scary notion, but whatever, I'll go along with it.

Try not to worry too much about the after effects - it's not unusual, and although it can be unpleasant in varying degrees it's all in a good cause! There's always plenty of help with any after effects.

With immunotherapy, the hospital will be used to dealing with any after effects similar to the ones I had - I was very well looked after both times, and although not ideal, they made me well again.

I wish you well, and as you no doubt know, you have lots of people here always happy to listen and offer support.

I also had a Macmillan nurse appointed to me in the hospital and he was wonderful - even visited me on the ward when I had pneumonia. A very helpful bridge between me and the medical team whenever I had questions, concerns, or just needed some moral support.

As for me, I'll no doubt worry a little all weekend, and probably be contacted next week to go in to see the consultant ...quaking on our shoes as always - and just hoping we're greeted with some positive news. I'll let you know!

Stay positive, keep swimming :)

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You are magnificent! And I know how hard these things are. I only have this one lung as the other was resected and still have breast cancer so I have no idea what they will do, but I would love to keep you updated but please do the same and all my strength goes out to you for the news you will hear next week♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

What a wonderful and positive spirit.

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Thank you winabago,You keep me going too, with your lovely positive support 🤗🥰💐

Others have said things a lot better than I ever could

But the furries and I are rooting for you, try and keep that positive attitude it does make a difference. I’m sure that’s what’s keeping my very elderly cat going she still keeps the little kits under control! (Roughly 23!)

Love hugs and purrs from the felines



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Thank you judesI thank you for your support, it means so much to me and I'm going to keep as much positivity as possible, just like your loving cat does for the kitties!🤗👍🐈Thanks judes🥰🤗💐

So sorry to hear that. Glad to hear t you being positive about it

Thank you Jaybird, I hope I stay focused and not fall😕🤗🤗

Attitude is everything. You’ve got this ğŸž

Thank you!! I truly hope so! Thanks for your great message!!🤗🥰

Dear Gingerapple, You have such a fighting spirit and deserve everyone’s support. A big virtual hug. xx

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Aw.. thank you Lupino, I'm truly honoured to have all this support! A big hug to you, too 🥰🤗💐

I’m so sorry to hear your diagnosis but happy to hear you being positive and hopeful. Take your pleasures wherever and however you can while you’re waiting for treatment to begin and I wish you the very best when it does.

Thanks teenieleek💪👍🥰🤗

Your an inspiration. What a a fantastic attitude to really rubbish news. You go girl x

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Thank Kelly, that's what I need to hear!👍💪🤗🥰

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