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Difficulty in breathing and blaming COVID-19

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I write this in anticipation of others, of reaching to others experiencing the same ailments.

I am in my early fifties, with a good level of fitness and suffered from an sudden onset of acute right-sided chest pain, which has led to lung infection. Two months later, I'm still suffering with shortness of breath, fatigue and very concerned if I will have this for the rest of my life. I have mentioned the COVID-19 to medical practitioners but all are reluctant to say it is this. I have previously tested negative for COVID-19 but continue to believe that I am another statics, with potential life life changing health implications. I am waiting for referral to the lung-clinic but they are overwhelmed and despite the NHS best response, I feel there will be little or nothing can be done. Long-COVID is a a serous conversation to be had for us all.

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There are many other things which could cause your symptoms apart from covid so I guess that's why the doctors are reluctant to put it down to this. Have they run any tests or scans to find the cause? More common symptoms are among others fever, a bad cough, loss of appetite etc.

We all suffer from lung disease on here so the effects of covid aren't necessarily the same as those who don't and as for long covid very little is still known about it.

X-ray - diagnosed lung infection.

Hi Cornishboy. Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough, and at such a time as everyone and everything in the medical system is at such a stretch. Or is it, as you think it maybe as a result of Covid? I am so sorry I cannot help, but there ARE people on this site who have had or know others who have had Covid and I hope they can shed some light on what is going on with you. From what I can gather, symptoms are very varied . I wonder weather HU will set up a Covid 19 / Long Covid community? Sadly, there must be thousands out there who would benefit from it, and I feel the sooner the better!!I wish you all the best, keep pestering for tests and answers!

Laurie xx

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Cornishboy8 in reply to leo60

Thanks for your kind message. It's very challenging times for us all I'm afraid.

Did you find out what type of lung infection you had? When I had pneumonia I was told it can take two years to recover properly. Hang in there until you can get too the lung clinic and get the tests needed to identify the problem.

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Thanks for your message.

No I haven't been told anything - only that the x-ray shows an infection in both lungs. Two years is a long time, I hope things are improving for you now?

I am hoping to get more answers in the lung clinic - I would like to know what has happened and then at least I can start dealing with things more methodically. You are right, I don't believe I will really know, until I go to the clinic.

Hi Cornishboy,

I have been waiting to see if others who have had covid will reply to you.;

I have not experienced this but perhaps the two links below will be of help to you:



I hope you will be able to get fully checked soon and any medical treatment required is prescribed so that you can begin to breathe easier and able to manage things in a more relaxed manner.

Very best wishes to you.

Are you experiencing loss of taste and smell? Of all my family members who've had covid this was one symptom they all shared.

No Covid-19 symptoms. Just generally unwell really and the lung infection, repository aliments.

Not a good time to be ill with anything! I suggest if you've been tested it is not COVID-19 and it does not to me as a sever CO{PD patient sound like any of the COPD diseases. Your GP surgery should either have or have access to a COP{D specialist nurse - you might do well to try to see them. GPs are what it says - general practitioners. A few helpful questions - did you smoke? How many a day? And for how long? Has anyone in your family had a COPD disease? Of course I assume your GP went through all this.

Have you been checked for cardio-vascular disease? Right side chest pain and shortness of breath?

PS - I am not a medical man but long experienc e has made me wary.

Hello Timberman. Yes, I went through all the medical checks and history. No history of COPD, ECG and bloods okay. That's why I'm convinced it's COVID-19 related, but the medics have not gone down the COVID route, which is a bit strange in my opinion. I'm hoping to get more answers in the lung clinic.

I fully agree, you have to be wary - even more so these days.

Hi you could always have a covid 19 antibody test privately that will at least tell you if in fact you have had covid. I think it costs about £140 results are pretty quick. I think there are so many strange after effects of Covid we are all unsure at the moment.

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Cornishboy8 in reply to Jayneh13

Yes, I certainly agree. I will consider the test. Thanks for your help Jayneh13


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