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I need all your healing vibes and heartfelt prayers at the moment! I mentioned last year that my eldest daughter, Dee, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She had her pancreas removed and has been on chemo every since.

At times, during last year ,she wasn’t to bad and could get out etc. She lives in Barrow in Furness and I last saw her in Morecambe for a day out last August. I treasure that day! Since then it has only been phone contact. She was taken into hospital last week, very poorly. Her husband is being allowed to stay with her. She was even too ill to wish me Happy Mothers day. She asked her husband to do it. Lockdown has made it worse because we haven’t been able to go and see her. They aren’t letting anyone in the hospital and I haven’t really been well enough to travel. I am willing to try it though when and if we are allowed to. My other daughters are willing to drive me there. Sorry but I feel so down today!

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I do hope that you manage to go to see Dee. Iam thinking about all of you and holding your hand. xx

So very sorry to hear this , and not surprised you are feeling down , of course sending healing thoughts and prayers to you and the family and also sending you strength to cope . Take care 🙏🙏

So sorry Aingeful, sending wellness thoughts for Dee and those of comfort for you and her husband and all concerned. 🙏

Sending love to you all xx

My thoughts are with you xx

Aww Aingeful, you don’t need to apologise for feeling down! I’m really sorry to hear your daughter is so poorly. Thinking of you!

Sending hugs 🤗

Dee x ....another one!

Thinking of you all at this very difficult time x

A sad situation indeed, I hope some way can be found to ease your pain. x

So very sorry to hear your daughter is so poorly , Aingeful. I do hope you can see her soon for a gentle hug, my thoughts are with you and Dee. ❤️❤️❤️

So very sorry, what a dreadful position you are in.Love and hugs

Kate xx

I’m really sorry to know Dee is so unwell. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

A whole bucket load of healing vibes for Dee and virtual comfort hugs for you too from Ski's and the scruffy one.

🙃😻 xx

I'm thinking of you all and sending a big hug xxxx

So Sorry for your Heartache Ange, It is a Truly sad Time for you, & all your Family. Fingers Crossed for Dee to Heal. Sending Gentle Hugs to You. XXX C.


Sending strength and love.💪❤

Take care thinking of you

Oh Aingeful I really feel for you, thats just awful for her, for you and the whole family. She's such a beautiful lady. Thinking of you my dear, with love. Massive hugs. P

Thinking of you and your daughter Aingeful xx

So so sorry to hear this Aingeful, such a sad and awful situation to be in. I really feel for you, it is just heartbreaking. Sadly I found myself in a similar situation last May when my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

With my mum in Stockholm, Sweden and me here in lockdown UK I tried desperately to find a safe way to travel over to see her. I turned to all of you in this group for help and advise and remember you telling about your beautiful daughter then.

Sadly it wasn't to be... my mum only survived another couple of weeks and I didn't make it over in time.

I talked to my mum on the phone every day until the last few days when it all became too hard for her, feeling constantly nauseous and so very tired that she was drifting in and out of consciousness. Those phone calls helped us along.

My mum only wanted me to be safe and not take any risks for her sake, she kept assuring me that it was safer and better for us all if I didn't travel. That I had to think of my own health and my own family......such a mum thing to say of course.

I cannot even imagine what it is like for you in the reverse situation, being the loving mum to a very sick daughter.

I so hope you can get there to meet your daughter once more but even if you can't, you can be sure she can feel all your love and care you have given her.

Sending all my love and support xxxxx

My thoughts are with you and your family. That you feel down is very understandable. With all that is going on I would be shocked if you felt any other way. I hope our heeling vibes reach you soon.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers🙏🏻Sending healing and positive thoughts to you

Thank you so much for your lovely messages, they brought tears to my eyes. xx💕

Don’t be sorry dear Aingeful. I’m sending lots of healing vibes and prayers for Dee. I truly hope you can get to see her as that’s what you want to do of course. Totally understandable.

Sending lots of love your way and to Dee and all the family. Bless you all.

Carole xxx💕

What a totally soul destroying situation to be in. I cannot imagine being in the same position with my own daughter, how terrible. My heart goes out to you and your family.


I really hope you manage to see your beautiful daughter, loving thoughts a ND virtual hugs coming your way. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Hugs and love to you

Sometimes one cannot help but wonder how some people seem to get everything life throws at them. I wish i could find the right words to comfort you Aingeful. But although a mother myself I cannot begin to try understand how you will be feeling. Stay strong by looking after yourself which will help you to cope during this agonising time.Sending you a gentle hug and my dearest wish that things will work out for you all.

Chrys x

So sorry you are in this dreadful situation. Sending you lots of love and hope you can find peace of mind. Thinking of Dee too and the rest of your family. Alberta

Sending huggs and prayers for you both x

My heartfelt thoughts are with you at this awful time xx

Sending the very best wishes to you and your family.

SO sorry you are having this sad sorrowful time,Healing vibes speeding from me to you.x

Your daughter is beautiful, life is so unfair. Sending love and healing vibes ❤️

How terribly sad. I will pray for recovery for your daughter, and comfort for you and that you will be able to see her soon.

Hi Dee. So sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope that she starts to feel better soon and that you can get to see her. Thinking of you. John 🙏

A get better candle will be lit in Arundel Cathedral very soon...xx


My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I will be thinking of you all and sending hugs.

So sorry to hear about Dee. Sending you prayers and virtual ((((hugs)))).

Thinking of you and sending a very big virtual hug 🤗 Jax. x

I'm so sorry to read what your daughter is going through and the effect it must be having on you too. It's so much worse that you can't get to see her so I pray that you'll be able to do that soon.

Don't apologise for feeling down. Our children are our children, whatever age they are, and that need to love and protect them never goes away. When we can't do it, it feels all wrong, doesn't it? For now you have to rely on others to let you know how she is and that's a hard thing to have to accept. Can her husband hold the phone close to her so that she can hear you speaking to her? Maybe just a few words of love from Mum will help.

Sending virtual hugs to you and your daughter. xx Moy❤️

Sending healing vibes and prayers , as a mum I cant imagine how hard this is for you x

Sending you hugs (((💓))) and sending healing vibes to Dee 🙏xxx Really hope you get to see her soon, I can imagine how you feel. X x x 🌸💮🏵🌹🌺

So sorry to hear about your lovely daughter, I can’t imagine how awful it must be to be separated right now. I’m sure she knows how much you love her. Try to take care of yourself too and hang on in there. Thinking of you both and hoping you will soon get the chance to see her. xxx

So sorry to hear about your daughter Dee. I do hope you get to see her soon love Barbs x

Thanks once again. The latest update from her husband was that Dee is sleeping most of the time and is on IV antibiotics etc.They are allowing him to sleep by her bed.I'm not sleeping at the moment and am struggling to think of anything else. Keep those healthful vibes going!

🤗🤗🤗and 🙏🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻 to you your daughter and your family. Xx

Sending prayers and healing thoughts 🙏🙏🙏

The latest update is that my lovely Dee has been given two weeks to live. The hospital is allowing visitors and I hope that I can manage to travel up there to see her. As you can imagine ,the whole family is devastated.

Hacienda in reply to Aingeful

Oh Dear Ange. I pray that you can Travel there to be with Your Beautiful Dee at this very Sad Time. Sending Heartfelt Love & gentle Hugs to You & all your Family. X. C.

Annie31 in reply to Aingeful

I do hope you will be able to travel to see your lovely daughter and that it brings you both some comfort. I know we members don't know each other in a tangible way, but we mostly have a common bond of being parents and can understand the need to be able to be with our children in their hour of need. This is indeed such a cruel time with this lockdown and I can only wish you joy on being with her again xx

Prayers for your beautiful daughter 🐞

Thinking of you during such awful times. 🐿🌈😷

Dear Aingeful, I just read your update and it’s brought me to tears for you and your beautiful daughter. I pray that you can get to the hospital to spend some time with her! I don’t know what to say other than you are in my thoughts and prayers and I want to wrap you up in a big proper hug that offers comfort, support and love to you just now. Much love, ❤️Dee (the other one)

So sorry to hear your update. I hope you get to spend some precious time together. Beyond sad, just awful for any family to go through and this virus separating us all makes it even harder. Sending very best wishes to you all.

Thinking of you praying for your beautiful daughter. Holly 🙏 X

Sending hugs and loves your way wish l could do more x

I am back from Barrow in Furness after being allowed to see Dee for five minutes or more. I went with my other daughters,my son in law drove us. I was able to hold her hand and tell her all the things in my heart. She knew I was there but could not speak.This awful disease has taken its toll on my beautiful daughter,it was so hard to bear .We all need to spend time with our loved ones and tell them how much they are loved. One day it may be too late.

So very true! I was glad to hear that you have been able to spend some time with Dee, my very best wishes to you all, Ann xx

So very brave of you,and so sad,Dee will be with you forever , just hearing your voice must have been such a comfort to her,x

I’m glad you managed to see Dee and tell her what you wanted Aingeful! Thinking of you and your family lots just now 💕💕💕

I’m glad you were able to be with Dee. Thinking of you all and sending lots of love 🕊

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