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The stone statues have no idea on these they just appear randomly ... Anyone enlighten me πŸ’œ

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Feng shui, someone is obviously into it and wants to balance the energy in the area.

Great Picture :)

Blackbird8 in reply to Bkin

Thankyou Bkin apparently its kids that are doing these ones so very clever if it is .. but then they have been around for years I have seen them abroad on holiday and always find them quite interesting πŸ’œ

Bkin in reply to Blackbird8

Its quite an art. Great if the kids are into it :)

Blackbird8 in reply to Bkin

Maybe it's a home teaching lesson outside πŸ™‚

Hi Blackbird. Lovely photo, as they all are. I'm really enjoying them. I know you're jesting about the home schooling but this was actually my son's homework last week! (Not on your beach, sadly. Just my local one that we're very lucky to have too)! They've been learning about rock types and this was a combo activity to get them out in nature and doing something a bit more physical. x

Hi how lovley your sons getting out and about to the beach and learning about the world of Mrs Nature...

Not joking I was quite serious about the kids doing them as a home schooling lesson and if they are even more impressed πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Lovely photo again Blackbird. When I saw it a saying came into my head - 'If you're just trying to keep it together, remember, you're not the only one' .

It could make a nice card to send someone who's struggling; so many at the moment!

Have a good evening .

Jackie and Jasper x πŸ’•

Hi Jackie and Jasper

Exactly that there is more people than we think who are trying to hold it together..

We will get through this and whatever else is flung at us stay safe both πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’œ

Great photo but not seen anything like them before. Very interesting. XxπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Blackbird8 in reply to sassy59

I have seen them around a few places now they are very interesting to see πŸ’œ

It looks otherworldly. It looks like a photo the rover on Mars could have taken.

They do look a bit out there Huff have to agree with you..

Very druid looking Stonehenge πŸ’œ

Another gorgeous picture! Whoever is creating these zen type statues are trying to create calm for all that see them!! Thank you for another beautiful and calming picture!!

Blackbird8 in reply to Solily

Thankyou lovley πŸ’œ

Aren't they beautiful and very clever. I think they come to life at night and move themselves from statueland. :D x

What a thought πŸ’œ

They look really good don’t they!

Blackbird8 in reply to madonbrew

Amazing sights πŸ’œ

there are lots of people getting into this rock balancing, this is from BBC, it will lead you on to other clips.

madonbrew in reply to TuckBox2

Wow that’s amazing isn’t it!! So clever!!

peege in reply to TuckBox2

Beautiful clips, thank you

Pretty cool BB, somebody must have alot of patience , they look good though x

Blackbird8 in reply to Izb1

Local kids been doing them πŸ’œ

Basically it only says" I was here". Better than scrawling on toilet walls.,!

People have a passion for this, especially on mountain tops were it can increase the height of the mountain! Please do not think I have been climbing mountains recently but saw this in lots of places in Norway where a road up means people can access it easily in coach loads!

Blackbird8 in reply to Jaybird19

I have seen them in my travels Turkey Antigua they are everywhere πŸ’œ

Looks like you could be in Asia there . Interesting x

They are amazing πŸ’œ

I was thinking that too Anita!!

I would think they are a simpler take on the Inukshuk statues of North America.

I think people just do it now because they can these have been done by local children for home schooling exercise πŸ’œ

I believe it’s to do with zen and fend shui. It’s all good 🐞

Yes they are lovley πŸ’œ

Very Zen in every way. Thank you 😊

Blackbird8 in reply to peege

Thankyou Peege πŸ’œ