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Lobectomy update



Further to my post last week I have now had the lobectomy as the tumour showed cancer cells. Am in Papworth which is an amazing state of the art heart and lung hospital. They r looking after me very well! Full histology due in a couple of weeks. I believe that this was caught early so am remain g positive!

Love Clare x

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I'm glad you have had and still having a good experience laracola. You are in good hands. I hope you feel better sooChrys n

Thank you roadrunner x

Thinking of you Clare and hoping all will be well in time. Take care xx👍

claracola in reply to sassy59

Thank you sassy x

I’m glad to hear that it looks as though they caught it early. That is really encouraging. Wishing you all the very best in your healing journey x

claracola in reply to Kelly100

Thank you Kelly xx

Thinking of you xxx

Wishing you the very best in your recovery,take things steady as some days will be better than others,i imagine you will experience a certain amount of breathlessness but things should gradually improve and your vats procedure will have aided a quicker recovery.Best wishes

Ski's and Scruff's and thanks for updating us.

🙃😻 x

claracola in reply to skischool

Thanks skis and scruffs, x

Hi Clare, So pleased you have got that out of the way. Hope your recovery is smooth and uneventful and you get positive news when you get your results.

With love


claracola in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thank you so much x

Thinking of you. Holly 😊 x

claracola in reply to Hollyjt

Thank you hollyjt x

Sending you positive thoughts and plenty of hugs!!🤗🤗🤗

claracola in reply to Solily

Thank you so lily xx

Dear Clare, I’m really glad you are being treated well ! Really hope the results come back well and like you say, caught early which is an encouraging sign.

Hugs 🤗

Dee x

claracola in reply to madonbrew

I really am it's great hospital!

Wishing you a comfortable and speedy full recovery.🤞🤞You are in a great hospital. Please take it easy , don’t overdue things. Cx😘💐🍇

Thank you chrisko x

Wishing you a good recovery. It's great you're being well looked after. And nice to know that you're in a good hospital, that makes so much difference. Thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes 🐑

Sounds like you are being well looked after in a good hospital Clare. I wish you a speedy recovery x

Great news that it's all gone so well so far. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and good histology results. Xxx

claracola in reply to Fircone

Thank you firconex

Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🤞

claracola in reply to johnderby

Thank you John x

Sorry you didn't have good news but pleased you are being well cared for. Get well soon.

claracola in reply to Rayswife

Thank you x

I’m so glad you are doing well x

Thank you x

So pleased to hear that all went well for you. Like mine thankfully yours has been caught early which is good. You really are in the very best place for this sort of thing and they will continue to follow up to monitor you. You have every reason to remain positive. Plenty of rest during your recuperation when you get home. Love Sue xxx 🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷🌸💐

claracola in reply to Snackjack

Thank you so much x

Hello claracola, you sound very optimistic that the tumour has been caught early, every best wish for a good result and positive treatment if needs be. Will be thinking of you x

claracola in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you Katie x

Hi Clare, so pleased all is going well and you are being treated so wonderfully. It certainly seems like you’re in the right place and being looked after so well. I hope that you continue to improve and are soon well on the way to recovery. Best wishes, Christine. X

claracola in reply to CELAT06

Thank you celato x

Great that this tumour was caught early and now removed. All best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hi Clare, that’s good news . My niece has just had a lobectomy , and I think the whole family is still in shock as they didn’t expect it. But everything I have been able to read shows removing the lobe gives the very best chance for non reoccurrence and good future health. I would be really grateful to hear more about your recovery . I had suggested my niece join this group and find advice and support but don’t think she has had the time to do so. Sorry I am waffling here, but send very best wishes and love your positive approach. Hope you are soon back to good health . X

Hello, yes it's quite a major procedure. I am still in hospital but hoping to go home tomorrow. Like your niece I am now, awaiting full histology which takes a couple of weeks apparently. My recovery is going well so far. I think u r right when u say full lobectomy gives best outcome. Pls feel free to ask any questions and mention to your niece to join this group too as it amazing! Love Clare.

Hi claracola. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a positive outcome. Good to know you are getting the best of treatment. Take care. Carol xxx

claracola in reply to HollyBoyd

Hi Holly, thank you for your mesg x

Wishing you best of wishes in your recovery, undergoing investigations myself for lung lump discovered!! All the very best.😊🌼🌻🌷⚘

claracola in reply to Paulamg

Hi Paula, I hope you get seen to quickly, it's not nice waiting! Clare x

Wishing you well and positive note.

Thank you peppy x

Praying all will continue to go as planned and you will continue to heal. God bless x

Thank you Maureen x

Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.So pleased you are being well looked after.

Let us know how you get on, you have many friends on this forum routing for you.

claracola in reply to ninelives

Thank you very much ninelives x

Great that all went well. Wishing you full recovery . Suggest you request an Aerobika or other breathing exerciser. I used mine ( and still do years later ) when watching tv, on my I pad or just whenever. It will absolutely be very beneficial to both regaining breathing capability , and also helping to slightly enlarge the size/capacity of your remains lobe(s). Again, All Best Wishes, judg69

claracola in reply to judg69

Hello judge69 I will look up about aerobika. Thank you for your reply x

I hope that the surgery has done the trick and that you will soon be feeling better. Glad that you are in such good hands and that it seens to have been caught early. Best wishes, Alberta xxx

claracola in reply to Alberta56

Thank you so much Alberta x

Glad thats over for you Clare, and I hope you have a good recovery. Stay positive. Jax. x

claracola in reply to HighGables

Thank you very much high gables x

Oh my word, thank God you're being looked after & the operation successful so far. Love & prayers for good results. 💗🤗💐➕

Thank you very much hobbledehoy x

All the very best.hope yr recovery goes well xxx

claracola in reply to Patk1

Thanknyou Patk x

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