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Dental Query


Now we are coming out of lockdown slowly in the near future , will we be able to get normal dental treatment does anyone know ? I require a broken tooth repair and my dentures are not fitting due to changes in my gums., but I don't have tooth ache. Thank you for any help on this.

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Morning to you Katieoxo60 and funnily enough I need some work done on my denture but haven't bothered ringing dentists as I presumed they would be "shut" due to COVID-19. I'm glad that it's not just me that is thinking, when can we book an appointment? Because I've got my 'nose hose' 🐘on, I can see I'm probably going to be seen as a problematic patient. The dentist i used before COVID-19 is now permanently closed for business, so its a huge shame I just can't go back to them. Please let me know if you can get any information etc. Hope you've been managing and have had your vaccine. 🐿🌈😷x

CDPO16 in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Sorry that the dental surgery you used has closed permanently. I hope that you manage to register with a new, good practice.

SquirrelsHolt in reply to CDPO16

Oh thank you so much and it's not all dentist's that cater for disabled clients. Hopefully I can find one that doesnt require much walking or else my trusted 3 wheeler push along will have to come along. It's like planning a military manoeuvre, as I need a loo fairly near just to add to the whole embarrassment 😵🙈🙉🙊!!Enjoy your weekend and 🤞the weather will be bright 🌤 even though there's a cold breeze.


CDPO16 in reply to SquirrelsHolt

I empathise with your difficulties. Good luck xx

SquirrelsHolt in reply to CDPO16

Many thanks CDPO16 and watch this space for when i re-tell the whole "trying to find a suitable Dentist!!" 🐿🌈😷x

Hope you’ll find another dentist soon SH. Good luck. Xxx🤞🏼🥰😘❤️

Hi Sassy59 and thank you. Ive waited this long so a few more weeks really isn't worth loosing sleep over. That's not to say each week when i dial the dentist's number and told "due to COVID-19 we are not open, but please try us again as restrictions will be lifted", I do got irritable but aftet a G &T. I'm fine, lol. Have a good weekend with Pete. 🐿🌈😷xx

Can’t beat a G&T SH. Wishing you a good weekend too. 😀🤗🌺

Sops in reply to CDPO16

I do agree, all the ones round by me have surgeries upstairs and no dentist has no contacted me once and i have been shielding for 12 months.

Hi SquirrelsHolt, my situation is similar to you, will try dentist next week and let you know. I have had the first vaccine second one due in April but with Easter it might be in May who knows. Like you its difficult for me to go to dentists now my health is failing as it impacts my walking. Stay safe and as well as can be. I am using a taxi to go for vaccine .

Yes, its a race to the dentist's not only for us but also for hundreds of other folk too. Im an NHS patient and i can see that if you had a business in Dentistry, then surely you'd be taking your private clients first. Once again it wouldn't surprise me, if we were left somewhere lower down the dentist's list. Maybe I'm generalizing but in themain these Dentists have rates and staff and equipment costs to pay for. Oh well, that's life. I need to approach things differently once I'm not 🛡shielded after 31st March or else I can see I may become quite bitter and easily annoyed, lol😂🤣😂🤣. Take care my friend. 🐿🌈😷x

Hi again I am NHS used to be private when I was working, but I still have to pay as do many others its not automatically free unless you get universal or pension credit. I agree if I was the dentist I would do paying customers first, and many don't agree with the prices they get from the NHS for treatment sadly, but that's not our problem . Yes many patients do get bitter, but I am sure things will pick up in the coming months. Take care yourself too x

joyce74 in reply to katieoxo60

The company I used are able to visit your home address though didn’t with me .it is a private company .

katieoxo60 in reply to joyce74

There are one or two around that do home visits as do some opticians.

My check up was due 2 weeks ago. I put it off until May but the dentist was willing to go ahead as normal- given all the covid precautions of course. I had a filling put back in last June. I have been shielded all through but we can keep medical appointments. I admit that it is scary.

katieoxo60 in reply to Littlepom

Thanks think I might try my own dentist next week and see what happens.

Suzie42 in reply to katieoxo60

My appointments was for check ups and hygienest, as very important that my teeth stay healthy after open heart surgery.

katieoxo60 in reply to Suzie42

Most definitely take care

Suzie42 in reply to Littlepom

I have attended the dentist twice in lockdown and feel more safe there than at doctors, you couldnt touch even the door. Very good safety proceedures. Very impressive

katieoxo60 in reply to Suzie42

Yes where I went was very organised and careful

Hi Katie, our appointments are due but our dentist is happy to wait until we feel ready. Pete has a letter advising him to shield until the end of March so I suppose we can go for a check up sometime after mid April.

Can you ring your dentist and ask? I’m not really sure but I’m pleased you’re not in any pain.

Wishing you well. Xxx

katieoxo60 in reply to sassy59

That's were it gets complicated on computer it says only ring if in pain. I have been able to get my broken tooth fixed once , but its broken again . This appointment was not at my normal dentist and was six months ago. Thanks for suggestion Sassy59. Have a good day both.

sassy59 in reply to katieoxo60

Good luck to you Katie. Enjoy your weekend. Xxxx

It seems as though practice is varying from one dental surgery to another. My dental surgery only closed for one month at the beginning of the pandemic last year. It then opened for emergency treatments and has continued on that basis since. It is still not doing check ups and hygiene work. It's probably best to contact your dental surgery to see what they are doing.

katieoxo60 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you , It does seem to vary but surely there must be some guidelines they have to follow if its NHS treatment. Or do we just continue as emergency only.?? its confusing

CDPO16 in reply to katieoxo60

I don't know about guidelines, Katie, just that practice is varying which would suggest not. I do know that they did not have to close during the last 2 lockdowns and are now classed as medical treatment.

My NHS surgery has been closed except for emergencies since March 2020.

katieoxo60 in reply to Tia4209

Same here , but I did get an appointment with the emergency dental service six months ago due to a broken tooth.

Same here. And only if you pay to go private. I’ve lost 3 teeth sincethen and another is now wobbly so I’m sure that’s going to fall out soon. I must confess the difficulties of traveling to the dentist and my phobia of the dentist are putting me off just as much as the financial side of things.

Bless you.I also had a dental phobia(1950's dentist attached to our primary school ,horrid butcher).

Have now found a fabulous dentist who treats me like the finest porcelain coaxes me through the surgury door and is awesome never bad tempered and loadsa patience.

Good dentists are out there and I do hope you can find one you feel comfortable with.

Best of luck

Sops in reply to Tia4209

Mine too.

stamford1234 in reply to Tia4209

Are you able to get a phone consultation.? I have had a couple and it was fine. I had to stick to the phoning at 8 o clock thing but it worked. There is always 111

Only one way to find out Katie, phone your dental practise to find out. I believe all through lockdown and the pandemic, dental surgeries are only treating emergency cases, I would have said a broken tooth is an emergency case.

katieoxo60 in reply to Bkin

Yes a broken tooth is classed as an emergency, so will have to ring and if no reply contact the emergency service for our practice. Thank you for reply.

I ignored a broken molar on account of Covid and a couple of weeks back called the dentist on account of the pain I was experiencing. Because I'd left it so long an infection had set in which has affected my jaw bone. This Wednesday I've been given an appointment with a specialist dentist to remove it with there being the possibility of me needing a bone graft. Therefore my advice to you is simply not to ignore it and phone your dentist, they are better placed to give you advice than anyone posting on here.

I found myb dentist is just closed for one day a week i believe they cannot do anything involving aerosols ie drilling . I even got antibiotics delivered last week . Good luck

A week ago I broke 2 teeth and managed to get a appointment for 4th March. They seem to be working as normal although I'm sure they'll have free time between patients to wipe down every surface touchable with anti-viral spray - some dentists are charging for their use of extra PPE. Good luck, don't hang zbout though, I think they're chockablock with trying to catch up & seeing fewer patients each day. P

katieoxo60 in reply to peege

Good luck with your appointment.

I went to a Dental Lab 3 times in a week and came home on Thursday with new top and bottom set after bottom teeth had snapped in half. I presume many more will be open too . Hope you get sorted soon.

katieoxo60 in reply to joyce74

Glad to hear you got your dentures fixed /replaced. I was told last time if my tooth broke again it would be easier to have it removed and a new tooth added to my existing denture. So fingers crossed we can get an appointment. Thank you for reply.

That sounds a good idea

Morning katieoxo60.I needed dental treatment recently for infected tooth .Am immunosuppressed.

Our dentist operates a triage system of priority.

The only thing that made me cross was was told if I paid privately could be seen immediately!(I didn't so waited a week which under the circumstances was tolerable).

The problem the dentist had was that after a patient everything had to be sanatised and the room left empty for an hour.

He said the backlog of routine appointments would take a long time to clear once lockdown was lifted.

Best of luck and hope that you get seen soon

Hi, I had to go to the dentist just before xmas because my zolendronic infusion was due, it was very safe, more ppa than usual. I felt very safe. Ours are private and NHS.

Mine is closed at the moment. I would imagine as and when they open they will be booked solid. I along with the rest have been having a few rumbles and know my teeth should be looked at, am just hoping I manage to hold on until things are uo and running again. What a year this has been for all of us. I do hope you are feeling better now x

I have an NHS dentist and was called for my routine, but delayed, check up and hygienist last October! In early December I too broke a tooth, but had no pain. I have just had all the work on it completed. So it's definitely possible to get your dental work done.

katieoxo60 in reply to stones93

Many Thanks for reply.

I am immune compromised. I have visited the dentist 3 times recently, I had jaw pain, I emailed the dental practice because I felt sure they were still closed, to my surprise I was invited to an appointment a few days later, dentist examined my teeth, advised I needed a procedure which was carried out at a later date because it involved filing my tooth, I was told the time between any appointment that required any drilling, filing, extraction etc had to be hugely increased due to sanitising and air filtration, the dentist told me they also used the sanitising bombs and he was having additional air filtration fitted that week to enable him to provide more appointments because the rooms would need less time for filtration and sanitising. I have also attended my routine hygiene appointment and have another one next month.

I was not allowed to touch anything other than the chair I got into. If I compare my 3 appointments at the dentist in comparison to the 10 hospital visits during the last 12 months, other than one, the dentist was much more diligent in every way.

I hope you get your tooth sorted out soon.

katieoxo60 in reply to gillianTS

Sounds like your dentist is interested in their patients best interests , which I am glad to hear. Until recently it was not possible for me to get there so had to persevere, now I am a lot more mobile even if somewhat slow. Thank you for info.

Morning Katie - my husband has been to the dentist a few times in the past few months for root canal and a crown that has come off. My grandaughter whose 6 went for a check up at her dentist yesterday I think the best thing is to phone your dentist and explain your situation . Take care x Anita

P.S these were NHS appointments

Will do. Thank you for reply.

MY Dear Katie just tell em you have toothache they dont give a sod anyway as long as they get paid be happy xxx

Sounds a good attitude to take , but my dentist is a one man operation so not always able to oblige normally let alone during the pandemic. But as they say I know a man who can oblige often at short notice.

Well Katie its always good to know someone who does lol

My dentist has been giving dental appointments since the latter part of last year, I’ve had check ups with dentist & hygienist, it may be worth giving them a call, 😊

Tia4209 in reply to Loopylorre

Is your dentist private or NHS please?

katieoxo60 in reply to Tia4209

My dentist does both but mainly NHS so does the emergency cover? We have several dentists in the area.

Loopylorre in reply to Tia4209

They do both, don’t know where you live but I’m in the Plymouth area, they also do a very wide range of dental work 😊

My dentist is open for emergency appointments and also for some non emergency appts. I broke a tooth and as I had no pain had to wait about 10 days. Seems to vary from dentist to dentist.

I had treatment during lockdown had an infection under my tooth, I think they were only dealing with emergencies, but I was going back and forth for at least 6 months. Hope you get seen soon x

You could have called the dentist they are open my son went to his and my neighbour went to mine but mine was only seeing private patients but once she paid for her check up she could register and was no longer private. They will see people who have problems or need some sort of treatment

I have seen my dentist and will have some treatment. Early March. Have to fill a form online and stand on the other side of the road. They check my temp and have a window or door open when in the treatment room. Very good appointment. This is in Bucks.

Hi Katie. I had root canal treatment in January and I felt very safe, dentist in full PPE. Since then both husband and I have had appointments made for check ups and for hygienist in April, so I guess they are now catching up with the back log . Hope you can get an appointment and feel safe when you go. Wishing you best of luck Carol xxx

katieoxo60 in reply to HollyBoyd

Thank you

A visit to the Dentist is considered medical treatment so they are open and you can go if you need to. Best to ring them. Good luck

Hi. My Dentist opened last June and is now operating normally. He wears full PPE and the surgery feels very safe

katieoxo60 in reply to Jehinch

Thank you

im the same .broken tooth .rang dentist last week .got appointment this thur for check. on it . bit nervous of goin hope rules r in place an stuff .im perified of dentist normally

katieoxo60 in reply to coral12

Understand how you feel, they are not my favourite place either but needs be. Good luck with your appointment

coral12 in reply to katieoxo60

just rang them an on thur my checkup is nhs but if i need treatment its gona have to be private price .until june_ish wen nhs reopens .odd. its not hurting YET .

katieoxo60 in reply to coral12

So if I ring for treatment may have to pay private price. Oh well guess that would be better than waiting but not every one could pay for treatment as some are entitled to it free with NHS. I pay either way. just need to find a dentist who is willing to treat me.

I’m in Wales and NHS dentist are nigh on extinct, no funding available. However I use NHS 111 who consult you over the phone and can get you in to see an emergency dentist. I’ve had two visits since last March for root canal packing. They can only repair it for £500, I’m disabled and can’t afford it so next time it’s an extraction, which is free. This will be my second since moving to Wales 2 years ago. If I’d of known that there were no available NHS funded dentists in Wales, I would of kept my dentist in North Yorkshire. Anyhow I digress. Call 111 and you can get emergency dentistry in Wales 😎🤗

Thank you for the info , hope you don't have any more problems with your teeth. Its so uncomfortable.

I’m puzzled by your question. My dentist has been providing normal treatments right through lockdown. My husband had a tooth pulled before Xmas and a crown fitted in January! We have also had appointments with hygienist

katieoxo60 in reply to Yeo58

As the replies show on here you are lucky most dentists are only doing emergencies on NHS in many areas. But understand why you are confused as your service is normal

Yeo58 in reply to katieoxo60

Feel for those who cannot access dental services. Dental pain is awful to contend with. Hugs to all suffering

I have lost 2 fillings in the back of my front teeth. One fell out about 3 weeks into lockdown last March and 5 weeks after it had been put in. I rang my dentist which was closed. In June another filling fell out. I was not in any pain. I rang my Dentist and they were open this time and they gave me an appointment for July. Two days later the dentist himself rang me to cancel my appointment .... I asked why and was told that as I was over 70 years of age and extremely clinically vulnerable they were not allowed to touch my teeth at present.

I telephoned 111 and 5 people and 1 hour later was advised to buy a dental repair kit from the chemist BUT to be sure I didn't have an infection before putting it in and to remember that these temporary fillings .... if I used it .... needed to be removed only by a Dentist. Consequently I didn't use the repair kit. I couldn't win could I.

So not only will I have lost the £62 it cost me to have one of the teeth filled in the first place I still am unable to get anywhere with my Dentist. I don't think the dentists will be operating as per usual for a very long time.

Apart from the fact that us extremely clinically vulnerable group seem to have been forgotten ........ yet again. ongoing care for us seems not to have been thought about.

katieoxo60 in reply to Bardear

Thank you Bardear, it is not just simply a case of ringing a dentist as you can vouch for. It seems the vulnerable have not been taken into account when it comes to dental care, its hard enough without the lockdown. It cost me £30 for taxi last time plus dental cost and my friend paid over £40 for taxi. I am over 70 and at high risk as I have COPD. I wondered if there was anyway to find out in our individual areas what the dental situation is for the vulnerable. looks like a 111 enquiry is the only way to find out. Sorry to hear you have similar problem to myself hope its resolved soon, but could take till July the way things are looking.

Bardear in reply to katieoxo60

I agree with you katieoxo60, Life at the moment is not only isolating but getting harder and harder with the restrictions placed on our group as we are always the last group to be allowed to socialise etc etc whilst other groups can socialise weeks/months BEFORE we are allowed .... allowed being the operative word... can't remember the last time I saw my daughters/grandson/great grandaughter. (I have COPD/asthma and am shielding YET AGAIN and have been since last March but have been allowed out for 2 months duration in all that time.

Take care and keep safe


katieoxo60 in reply to Bardear

No the feeling Bardear I am lucky so to speak as I had an operation and required care my bubble have been able to continue to visit once a week to ensure I am OK. But that is just my daughter who goes back to work soon. She has been off due to the loss of her husband at Christmas and these visits have helped her too. Stay safe & well.x

my dentist has been open for months - I had a check up beginning of November but they were allowed to reopen in August or something werent they?

Its very much hit and miss Ilast had treatment in september at another dentist before major surgery. Not been to my own dentist for over 12 months as he says only phone triage and emergencies on the website

I had a similar incident before the lockdown and rise of COVID-19 back in March 2020. I had an accident where I slipped and fell and one of my teeth broke and another was knocked out my teeth. This was affecting my smile and the overall experience which made it difficult for me to face the public. I visited my dentist( just after the incident and it made me really nervous and anxious. After a limited couple of visits, I was undergoing the procedure of dental implants to replace the missing teeth. It has been over 3 months since the procedure and there are still a couple of steps left.

Hope your treatment is soon all complete and you can smile again. Your treatment was an emergency. Found out today several dentists in my area are open so will see who has an appointment available,

The tooth that was wobbly fell out just now. I think it was a wisdom tooth so hopefully it won’t matter too much 😬

That's what you call sods law . Guess if it has fell out it won't be a problem anymore. Should have fell out sooner saved you all trouble of trying to find a dentist. Hope your mouth heals well take care and stay safe.

Thank you 😊

Hi there thanks I have seen my dentist twice last week and hopefully not for another six months again. Hope you have recovered from your accident , shows there are places that do emergency work when needs be.

I had a dental emergency when it was halfway in lockdown. I came across an accident and knocked out my tooth. It was bleeding everywhere and had to go to the emergency dental clinic( for immediate dental care. If your case is a little bit urgent, I suggest you visit your dentist immediately for making sure nothing affects your oral health. There are some dentists who are still open at a strict time for urgent and immediate dental care.

katieoxo60 in reply to kevinb12

thank you I have had both emergency treatment and routine treatment during the pandemic, my normal dentist said to just ring the normal number and they will sort it out. Take care

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