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Small victories BIG smiles


Small victories BIG smiles

Hi l haven't posted since my long whinging about my disastrous stay in hospital. Thankyou all again for all the support. I struggled when l came home 2 good wks then wham bam another infection or tail end of last one. Then came my hero my physio she understood my fear of returning to hospital and supported me in my efforts to stay at home. She never once made me feel a nuisance or that l could not improve my condition. I started my rescue pack of ciprofloxacin then the dreaded steroids. 2 wks later l have made it up the stairs to our own little bed. Small victory indeed but a huge one for me and very big smiles.l would like to share with others that even when you are really low and wondering is it worth it with faith in yourself and support from others who understand stand you ,you can pull through Best wishes to all

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What a lovely post.Thank you very much for sharing it.

We really need your inspiring and encouraging story at times like these.

Kate xxx


Thank you for a great post and well done you have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Thank you for sharing this uplifting story. I'm very happy to know things are going better for you. Sending you lots of good wishes 🐑

Cheers me dears hope things are well with you

Thank you for this encouraging post. Well done on getting upstairs.

That’s a very positive post Delamere and I enjoyed reading it. So pleased you have support and are doing better. Take care xxx

Delamere in reply to sassy59

Thankyou and thankyou for your support it really does make a difference hope things are well with you x

Our lung conditions give us some very low points throughout our years . And then a post like this shows how positive we all can be .

Whether its standing from a chair to a frame .

Climbing two or three stairs

Walking a few steps from room to room .

Making a cuppa

Well done to you Delamere I will smile with victory for you and sigh that lovley sigh when you know your winning and you climb into your own bed ..

Stairs zero ....

Delamere mega awards 💜

Delamere in reply to Blackbird8

Cheers blackbirds it is so lovely to be able to communicate with so many positive and understanding people. I have been struggling on my own for so long x

Three cheers for your wonderful physio. In our situation, the support and patience of someone who understands what we need is often far more important in our recovery than than being institutionalised and controlled in hospital. Often the treatment which we receive in there actually doesn’t amount to much more than we could do at home but the stress it causes can be awful.Being in the comfort of our own home and in charge of ourselves is so important.

It can take weeks for us to regain our strength and confidence after a nasty episode and we need to do it in our own way. After all, you didn’t need to be in hospital to take your cipro, then the steroids and do your physio did you?

I had a week in hospital in November when I had a sudden haemorrhage in my lungs. When I look back they actually did nothing that I could not have done at home as the bleeding self limited but the experience of that week in what I can only describe as a distopian nightmare, left me weak and frankly, terrified of having to be admitted again.

I came home to finish a week of an IV drug which I had told them was no good for me and then, knowing that things weren’t right I took my cipro which sorted that out. I was exhausted and very breathless in a strange ‘obstructed’ way for weeks and have slowly climbed out of it. I am now feeling myself. Strangely, the day after my AZ vaccine I coughed and coughed all day and that strange new obstruction has disappeared.

You are so lucky to have your physio. I have no one but do have 67 years of experience of managing my condition and know that I have to give myself time to climb out of the trough and work every day for a little improvement.

Keep going, you are doing so well. One day at a time and be kind to yourself.

I am thinking about you. XX

Delamere in reply to Littlepom

Thank you so much. It has been the experience and unselfish sharing of knowledge from fellow sufferers like yourself that gave me the strength to carry on after my traumatic hospital visit. So pleased that you are back at home now. Still waiting for my vaccine but that will be my next stepping stone x

Thank you for sharing your uplifting post! It’s so true what we can achieve with the right people around us! I hope you really enjoyed being in your own little bed too, knowing how much of an achievement it was to get there! 😊

So pleased you have a good physio and have been rewarded for all your hard work, without being in 5*. Lovely post and very uplifting.


Wonderful Delamere. Congratulations.

I know I have felt in the past I will never make it back to how I was prior to deterioration but the body and (mind) are quite amazing in their ability to recover from a very poorly place.

Very best wishes to you keep up the good work and very well done you.

💖 So glad those around you helped you along the road to recovery and achievement. x x

So pleased for you Delamere. Some health professionals and carers have a natural gift at being amazing. Be good to yourself 😍

So happy that things are going better for you. You have a good day and take care of yourself.

How lovely to find a very understanding physio who has been supportive and helped you to achieve this forward step. Great to hear your positivity and you will continue to progress. Take care. 😊 xxx

Brilliant I love small victories .... getting my Dr to reduce steroids even by 5mgs the other day felt good

Delamere in reply to shouty

Shout you are so right. Well done for winning the battle if the dreaded steroids

shouty in reply to Delamere

Hopefully be off them altogether by another 4-6 months 😄

Hi. So pleased you are starting to feel stronger and heading in the right direction. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up. John 👍

Delamere in reply to johnderby

Thankyou and thanks to all the gang for their support during this hiccup. Keep well

Congratulations on your achievement 🙂🥰. Thanks for the inspiring and positive post it will certainly help those that are having an incredibly difficult time for whatever reason, that changes can happen with support. Take care. X🙂

Good news Delamere, so pleased that you have a good physio, it must have been a marathon to get upstairs to your little bed, but joy of joys to sleep in your own bed, heaven x

Well done for that giant little victory. Keep trying, and thanks for inspiring us all xx

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