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Why are most people given astrazenica vaccine when Pfizer is the best one and would be more beneficial to people with lung problems?

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From my understanding there is very little difference between the two with regard to the end result. I have followed all the vaccines as various papers have been published and cannot remember any that stated one type was better than another for people with lung conditions. Where did you get this information from?

And your evidence for saying this?

The Pfizer has a higher success percentage than astrazenica

Relative to what, though? Most of the decision around which vaccine to give actually comes down to available stock. You also can’t draw a direct comparison from the clinical trials as they were run differently, so the only meaningful data is real world outcome, and at present, neither vaccine is showing greater or lesser efficacy for those with lung problems. The most recent data from Scotland shows that the AZ vaccine is more successful at reducing hospitalisation after one dose than the pfizer, with the figures coming in at 94 and 88% respectively, so on that basis, it’s possible the AZ may actually be the more effective vaccine at this stage. That said, it will only be when everyone is vaccinated and we’re out of the other side of the pandemic that the data available will be definitive and useful for drawing these kinds of comparisons.

Littlepom in reply to Charlie_G

Thanks Charlie, a good appraisal.

Yes read I had this one

That is very bald statement and in the light of evidence, not true.

Where is the current evidence that you based this on? Data taken as the vaccines have been developed, tested and used has altered scientific opinion as use goes along. If you investigate the current scientific evidence you will see that both vaccines, in their different ways are noq considered to be equally efficatious. Unless anyone else can point me to any, there have been no papers and no data on the effect of either vaccine for those with lung conditions.

Its more a question of what is available at the time people have their appointment. Pfizer vaccine taking a long time to prepare for use in comparison to the AZ one.

At this stage in the pandemic with variants occurring and no sign of leaving the population alone I think most people are just happy to take what is on offer.

I had the Pfizer vaccine myself :)

To understand about the comparisons between vaccines go here: (Video)

At this point opinions regarding vaccines are bouncing all over the news. Only Pfizer is available here where I live in the states and I personally know several who’ve had horrid side effects. It seems the different vaccines affect everyone differently. They are now claiming just one shot of Pfizer works well. But there just hasn’t been enough time to know anything for certain. I know one who acquired covid two weeks after his second Pfizer shot. It’s all so confusing. Now Dr Fauci is saying we’ll be wearing masks into 2022. Ugh

Windchimes1 in reply to Maricopa

The incubation is 2 weeks so he got it just before the shot. You can't get it from the mrna vaccines.

Maricopa in reply to Windchimes1

I know you can’t get it from the shot. Just stating the news has stated a few did acquire covid after having been vaccinated.

Angelagone in reply to Maricopa

It takes a while for the protection to kick in. 2/3 weeks minimum.

Remember no vaccine will be given by NHS unless it has been approved by the regulator in UK. It not only assesses safety but also efficacy levels. It has approved both Pfizer and Astra zeneca vaccines so both are deemed suitable.

Just have the vaccine offered and feel very very grateful to scientists

I will ask for your proof by listing peer reviewed studies of double-blind experiments of a large enough sample population that states Pfizer is the best vaccine for people with lung problems. The research that I know of shows both being very similar in protecting people with lung problems.

Did you not see the data released yesterday from Scotland ? Here’s a snippet Four weeks after receiving the initial dose, the Oxford jab appeared to reduce a person's risk of hospital admission by 94%.

Those who received the Pfizer jab had a reduction in risk of 85% between 28 and 34 days after the first dose.

I am grateful to have received a vaccine at all , in Germany, France etc we would still be waiting . As you can see there is no basis to suggest that the Pfizer is better.

Well, this is my favourite subject! I was so angry yesterday when Whitty talked about the three studies. He waxed lyrical about the first two then muttered under his breath he was talking about Pfizer. Yes, he mention the Scottish study which painted Astra better but my reading tells me the Pfizer vaccine is more effective against variants because it is a mRNA type.The most vulnerable are going to doctors surgeries for their vaccines and I presume storage dictates Astra be given there . The government are avoiding talking about this issue. In Scotland one big centre gave Astra and another Pfizer. A healthy friend in Glasgow was given Pfizer.

If I was being cynical, I might ask, who cares about the sick? Dont we just drain the NHS and are unproductive?! You can tell this is my pet subject just now!

Charlie_G in reply to Bronchi1

This very much varies by area. In my neck of the woods and some of the surrounding counties, only the housebound are getting their jab via the GP, everyone else has to be vaccinated at a vaccination centre or the hospital. The centres themselves don’t know what stock will come in on the day, so patients get whatever turns up. I had anaphylaxis to the pfizer, so have been told I cannot have any mRNA Covid vaccine ever again. In that scenario, and to my way of thinking in any situation where you are CEV tbh, any vaccine is better than no protection at all, and the reality is that whilst there are emerging snapshots, the full data won’t be available for months yet, so any conclusions about real world vaccine efficacy will have to be made retrospectively. Such is the nature of the beast.

My wife has bronchiectasis, azithromycin 3x per week for over 2 years now. Live in France so unable to have AZ as we are too old. Rdv for vaccine on 6 April (1st shot), don`t know which one. We would both be happy to have anything on offer but AZ getting very bad press in both France and Germany. As has already been said it will only be after pandemic is beaten that accurate data will be produced. Meanwhile we stay at home and hope that at some point we can take caravan on holiday and even one day visit family in UK. We`ll just have to be patient.

My husband works in the industry and as reported in the press the AZ vaccine provides 80% overall protection after both Injections, compared to 96% Pfizer and 94% protection from Pfizer for those with underlying health conditions. I know 4 people who have had the AZ vaccine and all have been unwell for 24 hours. My surgery gave me a choice between the two vaccines so I chose Pfizer for these two reasons.

I do think that those with underlying conditions should receive the Pfizer vaccine and the best protection.

I rest my case....

Simple logistics. The Pfizer must be stored at minus 60c to minus 80c while the Astra Zeneca is easier to transport and store (can be stored at 2 to 8 celcius) i.e. normal refrigerator conditions. Not a lot of facilities have the cabability to store or transport the Phizer. As far as efficacy is concerned I don't believe there is a lot of difference. Pfizer are currently trying to produce the vaccine which is stable at much higher temperatures - minus 25 to minus 15 celcius.

Stay safe

Hi, i wont be having the pfizer due to serious anaphalaxis i was resuscitated for 3 yrs ago to an injection in hospital ended up in intensive care on breathing machine. I have allergic asthma and lots of allergies too so will be making sure 12th march i won't be getting the pfizer. Im very anxious about any injections ill be getting after what happened to me. Hopefully all will go fine. Karen xxxx

Angelagone in reply to Pwkav1

You should be fine with the AstraZeneca. I have alot of allergies and I had that. All good.

It's 1% more efficacy but they're both above 90% and comparing it to the flu vaccine that shows you how successful both covid vaccines are at preventing serious illness or death. If this were a statistical factor, they'd do that but both vaccines are highly successful. Thank God and science for that. Just got mine and feel fine a week later. Had to wait the with the 30 minute crowd but was fine.

I’m amazed at what I’m reading here! The flu vaccine varies between 40% and 60% reliability so the above presumably don’t rate that very highly either. I was first in the queue for any COVID vaccine and had no side effects after the OAZ one, though friends have reacted to both vaccines, thankfully only for 36 hours and are fine. The French of course despise any British achievement but that’s beside the point. I hope all those doubters have their jabs, encourage those reluctant groups that either is better than being dead and get us a step nearer to returning to normality!

Yet another Virologist and scientific expert......They are both good, with no scientific evidence that one is better for certain conditions.

Reading some things in the media can be a dangerous thing sometimes

Phizer are making millions in profit out of theirs where as Oxford is making no profit.......

Heard on Monday 22 Feb on LBC Tom Swarbrick show (catch up - about first 2 minutes in during news"New data says AZ shows up to 94% effective after just one dose"

Professor Robin Shattoch - Vaccine Lead Imperial College; Covid Vaccine Lead was then heard saying something like

"Getting the 2nd dose is critical to really improve the efficacy. Still need to monitor how it works after over 2nd and 3rd dose from first month." (catch up on Mondays show on catch up at LBC will let you hear him exactly)

Heard other top drs/scientists advise to get the first one you can (if you don't have anything medically etc to prevent that ) to get safer asap.

Haven't hear about the best for people with lung issues specifically so can't comment.

Interesting debate ensued from your Question Patricia. Hope you are keeping well and Covid free

I am just grateful for getting the vaccine, I had the oxford one, so what which one, I had no side affects just sore arm. Its three weeks you should wait, I have stage4 lung cancer but I would rather not die from covid, stop arguing people just be kind and grateful.

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