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Mild Bronchiectasis: signs, symptoms and treatment of flare-ups?


I really need to find out more about flare-ups. Can members tell me how they felt on having a flare-up please. And how they resolved it? Other people's experiences might help me understand the best way forward.

It is really baffling me. It is two months since I began taking the doxycycline thinking with green phlegm (not much)to bash it on head. My condition improved but has returned. Now I have a lung pain and chest discomfort and general sense of fatigue. My lung feels congested but no cough and sputum is clear. Sputum test was ok. Just finished 7 day course of doxy but no improvement.

I have mild bronchiectasis but because I breath through my neck (a laryngectomee) the winter cold and wind hits me hard and I made the mistake of walking to the eye hospital which seems to have triggered it off again.

Lots of good wishes to everyone.

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Hi Frustrated 12, I am a bronchiectasis sufferer and its a difficult one as it could be that the infection has cleared but your lungs are still twitching with cold air and exertion making them feel compromised .it can take a few weeks for them to settle if you have bronchiectasis. Good luck and get well soon.

Thank you for those kind words.

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