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Apixaban Eliquis anticoagulant medication


Hi, Has anyone had any side effects / reactions to this blood thinning medication? I’ve had problems, breathing. Really appreciate any feedback, thanks

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Hi, I'm on Apixaban I struggle with breathing. Hope this helps knowing there are other people who have the same problem. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

I was on apixaban. It made me itch. I have bronchiectasis and on both that and rivaroxaban I had bleeds from my lungs. Given my light weight and the risk of bleeding my cardiologist agreed that on balance I should not take anticoagulants.

I was on Apixaban it made me really unwell I would struggle with breathing about 1hour after taking it. I was changed to Edoxaban which has been much better for me.

Hi. I've been on Apixaban for about 5 months now and no problems. Sorry, I cant help. John

I've been on Apixaban, because of AF, for the past year and have no issues.

Hi I take Qvar inhaler to prevent asthma. Which if does for me. Take Apixaban for PAfib. No side effects that I have noticed. Seems well tolerated.

I was on Eliquis, and then Zarelto and have serious breathing problems. Switched to Warfarin which was ok. Now I am on Brilinta and having serious breathing problems. I can't work out, take a walk or carry things. Apparently there is an ingredient common to blood thinners (except warfarin) that causes an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, warfarin is not appropriate for post stents.

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