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night time coughing


Has anybody else who suffers from Bronchiectasis and coughs through the night found any help and relief from an adjustable bed?

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Hi, like you I have bronchiectasis and often cough during the night. My consultant said to raise the head of my bed using bricks. Living alone I cannot do this so an adjustable bed could be the answer, I'm hoping others on here will be able to help us with this question.

Well mine is being delivered tomorrow so can only hope it will be money well spent. watch this space will update in a few days time

Thank you, I wiIl be interested to see how you get on with it and if it helps. Also, If the mechanism goes wrong will the company sort out the problem.

I have a 5 year guarantee on it after that no idea at the moment. Also if not happy with the mattress they will within the first 7 days exchange it free of charge no questions asked. I bought mine through so you can look on their web site and send for their booklet if you wish to.

Yes I have had an adjustable bed for fifteen years. It helps with several things that bronch throws at us. Mucus stuck in there making it difficult to breathe more than coughing for me. I find it difficult when I go away and have to lie flat. Piling up pillows isn't the same.

Thank you, mucus stopping me from breathing easily is certainly a horrible experience and not always easy to deal with. My problem is normally the coughing first and then when I cannot bring it up the breathlessness becomes a problem and I start to struggle until I can sit up or stand up and just wait for things to settle and slowly improve, so hoping the new bed will be the answer for me.

Maybe spending some time doing your breathing and gently trying to get up any retained mucus before you go to bed might be a good idea. I must admit that I can be lazy and not do that when I should. Then it wakes me up.The mucus wanting to come up could be what starts you off coughing but because you are in bed you don't have the control over moving it that you would if you did it before you settled into bed.

I was in hospital last month for this exact reason and they could find no reason as to what had brought on the sudden problem of struggling to breathe so suddenly, however I was advised to use my nebuliser 3-4 times daily which I do using both saline and salbutamol in it and I try to make sure I use it at least an hour before bed. It certainly helps but does not cure the problem so I just persevere.

Hi Little pom, I'm also considering buying an adjustable bed. Do you have a maintenance contract with the bed company in the event it breaks down?

Hi, no I don't. The first time that it broke down in 15 years was just before xmas. It turned out to be the handset. With the vat taken off I paid about £130 for the call out and handset. It was a Willowbrook bed. Always barter with them. I got the bed in the end at almost half the price first quoted. Don't forget to have the vat taken off. I have had 3 mattresses during that time. I have a layered foam mattress now as I like it quite firm.

I have an adjustable pillow support which enables me to sleep in a semi sitting position. If I lay down I start coughing (COPD and aspergillosis) and wake up. Several people with lung issues at the hospice I go to have hospital beds so they can raise the back and legs, this stops you sliding down the back rest. I would love an adjustable bed but too pricy at present, I understand it may be possible to get a bed prescribed as this is what some of the hospice patients have done. I haven’t investigated this in any depth yet as I’m managing O/K for now

gingermusic in reply to Biker88

Thank you for replying that is most encouraging, I thought of getting the bed as I always sleep better in hospital with my head and legs propped up and elevated. Yes it was not cheap but if it works then money well spent as I have not been able to holiday for the past two years I am using my saved holiday money to finance the bed. I will let you all know if a few days if it helps at all cannot wait for delivery day tomorrow.

B0xermad in reply to Biker88

Hi Biker88 if you are a blue badge holder you can get the vat off the price of a adjustable bed


I have bronch and asthma and bought an adjustable bed a few years ago from HSL. It has been real game changer for me and my sleep has improved. Also makes reading in bed a pleasure!

Thank you I just want to improve my sleep and hope to help with the breathlessness so have my fingers crossed.

Definitely have since I bought an adjustable bed 3yrs ago its much better to sleep slightly elevated. Also I try to clear any mucus before bedtime if possible

gingermusic in reply to B0xermad

Thank you for your reply, I am hoping to sleep better once the bed is in place later today

Hi ginermusic, I have had an adjustable bed for 13 years and couldn't live without it. Not only does it help with my arthritis pain (which what I bought it for originally) it helps with my breathing. I also find it very helpful in the summer if my ankles swell and I can sleep with my feet raised. I bought our beds from Dreams and have had no trouble with the mechanisms, the only problem came when we wanted to replace the mattresses. Dreams wanted me to buy new beds or have two new mattresses for the price of two new beds. I searched the country, on line and telephone, and eventually found just what we needed 2 miles from home for half the price of a new bed. I also got two new tempur mattresses with gel to prevent overheating this time. Bliss. The beds are something my husband and I miss when we travel. Good luck, and I do hope you get what you want at a price you can afford. Also, do not forget as you are disabled you do not pay VAT on beds. Take care, Maximonkey

Thank you for replying. Bed was delivery and assembled this morning so everything crossed for a better nights sleep tonight. My other half is certainly enjoying it so that's a big plus.Yes I did save the VAT thank you. Don't know if the bed was expensive or good value but we paid £1740 in the end for dual controls so its like a double bed split down the middle and we are both able to sleep as we like. Also paid for two drawers. Hopefully it will be well worth it,

Good to know you've got it. Hope it helps.

Thank you I really am looking forward to bed time tonight.

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