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Hello everyone

I have a slow growing tumour in my left upper lobe. Going in to hospital on Thursday with op on Friday. They will remove the tumour and analyse whilst I'm still under anaesthetic, if cancerous they will proceed to lobectomy. Am very nervous about this procedure has anyone else been through anything similar?

Thank you love Clare x

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Hello Clare

Yes I had a lobectomy in March 2017 at Papworth Hospital, mine was the upper right lobe, I believe they took out some lymph nodes as well as they were also cancerous. I was so frightened before I had the op that the week before I went and sorted out my funeral as I was so convinced I wasn't going to make it through the operation as I also have a very badly damaged heart and I didn't think the heart would take it, and when I came round from the operation I really didn't know what I had been so scared of. Initially for 2 years I had 3 monthly check ups with the Consultant then moved to 4 monthly and now I am on 6 monthly checks. For the first 3 years after the operation I had an annual CT scan and each time I go for a check up they take an x-ray pre me seeing the Consultant. After the operation I did have Gabapentin for some nerve pain afterwards for about 6 weeks.

It is very daunting but the hospital will take very good care of you and like I said above afterwards I really didn't know why I had been so scared.

When you have recovered please do let me know how you are getting on. Looking forward to hearing from you. Good Luck and very best wishes for Friday.

Sue xx

claracola in reply to Snackjack

Thank you for your reply Sue, mine is also at Papworth! I too am very nervous but v glad to hear it all went so well for you. I'm hoping it's not cancerous but will have to wait and see. Nice to meet you Sue! Love Clare.

Snackjack in reply to claracola

From my own personal experience of Papworth you are in the very best hands, the operation was done via keyhole surgery which does make recovery a lot quicker and not very much of a scar which has faded over time, I was only in hospital for 5 days. I hope yours isn't cancerous like mine was but as I say you couldn't be in safer hands. Doctors and nurses were all very kind and caring. Let us know how you get on, there are a lot of supportive people on this forum always ready to chat and be there for everyone needing a bit of help and support.

Best wishes Clare

Sue xx

claracola in reply to Snackjack

Hello sue that's really encouraging, thank you x

I can not help your enquiry, Just wanted to wish you all the best for Thursday and hope s for a good outcome. xxx

claracola in reply to tomc

Thank you so much!

Lyd12 in reply to claracola

Alł the very best for your operation. Anyone would be nervous but once there you will feel assured by the kind nurses. Love Iris x

claracola in reply to Lyd12

Thanks iris for replying I've heard good things about the hospital so that's good!

All the very best claracola!

The support and positivity must be so reassuring! All the very best 💕

Yes it's such a good friendly place here x thank you sunflower


Good luck hope all goes well, will be thinking of you, have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Hello bernadette and Jack, thank you for your good wishes! Have a good day too x

Wishing you the very best of luck. I hope that all goes well for you XXX

Thank you so much Pam x

Hi Clare, I am sorry to hear about your struggles.

I had a lobectomy aged 15 in 1963 for different reasons, In those days it was long and complex surgery. I have heard from folks who have had a lobectomy much more recently and was delighted to hear their surgery was done laprascopicaly and their recovery short and successful.

All surgery is daunting but I hope you have been reassured by Sue’s excellent reply and the fact Sue’s surgery was recent and also done at Papworth.

Wishing you well with a really good outcome.

Please let us know how you get on.

Love and gentle hugs


claracola in reply to cofdrop-UK

Hello cofdrop, ty for your reply, I am v heartened by the replies! I can imagine it'd be a long surgery back in the day. They tell me my surgery will be keyhole so that's good! Thank you for your good wishes, Clare x

cofdrop-UK in reply to claracola

So glad to hear it is keyhole. I wish you well for your surgery and for a good outcome and quick recovery.

With love cx

Yes it's amazing isn't it! X

I haven’t got any useful experience of this, but like the others, just wanted to wish you well and hope you’ll be feeling better and recovered before you know it! 😊

claracola in reply to madonbrew

Thank you so much! X

Just sending my very best wishes for the surgery and good outcome. Holly 🤗🍀

claracola in reply to Hollyjt

Awww thanks Holly, v thoughtful x

I havent had the op i do know of thoes that have had similer. What i can tell you is its a lovely hispital with careing staff and briliant surgeons. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers 😷

claracola in reply to corriena

Oh that's nice to hear corienna, thank you! X

Yes indeed claracola I most certainly have, and if indeed the lobe is heavily cancerous , you really do want it removed in its entirety. Over time the remaining lobe(s) usually enlarge slightly as they now have additional space. Go into the operation with a clear and positive mindset! Best Wishes, judg69

claracola in reply to judg69

Hello Judge, thank you for your reply, I will remain positive in my outlook!

Modern techniques are so good, and Papworth such a good hospital that I am sure all will be fine, even though it is still nerve wracking. Like cofdrop I had major surgery in 1961, and it is so much kinder these days! Thinking of you, and wishing you all the best xx

Thank you for your reply carnival, its amazing how they can do these procedures nowadays! Thank you for the good wishes, Clare x

If you are having a vats procedure(key hole)then they should be able to take an on the table biopsy and if it is benign and your lymph nodes and surrounding tissue are clear then lobectomy can probably be avoided,might be worth checking with your thoracic surgeon that that is the way they plan to proceed and it will make the whole procedure and resultant after care so much easier.Wishing you the best possible outcome.

Ski's and Scruff's


claracola in reply to skischool

Hello skis and scruff, thank you for your reply. Yes, that is the plan so hopefully its not cancerous. They will send off and test the tumour whilst I am still under anaesthetic then proceed to lobectomy if necessary. Fingers crossed its not cancerous xxx

Wishing you all the best for your surgery. Hoping it's not cancerous 🤞

Thank you very much x

Thinking of you Clare and wishing you a great outcome. Jax. x

claracola in reply to HighGables

Thank you jax for your good wishes x

Hi claracola and I've no words of wisdom to give you but you are going to Papworth ,which is I understand, a Centre of Excellence for these proceedures, so you are safe in their hands and just certain to have the best surgeon and theatre staff. Wishing you a good, steady recovery. 🐿🌈😷x

Thank you squirrels holt, I am lucky I live reasonable near to Papworth. Thanks for your good wishes! X

I had lower lobe of left lung removed for cancerous tumour in early 2009 at Guys & St Thomas's. Had absolutely no problems at all (and very little discomfort afterwards). Best of luck for yours - please update us when possible afterwards. 🤗

claracola in reply to Dedalus

Hi Dedalus, thank you very much for your encouraging message. That makes me feel a lot happier! Will keep everyone posted, Clare x.

Best wishes for your surgery on Thursday. It's good to read all these encouraging reports from people with experience of the procedure- must be reassuring. I hope all goes smoothly. Do let us know how you are doing. xx

Hello Albert a, yes it is v reassuring it's such a nice site! Thank you for your kind reply I will post an update afterwards x

Good Luck Onn Thursday And Friday Will Be Thinking Of U Take Care Keep Safe .. 🖤🖤

Thank you captain pugwash that's very thoughtful. X

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