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I do like to be beside the seaside!


For those of you who love to be by the sea,my daughter filmed this video on our seafront recently.It was a bit breezy !😀


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Many thanks for that. Which seafront is it?

Thank you Aingeful. We’ve not really seen the sea for a while now. We’re on the South Coast. Xxxx😀😘

Cannot wait to hopefully be beside the seaside in August

Lovely! I’m not far from the beach but it’s been a while...actually, we went for a picnic on the beach 🏖 for my birthday last September...it was lovely warm day, mid week so not many people. Lush!

Not too long I hope until we can all get out and enjoy the great outdoors again! Thanks for sharing!

❤️Dee x

Geoffu in reply to madonbrew

We live at the seaside, on the Menai Straits, but can’t get onto the promenade for exercise as all the accesses are blocked off! Hope our lockdown is lifted soon, and I can start to work on my spare tyre! GeoffU

Which beach. Loved it thank you , x jo

It's on the North Coast ,Blackpool area.

recognized it right away, walk my dogs there most evenings


Lovely.thanku x

Thanks for that Lovely and blustery to blow out the cobwebs. Love to be there all cosy and wrapped up x

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