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Repeated mini chest infections anyone else?


I have mild copd and mild asthma. I stopped smoking 2 years ago. I now seem to be constantly ill with mini chest infections. I.e. not bed bound but enough to feel rotten. Chest feels rough, fatigue and feel nausea etc no phlegm though. This happens like 3 times a month i get better in between. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it an inhaler issue maybe as I've been on relvar (powder inhaler) for around a year. Feels like I'm always at the doctors so thought I'd try here first .

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I would suggest asking your doctor to try you with a different inhaler as it can be trial and error to find one that suits you.

Do you have a rescue pack that way when you feel you have a chest infection you can get started on antibiotics and predesiline . Save waiting ask your gp about it.

Yeah thing is its not a full blown chest infection, I think the antibiotics would be wasted. Not sure at what stage you can get a rescue pack?

If I have used pack I order straight away. I never not have rescue pack. Got caught couple of tears ago and it turned into a really nasty chest infection and ended up in hospital I just keep an eye on the date.

On oxygen and I feel worse than ever since I quit smoking a year ago. I do not get chest infections, but I am always short of breath and my chest feels like i always have a cold in there with nothing coming out. I can't do powder inhalers too long, as they too can cause chest infections after a while. I read on the instructions that came with mine (in the fine print), that tests were done and showed that people may get chest infections after long term use of my powder inhaler. After 8 months of use , I flat-out told my doctor that I was having side-effects from my powder inhaler and he did not argue with me. The only thing that is helping is my albuterol nebulizer treatments, every four hours, long-term, but I am going back on a powder again short-term, because my regular rescue inhaler has not been working good enough. Have you tried suggesting to your doctor doing albuterol breathing treatments with a nebulizer??

Yeah stopping smoking is tough even after the quitting. Takes a wee while for lungs to clear themselves. Interesting about the powder inhalers I'm going to ask for a different one I think! Hope you feel better soon!

This may be of no use but I did my own homework due to lack of doctors etc and asked to have prescriptions of antihistamine and Montelukas which made a huge difference as what seems like a cold on the chest turned out to be arial borne pollutant. I’m fine on and off and have the same copd+asthma as you . Good luck hope you find cure 👍🏻👍🏻

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